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Project "Finish This Stuff" Update, part 44 - July 2015

**purchased / requested sample

I decided today would be a good time to work on a Project "Finish This Stuff" post, but traveling way back in time to July.  Clearly, it's been a while since I've gathered my thoughts to do this series (my last update was in January).  At first I thought I'd do an "empties" post immediately following my Lip Wardrobe posts in the future, but if I do that I'll never get caught up.  Once I am caught up I think that will be the timing for those posts.  I haven't decided how often I'll post Project Updates until I get to that point yet - including the just-ended February, I'm 7 months behind.

I didn't finish a whole lot of products in July, but I also cleaned out unused/expired liquid liners.  I also had finished another Dial White Tea Antibacterial hand soap and a couple of unlabeled (and I completely forget what the products were) tiny sample jars.

First let's see what skincare I finished.
E.L.F. Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - purchased from Walmart.  This was when I first decided to try the ELF remover wipes in an effort to find inexpensive but effective wipes.  I really did like these; they were well-saturated and large.  They also removed my makeup fairly well.  I'm actually not sure why I'm still not repurchasing these (I haven't bought any wipes in several months).  I do wish that there was enough to get through an entire month, but since I'm not wearing makeup every day, by a long shot, that's no big deal.  Will repurchase eventually.
Lancome Advanced Genifique foil packet - requested sample.  I think I used this little packet as a break between other serum-type products.  I've gone through multiple foil packets, sample vials, and at least 2 full size bottles.  I do like this serum, but I was feeling like I wasn't seeing any changes in my skin anymore.  I do have a backup full-sized bottle, but I'm not sure I'll repurchase after I eventually use it.  I'm just not in love anymore.  Maybe once I go back to it again, it'll be effective - my skin does tend to become immune to products after an extended period of time.
L'Oreal Silky Sheer SPF 30 Sunscreen deluxe sample - came attached to another product (maybe sunscreen spray bottle?).  This was decent, but I definitely had to set it with loose powder over my eyes so it wouldn't run once I got hot (especially when doing yard work).  I don't think I'll purchase since it claims to be water resistant but it moved on me and would make my eyes sting.  Also, the scent was more than I cared for.
Crest Complete with Scope - travel size.  This was a nice toothpaste - not too strong of a mint to make my eyes water like some of the Crest formulas do to me.  I might repurchase for traveling if I can't find one from another brand I like better.
EOS lip balm (don't remember the flavor and my label is gone).  It was all right, but nothing outstanding.  I currently keep this (obviously a different one) by my bed for overnight use, and am currently working through my backstock.  I won't repurchase since I prefer Burt's Bees Pomegranate.

I also completely finished a few makeup products:
Physicians Formula Super CC+ Cream in Light - purchased from Rite Aid.  This is my favorite drugstore CC cream.  It covers absolutely everything I need it to - I only need a little extra help with undereye circles.  I love that it has SPF 30 in it.  I just had the random thought that I wish I hadn't repurchased when I did since SPF has an expiration, but I'll just remember to wear a separate SPF under it when I break out the new bottle after I finish a couple of foundations.  Will probably repurchase once my backstock is finished and then only replenish as needed.
CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in 805 - purchased from Walmart.  I loved this when I first got it and used it non-stop for months.  But then I started playing around with other products and this got pushed aside.  When I went back to it, I wasn't as in love with it as before.  Maybe my bottle got too old? Maybe my skin's changed so much it's just not right for me anymore?  I don't know.  I might repurchase at some point, but again I have several that I'm working through right now.  I do think I might keep the pump out of the bottle (love that feature!) and stash it away for trying in other foundation bottles.
Wet 'n Wild Fergie Take On the Day Mattifying Powder - purchased from Walgreens.  This one has technically been discontinued since Fergie is no longer with the brand, but it has come back without the association.  I just can't remember what it's called now.  I do have several backups I grabbed on clearance from Walgreens when the change started.  Clearly, since I have several backups, I really liked this setting powder (there is a spot for a sponge applicator under the pan of product).  It's white in color, but I don't feel like it leaves a white-cast (darker skin tones could have a different result).  I even remember taking it with me when we traveled last Spring to New Mexico.  It sets my foundation/BB/CC creams nicely and keeps me matte.  I'll probably keep repurchasing the new version once my backstock is finished, but I do want to pick up a colored touch-up powder as well.
Revlon Luxurious Color Matte Eye Shadow in 002 Peach Sorbet - purchased from CVS.  This was the perfect skin-tone shade to set my primer before going in with whichever eyeshadows I used for the day - kind of like Wet 'n Wild Brulee (which I've finished 2 of).  I'm all about skin-tone shades and not picky about the brand as long as it goes down well.  I'm fairly sure this has been discontinued so I can't repurchase.

Now let's see what made it in the "Trashed, but Not Finished" category:
Fantasy Makers (Wet 'n Wild) Glitter Eyeliner in Cryptic - purchased from either Rite Aid or Walgreens.  This is so separated it's like silver sparkling water.  Definitely bad, won't repurchase since I never wear glitter liner.  I thought I would...I never did and still never think to.  I don't see myself using silver as a spotlight glitter on my lid, either.
(2) E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliners in Stardust and Copper - purchased (might have been a 3 piece kit at Big Lots).  While the colors are super pretty, again I don't wear glitter eyeliner.  I would consider getting Stardust again (or a similar color from a different brand) to use as a little under the inner corner high-light sparkle or as a spotlight on the center of the lid.  Copper would make a pretty spotlight on the center of the eye too.  Hmmm....I might repurchase (either ELF or try out NYX liquid  crystal liners).  As is, these are too old and separated for me to feel comfortable putting on my eyes.  Quick, out of focus, swatches for future reference...
(5) The Color Workshop (Markwins a.k.a. Wet 'n Wild) brand liquid eye liners, various colors - purchased in multiple holiday kits from Walmart.  These are all old and weakly pigmented.  I'm done buying inexpensive holiday makeup kits.  Won't repurchase.

That wraps up everything I either finished or just de-stashed to the trash from my collection in the month of July.  Definitely not as much going out as for my June update, but things are still moving out of my stash so I'm happy.

Do you wear glitter liner?  Have a favorite brand you'd care to share with me?  Do you ever fall out of love with a product?

**all items purchased by me / requested samples
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated 

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