Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Stash Sharing - Dots & J Nail Lacquer


I've got a few polishes from when the Dots stores were in existence to share for part of today's Sunday Stash Sharing.  I've also got a couple of "J Nail Lacquer" polishes to share.  These 2 brands have been living with my Color Club and Funky Fingers polishes, but after today's post I think I'll be moving them to a different drawer due to the space that Color Club and Funky Fingers are taking.

Dots used to sell polishes that were originally made by Forsythe (C.C. makers), but then changed over to Blue Cross.  To see my other Dots polishes, click here.
Jazzy Blues, Fuchsia Glitter, Ice Blue, Ceramic Blue
Jazzy Blue has scattered silver holo shimmer in a royal blue base.  Fuchsia Glitter has fuchsia and lilac purple shiny hex glitters along with shiny silver hex and square glitters.  Ice Blue and Ceramic Blue are both basic creme polishes.

The J Nail Lacquers are a pair of polishes that I picked up on our way home from a trip last year.  We randomly stopped at a local beauty supply store and I saw these 2 that seemed original to all that I had.  There were a lot to choose from, but I'm only trying to get original polishes so...
Snow Orange and Snow Purple
Both of these have matte white hex glitter, which is most likely why both have "snow" in their names.  The colors remind me of a set of highlights I used to have.  I should play with these while the brights/neons are technically in season.

Do you have any J Nail Lacquer polishes?  Do you know what beauty supply stores carry them?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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