Monday, April 18, 2016

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild 2016 Spring Into the Wild Collection


Lately I've been seeing previews of the upcoming summer limited edition Wet 'n Wild collection - with news of it being spotted in some Walgreens already - so I figured I better get my spring collection posted.  So today I'll be sharing my swatches and thoughts on the eyeshadow palettes and geometric highlighting palettes from the Spring into the Wild collection.  I do have the polishes, but I haven't swatched them yet for the blog.  There are quite a few pictures, so let's get started!
Something new for this year is that the collection is available FOR PURCHASE on Wet 'n Wild's website (click here for the collection)!!  I purchased everything from Walgreens (below displays) , but I've also seen the collection available at Rite Aid (above).  As fun as they eye liners look (white, pastel blue and pink) I have, so far, not purchased them.  I do have a white gel liner already (hopefully it's still good), but the blue looks like a pretty shade - that one might come home with me.  I can't see myself wearing the pink, however.

Starting off with the eye shadow trios:
The New Romantics and To In-Di-O I Go Go

As per usual, I did not have any lotion or primer on my hand prior to swatching.
The New Romantics
I figured that even if I did not find myself using these for eye shadows, the cream and pink shades would possibly work for highlighters as well.  These 3 swatches are 1 swipe each(!).
To In-Di-O I Go Go
Once again, the creamy "browbone" shade could also be used as a facial highlighter if I wanted.  I left the purple at one swipe and you can see it's not quite as impactful as the other shadows.  I do see how well these 2 eye shadow trios coordinate with the Pantone colors of the year.  I hope I'll get to wear the shadows soon as I've been having allergy eyes lately and my eyes will randomly start watering for an hour or more.  I got myself a bottle of 24-hour allergy control pills and found my eye drops for itchy/allergy eyes so hopefully I'm good to go for playing with my makeup more.

Moving on to the geometric highlighting palettes,
Where the Dreamers Go, Sun Ceremony, Desert Explorations
Where the Dreamers Go
This highlighting powder is the one of the 3 that I have not used yet.  I wasn't that impressed by the swatch, either, so that might be why I haven't reached for it.  In some ways, I feel like this is more of a winter-y color since it is so light and pastel.  I think I just need to grab a brush and put this on, even if before I wash my face for the night so I can get a little idea of how it might look.
Sun Ceremony
Sun Ceremony is a pretty golden highlighter.  I have used this once (maybe twice) and I do like it.  I think it's comparable to the WnW Fergie highlighter in Hollywood Boulevard - just a toned down version.  I'm not sure what the new name of Hollywood Boulevard is since it's been repackaged without the Fergie association...
Desert Explorations
Desert Explorations gives a pretty champagne-pink look to the skin.  This is actually the one I have reached for the most of the 3.  I've typically used a fan brush (Real Techniques) and swirl it all around and then apply on the tops of my cheekbones and sometimes a little over my brows.  If I'm feeling "fancy" I'll put a little dab of it on my cupid's bow.  I'm not into the highlighter on my nose - at all.

As I mentioned, I have used a couple of the geometric highlighters and enjoyed them.  I like that the highlighters give a nice glow with just a shimmer/sheen - no chunky glitters to be seen.  If I wanted more of a glittery look, I could grab one of the eye shadow colors.  I just need to play with the rest of the collection.  Of course, I really want to get my hands on the summer highlighters since they look super pretty.  I feel like this year, so far, I've been more about getting a pretty, even and artfully glow-y complexion more than playing with eyeshadows.  But a big part of that is probably allergy issues.  That doesn't keep my from buying more eyeshadows, though!!

Did you pick up any of the 2016 Wet 'n Wild Spring Into the Wild Collection items?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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