Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lorac Refined Romance Eye/Cheek Palette 1st Impressions - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I thought today would be a perfect day to get up my first impressions on one of my purchases from the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  The Lorac Refined Romance Eye/Cheek Palette showed up in my Instagram feed today stating "only a few more days to grab our gorgeous Refined Romance Eye & Cheek Palette at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale."  There is always the chance that this will show up on at some point.

As seems to be the case this summer, I haven't been wearing much - if any - makeup since this showed up on my doorstep a few days ago.  Plus, right before August started, I kind of challenged myself to do "drugstore beauty" for the month of August where I show my drugstore singles/duos/trios/palettes some love instead of always reaching for more prestige brands of eye shadows.  This palette doesn't quite fit in with that challenge.
The Refined Romance palette has a nice sleek cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure similar in size, albeit more decorative, than the Pro palettes.  The flowers feel almost decoupaged on to the cardboard.  It is made in China, but I find that the shadows and highlights/blush feels much more similar to my Pro palettes than all of the other "seasonal/limited edition" (excluding the Pro Metal) palettes I have from Lorac.

The inside of the palette has the standard Lorac mirror with the brand's name printed in pink.  My palette did come ever-so-slightly messy in the Highlighter 1 pan, but it's no where near shattered.

As there are no names, the packaging simply refers to the shades as "Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3" for the top row and "Shade 4, Shade 5, Shade 6" for the bottom.  The other pans are known as "Highlighter 1, Highlighter 2, Blush."  Of the 6 eye shadow shades, 2 are matte - Shade 4 and Shade 6.  Shade 2 is very metallic while the rest are more of a subdued metallic (some would call it frosty).
Shades 4 and 5 (bottom 2 on the right side) did have to be built up slightly, but I think part of that was I didn't pick up as much pigment as I had on other shades (at least for Shade 5).  Shade 4 is rather close to my skin tone, just dark enough to be a good transition shade for me.

Highlight 1 is more neutral toned while Highlight 2 is much more pink toned.  I didn't detect glitter in either shade, but the shimmer is definitely showing up in person on my hand.  I can't wait to see how they look on my cheeks.  The blush is a nice matte rose tone that I think will be complemented by both shades of highlight.

Based off of swatches and the texture, the shadows - and even the highlights - remind me of the Lorac Pro palette formulas (not counting Pro 3, which I passed on).  Nice and creamy/buttery feeling to the touch.  Since I haven't used the palette yet, I can't comment on the fallout...but I nearly always tap my brush off and try to start lightly and build up as needed.  Am I happy with my purchase? Yes, absolutely.  This is nearly a full face palette for a lovely price of $18; the only thing missing is a contour or bronzer shade to make this a complete palette that doesn't need companion pieces.  But that's ok as I have so many bronzers and contour powders so I'm able to really choose which one to use.  Now my only dilemma I go ahead and use this now? or stick to "drugstore beauty" month??

Did you pick up the Lorac Refined Romance Eye/Cheek Palette from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  If you're interested in it, the sale ends on August 8!

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  1. This eye pallette really looks amazing. I hope it is made from organic ingredients. Where can I find out more about the product and the ingredients used?