Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pure Ice Limited Edition Heart Glitter Collection


Today I've got yet another Valentine's Day collection that just hit the stores.  Today's is from Pure Ice (Walmart exclusive brand).  I had actually forgotten I'd seen it on Instagram a while ago, but when I was in a different Walmart a couple of days ago, I randomly spotted the stickers on the handles...mixed in with the Winter collection display.  So I have no idea what, if any, other colors are officially in the collection.  Let's enjoy this picture I snagged from Pure Ice's Instagram, shall we?
Suggested base color shades are Wear Red, Flirt Alert, and Feisty
Hearts on Fire, I Pink It's Love, 143
Since I have no idea what other polishes are in the collection, I randomly pulled a couple of SinfulColors polishes to pair with the trio of heart glitter toppers.  On my pinkie and index fingers, I've got 2 coats SinfulColors Candy Coated.  On my ring and middle fingers I applied 3 coats of SinfulColors Tutu.
143, Hearts on Fire, I Pink It's Love (middle and index)

On my pinkie I have 1 coat, plus some heart fishing and maneuvering, of #143 (no actual "word" name).  I would say that 143 has a clear base (I didn't notice any altering of my base polish).  It has matte baby pink hex glitters, small shiny blue glitters, and shiny holo-silver-to-purple hearts.  There's also a sprinkling of tiny background glitters...maybe silver and blue (very hard for my tired eyes to make out tonight).

My ring finger has a generous coat of Hearts on Fire, with just minimal maneuvering to get an even coat.  The base is slightly tinted so over such a pale pink, any unevenness would be noticeable.  I really like this one - it has baby pink matte hex glitters (I think there's also matte white hexes but the base tints them when on the nail), shiny red small glitters and a sprinkling of holo glitters with the shiny red heart glitters.  I did have to fish a little to get a heart out.

On my ring and index fingers I added a generous coat, plus heart fishing, of I Pink It's Love.  I'm in love with how it changes Candy Coated.  I Pink It's Love also has a slightly tinted pink jelly(?) base and has matte bright pink hex glitters and shiny bright pink hearts and small glitters.  The jelly was tinted enough that it turned a rather blue-based periwinkle-lavender into a true baby purple.  Magic.
I do suggest turning the bottles upside down for some time to try to encourage the hearts to come out to play with hopefully less fishing.  I am happy to report that I did not end up with nearly as much thickness on my nails as I did with yesterday's SinfulColors Love Bombs glitter topper.  It's been quite a while since I've purchased any Pure Ice polishes, but I'm fairly pleased with this purchase.

As I mentioned above, I nearly missed the Heart Glitter collection since it was hiding in amongst the winter collection display.  Maybe other Walmarts have an actual display??  It makes me think of the old "Where's Waldo?" books, just with polishes.  If you're not following Pure Ice on Instagram, I suggest you do (if interested in the brand) so that you'll know when to be on the lookout for something new.

Have you come across the 2016 Pure Ice Heart Glitter topper collection?  Does one (or more) of these toppers catch your eye enough to make it's way into your polish stash?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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