Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Stash Sharing - Funky Fingers 2016 Valentine's Day


I'm running low on energy lately for some reason, but I wanted to get as many of my Valentine's Day themed polishes shared this week as possible since the holiday is next Sunday.  So I thought I'd get the little "series" going by sharing my latest Funky Fingers polish acquisition instead of the grouping of Funky Fingers I had originally planned.

I picked up my latest Valentine polish a week or so ago from Five Below for $2.  It might be tricky to work with, but for the uniqueness and price, I'll make it work.
Funky Fingers Queen of Hearts
Funky Fingers Queen of Hearts is made up of matte black heart along with satin red and satin pearl-white hearts.  The red hearts look like there are 2 shades - one is more red-orange while the other is a touch brighter of a red.  This glitter topper definitely requires some brush swirling/fishing in the bottle to get the hearts out as well as dabbing/placing on the nail.  It requires some finessing to get a smooth look.  In my very quick swatch on my bare thumb, I kept going into the bottle to get some more of the clear base to try to smooth things out.
I'm still thinking about what color to put under this topper that would enable all the colors to show.  Maybe pink? purple?  You could alter the way this looks by using it over black; that would turn it into a red and white topper.  Red could be another possibility by only allowing the black and white hearts to noticeably show.  An off-white would probably disguise the white-ish glitters so that it would look like red and black hearts.  All kinds of possibilities.  Hmmm.....

Does Funky Fingers Queen of Hearts appeal to you?  What color would you put under Queen of Hearts?  Do you like heart glitter toppers?

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