Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette - Swatches & 1st Impressions


Oops, I kind of got off track last week when I was trying to do an entire week of Valentine's Day posts.  I did make it 5 days in a row, but then we had some things that pretty much took all of my energy.  I'm still lacking energy, but I know me.  If I continue to let myself slack off, then I'll keep doing that - vicious cycle.

So I thought that to get back into things, I'd share a purchase I made at the end of January.  I believe there was an Ulta extra points deal going on.  I was debating between a couple of limited edition things and ended up deciding on the less expensive item...not that it's cheap, either...  Anyway, today I've got the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette, which is the perfect accompaniment to the Eye Shadow Palette I swatched about a month ago.

Just like the eye shadow palette, the blush palette is heavy feeling.  It has a strong magnetic closure; overall it is a heavy plastic white case with the same metal plate.  This time, instead of black dots surrounded by white, there are white dots surrounded by gold.
 The palette has the same "magic's in the makeup" slogan in the bottom right corner of the mirror.
 Swatch time!  My hand is not prepped in any way (no primer, lotion, moisture, etc.).
Cherry, Easy, Angel
~Cherry and Easy mixed~
Lo-Fi, Hush, OC

I randomly decided to mix Cherry and Easy together since Cherry is a bit more of a pale (blue-based) pink than I really go for so I wanted to see what they would look like mixed -- pretty.  The top row all has some degree of shimmer.  I did go over Lo-Fi and OC twice to get them to show more evenly.  Lo-Fi is the only matte shade in the palette.  OC leans more satin than shimmery.  I'll have to play around with the bottom row since they are on the warmer, kind of orange-y side of things.  Hopefully once I finally put on some makeup again they will blend nicely with my skin-tone.  

This palette is made up of the After-Glow 8-hour Powder Blush palette, which I have not tried yet.  Each pan is 0.09 oz ($45 for 6 shades) - the core line is 0.23 oz each ($26 each).  So really, while the pans are smaller, you are getting 6 shades for about the price of 2.  As I mentioned at the top of the post, I picked mine up from Ulta, but it's also available at Urban Decay's site, Sephora, and Macy's (no longer on Nordstrom's site).

Have you purchased the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette?  Do you want to?  Do you have any favorite (core) After-Glow Blush shade recommendations?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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