Thursday, February 18, 2016

OPI French Bordeaux with Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux


So apparently, today is National Wine Day - I discovered that via Instagram while I was scrolling through in the evening.  I was also trying to figure out what to post before I saw that.  My mind instantly thought to figure out what polishes I had that have something to do with wine and pull them out.  I keep a private database with all of my polishes, so I popped "bordeaux" into the find feature and wrote down my results.

My results were OPI French Bordeaux and Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux.  Honestly, neither shade screams "bordeaux wine" to me (I think deep, dark red burgundy) but since I was going based on polish we are.  These are both quite a few years old, so you could also call this a Throwback Thursday post.
I put down 3 coats of OPI French Bordeaux.  It was a touch more sheer than I wanted it to be so that's why I did 3 coats.  If I didn't have so much free edge, I might have been more content at 2 coats.  There is a fine red shimmer running throughout that is a bit shy.  I'm not good at figuring out if reds are blue-based or orange-based; on me it kind of depends on the lighting as to how it looks.  This was actually one of my first OPI purchases however many years ago (at least 5 since I'm pretty sure I bought it before we moved to our current home).  According to my research, I believe this is from the Colorcopia 20th Anniversary collection in 2009.  I don't know why I don't wear red polishes more - they are pretty, and classic...maybe being a "classic" color is why -- I want fun colors and glitter!!
That classic red didn't last long.  I added 2 coats of Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux to my nails which completely changed up the color to more of what I picture Bordeaux wine to look like...with sparkles added on top.  This combo definitely brings the color to more of a type that I really enjoy wearing.
I did leave my thumb at only one coat of the Brilliant Bordeaux since my thumb nail is sporting a patch.  Hopefully one less coat of glitter comes off easier than 2.
Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux is a very sheer gray jelly base with matte black and metallic magenta glitter dust with metallic magenta micro bar glitters and a sprinkling of slightly chunky silver holographic bar glitters.  This topper is from the 2012 Just Add Sparkle Holiday collection.
And as soon as I was done taking my label shots, I majorly smudged my polish.  Good thing I do those last.  I can say that I liked this combo well enough to recreate it at some point.  I'm actually enjoying these layering combinations I've been coming up with lately - the last one I posted was my Understated Valentine's Day Glitter Placement.  I'll have to do more of these, especially since the current "Spring" collections are not catching my eye at all.  Perfect time to play around in Polish World and save some money.  I am attempting to put myself on a "low-buy" once again...hopefully with better results than previous attempts.

How often do you play around with older limited edition polishes?  Have you ever attempted, and succeeded at, a low-buy?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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