Monday, February 8, 2016

SinfulColors Love Bites Valentine's Day 2016 Collection - My Picks


As I was adding the title to my post, I just caught myself wondering about my older collection posts called "Spotted, Hauled & Swatched"...I guess since I only purchased one polish in this collection (already had the bulk of them) it doesn't count.  Hopefully I'll get to bust out that title again at some point...maybe for another brand.

Anyway.... I'm continuing on my Valentine's Day week theme by sharing this year's SinfulColors Valentine's Day collection.  I think the name of the collection might be Love Bites, but it's not really clear on the display.  The collection is full of repromotes, which at this point in my quite large Polish World, I'm fine with, but there's also one new polish - a glitter!  This glitter has blue hearts(!) which, I feel, make it much more unique in the heart glitter topper polish spectrum.  There's also packages of nail stickers with conversation hearts and some miscellaneous smaller hearts.  I have only seen this collection at Walgreens (I haven't seen anything new SinfulColors pop up at Rite Aid in ages).
There are two polishes in the collection that I do not have in my Polish World, and they are Pink Smart and Tempest.  Both have made an appearance before and, according to this post, are part of the Walgreens core line up (unless things changed this year).  I did not pick these up as I feel like I have polishes extremely similar to them already (same feeling when they first came out) so I have resisted them again.
I did, however, purchase the new glitter so I pulled the other polishes I already had from the collection out to do a line up.  Those aforementioned blue hearts are very shy in the bottle (and coming out of the bottle).
Sail La Vie, Gogo Girl (red), Love Bombs, Feeling Great (fuchsia pink)
I did some quick swatches of all 4 of the polishes.  The glitter topper needed lots of fishing to get any of the blue hearts out, which resulted in a very thick look on most of my nails.  Bummer.  I ended up doing a little color block application just to give a rough idea of how the glitter looked over the other 3 colors, and my ring finger has a single coat on a bare nail (which is the one nail that doesn't look thick).
pinkie - 3 coats Gogo Girl; ring - 1 coat Love Bombs; 
ring - 3 coats Feeling Great; index - 3 coats Sail La Vie
I like how much silver-looking "background" glitter there is in Love Bombs so even before I fished out the blue hearts, the topper was interesting to look at on the polishes.  It's got a neat light blue shift in appearance.  There's also 2 shades of shiny pink hex glitters.  For as much glitter as is in the bottle, I don't think this would ever, nicely, build up to be opaque.  Plus, by the time I finally retrieved a heart for each nail and got it placed, there was so much of the glittery (clear) base that it got very thick looking on all my nails that had a base color down.  Maybe if I hadn't needed 3 coats of each it would have looked better.  I'll have to play around with it.  It might not be "Valentine-y" but I am curious as to how this would look over black.  Maybe when I have a free moment (hahaha) I'll play around with it some more.  I think this would also look pretty over the light pink and lavender shades also in the collection, maybe even white as well.

I do think that Feeling Great and Gogo Girl are too similar (even though one is red and the other is pink) - in my regular room lighting (and the lightbox) they come off rather similar.  Maybe daylight (outside) would show the difference better.  If it were up to me a violet purple would have been in the collection instead of Gogo Girl and skip the red altogether.

Have you come across the SinfulColors Love Bites collection for Valentine's Day 2016?  Does the topper have a place for it in your polish stash?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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