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Project "Finish This Stuff" Update, part 46 - September 2015


Another chunk of busy days have come and gone and today I've got another Project "Finish This Stuff" update.  I have decided that rather than feel super guilty about not getting a post up each and every day I'll just post as often as I can, no self-pressure.  I'm still working on 2015 empties, so this time I'll be discussing my September finishes, which weren't many.

First up is skincare.
Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes - purchased from Walgreens.  Since I love to use witch hazel on my skin so much, I decided to try out these towelettes for all the traveling I did last year.  I really enjoyed these - they are nicely sized at 5 X 7 inches and very soft.  The saturation level was just right, as well.  When traveling, I'd use these both at night and in the morning.  When I used them in the morning, after wiping my face, I'd keep the wipe close to clean excess product off my hands and clean gel liner off my brush when done applying.  Have already repurchased (I think I recently saw these at Walmart in addition to Walgreens - I'm not sure about the other drugstores).
Dickinson's Witch Hazel 100% Natural Astringent - purchased from Walmart.  I've gone through countless bottles of this witch hazel.  In addition to using as a residual makeup remover and facial toner and to refresh my skin in the morning, I also use it on sunburns and bug bites to help soothe the areas.  Will always repurchase (I just finished the replacement bottle to this one and have repurchased again recently).
Acure 100% Certified Organic Argan Oil - purchased from Raisin Rack (also available at Target).  I've gone through several of these Argan Oil bottles as well.  My skin loves it, especially in the winter time.  I've also used this to soothe sunburns and try to heal/treat scars.  Have repurchased - I'd call this a Holy Grail (HG) product.
Dial Yogurt Vanilla Honey Nourishing Body Wash - purchased from Walmart.  This was a decent body wash; it lathered nicely and my skin felt moisturized after getting out of the shower.  I might repurchase at some point, but I'm still working through a backstock of body wash from when I attempted to "coupon."

Now let's see what makeup items I finished.
E.L.F. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - purchased from Walmart.  I've talked about this powder so much.  I think I had 2 of these going at the same time - 1 in my regular stash and one in my travel makeup bag - since I had just finished one of these in August as well.  Still love this powder - I haven't really been tempted to try any other powder for my under eye area.  HG product here! so I repurchase over and over...
Lancome Artliner in Noir - purchased in a kit from Dillards.  Honestly, this is the best liquid liner that I've tried, especially for the felt tip style.  Every other felt-tip liquid liner I've really not liked - there are a couple of drugstore ones I still want to try, especially if either is waterproof (Jesse's Girl and one from Physician's Formula).  Once opened, this lasted forever!! I'm pretty sure I started using it in either December 2014 or early January 2015 and it didn't start to dry out until September.  I think it's a good value for the price based on the longevity (of course, if I used liquid liner exclusively this wouldn't have lasted as long) and I try to only get it in a kit.  I did repurchase this last Black Friday - in another kit - but I haven't cracked it open yet.  I'm using up other liquid liners first.
CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Water Resistant Mascara - purchased from Walmart.  I really enjoyed this water resistant mascara.  I ended up using this when traveling and on damp/rainy days.  Since it didn't give me difficulties in removal, I used this a lot more than I thought I would.  I repurchased before our September cruise trip last year, tossing the old tube and taking the new one with me so I was sure to have enough product for the entire time.  No smudging issues in the steamy weather or any other conditions I had it on in.  This is one of the few mascaras I've repurchased and immediately opened the new tube so I might consider this another HG product(!).
Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream deluxe sample - kit from Sephora.  I thought I liked this, but then towards the end of the tube, I realized it was too much on the orange side for my neutral-cool skin tone.  I did enjoy the way that it felt, as well as the SPF 30 strength and that it had a bunch of Vitamin C.  But since it's too dark, I won't repurchase.
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - travel size purchased from Sephora.  I got sucked into the hype of this primer.  I realize that so many people consider this one of the best, but I was honest with myself and realized I did not like the way that it sank into my pores and my foundation would follow suit.  It felt all right, kind of silicone-y when blending it out.  But I decided that I just didn't care for it by the time I got through the bottle.  I'm glad I had only purchased the small bottle.  Won't repurchase.
Physicians Formula Super CC+ Color-Correction + Care CC+ Powder, SPF 30 shade light/medium- purchased from Rite Aid.  I really enjoy this powder.  I can use this lightly to set foundation, but this actually has enough coverage for my needs to be able to be used as a powder foundation that hides my discoloration from past acne marks.  My favorite way to use it, especially in summer, is to apply a regular liquid SPF product then buff this all over to set the liquid.  I really like that it has a higher SPF.  I believe that I've gone through at least one other before this and I'm pretty sure I've since gone through another.  I still have a couple of backups, but I will repurchase once those are depleted.  I think I'd call this yet another HG product(!).

I don't have any Trashed But Not Yet Finished products for the month, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't home much to do any cleaning out of the stash.  I didn't finish a ton of products, but I am getting more familiar with my choices in what products I keep reaching for/repurchasing and I'm beginning to amass a list of Holy Grail products.

What products do you consider to be Holy Grail items?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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