Monday, February 6, 2017

Lorac California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette Review


Today I've got the first of the 2017 limited edition releases from Lorac - besides the coordinating blush palette (review upcoming), there is also a new "I Love Brunch" collection (pro palette, blushes, highlighters, lip products) as well as an image of the outside packaging of an upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie collab.  As much as I love to use Lorac products, you can bet I'll be getting a good chunk of the upcoming products - but I'm still on a no-lip-product-buy.  With all that said...let's get to today's review on the Lorac California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette.

the box (top pic), the palette (bottom pic)

back of the box

Swatch time! Just like old times, there is absolutely no product on my hand to prime with, and each swatch is just one swipe.
left 2 columns of the palette
upper swatches: Button, Starfish, Boots
bottom swatches: Sand Castle, Hot Toddy, Cozy
right 2 columns of the palette 
*it looks like there's 4 swatches on the upper row of swatches, but that 3rd "spot" is left over pigment from the Boots swatch
upper swatches: Bonfire, Cable Knit, 65°
bottom swatches: Overcast, Seaside, Kitty Cat
The above pictures were taken standing in my office next to the window on one of our very few sunny days.

The Kitty Cat shade is swatched with what was on my finger from just literally touching the pan - no rubbing the pan to pick up product.  Wow!!  I've worn this particular shade 3 times since I've purchased this over 2 different methods of prepping.  Lately, I've just been using concealer set with powder as my "primer" to get ready for eye shadow -- that method didn't work the best with this shade.  I had lots of shimmer transferring up to my lower brow area since my eyes are getting more hooded as I get older (the one thing I wish I could fix).  But today, I added Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden over my concealer/powder combo then immediately pressed on Kitty Cat.  That method worked much better to keep that shimmer more on the actual lid.

The true mattes in the palette are: Hot Toddy, Cozy, Overcast, Bonfire and Cable Knit.  I've used Overcast at least a little bit, if not the main color, in the crease and blending out and up with either Bonfire or Cozy.  Sand Castle and 65° are shimmers, while Seaside and Boots do have little shimmers in them that I didn't really notice coming across either in their swatches or on the eye (but I did put Seaside over the edge of Kitty Cat).  Button and Starfish are, I think, a satin finish that I'll probably end up using like they are mattes.  Actually, I did put down Cozy all over yesterday before putting anything else down.

I've used 10 of the shades, either a little or a lot, in the last few days I've put makeup on.  For me, everything blended well and I didn't notice any muddying up of colors as I blended.  The only thing I need to remember is if I want to use Kitty Cat, I need to use a sticky base for that particular shade to keep it from transferring.  Fallout when applying was minimal, but fallout doesn't really bother me too much.  I do wish that somewhere on the palette it actually said "California Dreaming," but I supposed I'll just have to add a sticker so I can remember what the name of the palette is (I'll also put the year of release).

All in all, I'm happy with this $30 palette.  I bought mine from Kohl's, but it's supposed to be at Ulta and I've seen on Instagram that it's been going in and out of stock at Lorac's website.  I'll have the blush palette review/1st impressions up soon.  I can't wait to get my hands on the I Love Brunch collection now!

Are you interested in the Lorac California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette?

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**my opinions are my own
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Project Finish This Stuff - January 2017

**purchased / g.w.p.

Wow, really long time with no blogging.  Totally not my intention but blogging just wasn't at the top of my priority list last year.  Sorting through belongings and reorganizing held my interest more. Somehow January also sped by this year without getting on here.  BUT I have just gotten myself a desk calendar to write on and possibly decorate (stickers!!) and am trying to give myself a schedule.  For some reason I got hooked on watching planner videos so I guess I'll try a basic version of that to see if that helps me keep on track of things.  So far, I've written out all of my "Finish This Stuff" posts for this year - around the end of each month will be the empties for the corresponding month but last year, while around the beginning of the next month will be the empties for the immediately preceding month (i.e., on 2/28 I should be post 2/2016 empties and 3/1 should be 2/2017 empties).

So with that being said, let's see what I finished in the month of January 2017 (I did post January 2016 empties a long time ago).
Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste - due to some tooth sensitivities that show up once in a while, this has been my go-to toothpaste for quite a while now.  I don't really notice that much actual whitening, but the sensitivity has really gone down. I've got backups right now and will continue to repurchase.
Lancome DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector #1 sample (g.w.p.) - I have gone through a full size bottle of this, as well as other samples.  But I really can't say I've seen any improvements any of the times I've been using it.  Won't repurchase.
DermaBlend Long Wear Makeup Remover (part of a purchased kit from Ulta a couple years ago) - this makeup remover claims to remove waterproof mascara, long lasting lip, eye and foundation makeup on face and body.  Looking at the tube, I didn't exactly listen to directions for taking off my eye makeup, but it still worked.  I really like that this remover can just be wiped off; I would then follow up with a micellar water to get last traces.  This is probably the most similar to the Clinique makeup remover that I used to enjoy using (that got discontinued).  There is essentially no scent which makes this great.  I would strongly consider purchasing a full size tube.
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - I feel like this is the second (or more) of this that I've gone through (in addition to the Kate Sommerville version).  While it might not take pimples down completely overnight, it does help shrink whiteheads and I find in my skin's case, it encourages ones that have not come to a head yet to do so (especially when combined with the Buffering Lotion under).  My bottle looks like there's still product left but I'm not able to get any of the "pink stuff," which is what is applied to the skin, to get on a cotton swab to make it to my skin.  I will continue to repurchase - early December I came across a duo at Ulta that included this (although in the plastic bottle) and a travel size bottle of the Rose Spray.
StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Day Treatment SPF 30 - foil sample pack (I think I got it when I was getting microdermabrasion).  This was a nice SPF moisturizer BUT it seems to me that all the advice is to use retinol products at night since it can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.  For me, I'd rather stick to night use of retinol (if I'm going to use it...maybe I should be).  Won't purchase.
Bodycology Enchanted Forest Body Cream - Bodycology is Walmart's version of Bath & Body Works.  I used to try to buy all the body creams until I realized that I wasn't using them and the formula was changing from age.  It was still moisturizing, but it didn't apply like it should have.  I am continuing to work through my lotion/body cream backstock.  Eventually I want my lotion to be simplified down to one or 2 lightly or unscented body creams (a.k.a. St. Ives Oatmeal for the win!).  Won't repurchase.

That's everything that I've finished in January.  I need to clean up and organize my desk some more as well as continue to fill in my calendar for blogging.  I've also been back into trying to put together some little craft projects here and there.  I still haven't been doing my nails much (crazy considering how much polish I have!).  Hopefully that will change in time.

**purchased / gift with purchase