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Project "Finish This Stuff" Update, Part 43 - June 2015

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I've been debating all afternoon and evening what I wanted to post today and I finally settled on a Project Finish Update.  I've been watching a lot of destashing and empties videos today so I think that was what finally made me decide.  As usual, I've included my thoughts and reviews (of what I can remember) and whether or not I'll purchase/repurchase.

I didn't have a whole lot of finishes, but I do have a bit of makeup, skin care and hair care, so let's get started.  I've also got some things that I de-stashed because of either age or really not liking it.
Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother Tightener + Cream, foil packet.  There wasn't enough in this packet to make an opinion on.  Won't purchase.
Philosophy Time In a Bottle Daily Age Defying Serum, requested sample.  This was nice, but I didn't fall in love with it.  There also wasn't any noticeable change and this took me a couple of weeks to finish, so if there was going to be any change, I should have seen at least a little.  Won't purchase.
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser, purchased from Nordstrom.  I really enjoyed using this - I mainly used it with my Clarisonic since it lathers so well.  I didn't feel like this dried out my skin, which is hard for me to say.  I recall it removing makeup fairly well, just needing a quick swipe of toner to clear off any residue if I didn't purposely use a makeup remover before cleansing.  It has a fresh, slightly minty scent but I didn't find it to be too much for my scent-irritated eyes.  I would like to repurchase.
Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover, gift with purchase.  As I've mentioned numerous times, while so many may love this eye makeup remover, I don't.  It's too scented for me, and actually today while I was using yet another travel size of this, I did experience some eye irritation for me.  I typically contribute any eye irritation I have from a product to its scent, which this, to me, is strongly fragranced.  Again, why put fragrance in an eye makeup remover?!  Won't purchase, but will continue to use acquired bottles (that come in kits &/or gift with purchase).  I mainly use this to take of swatches when working on the blog.
Jack Black Skin Serum, foil packet from Sephora sampler pack.  While this felt nice on my skin, there wasn't enough to really see any results.  Probably won't purchase, unless I start hearing some amazing reviews on it that change my mind enough to get a larger quantity.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, requested sample.  This was a decent cleanser, but with only 1-2 uses in the little tub, it's hard to remember anything about it.  But, I actually have a full-size tube of this that was a gift with purchase from the last time I purchased at the Nordstrom's Kiehl's counter (has that really been a year ago?!).  I'll be pulling this out as soon as I finish up a couple more samples of cleansers I have.  Once I pull out the tube, I'll be able to provide a better review and if I'd purchase or not.  Undecided yet.
Bahama Bo's Sunscreen Spray SPF 30, purchased from Big Lots.  This was a good sunscreen.  I started using it back when we had our pool a couple of summers ago and never once burned.  I've also used it while doing yard work and sweating up a storm; still, no burn so it definitely lives up to its waterproof claim.  It smelled like yummy coconut and had an impressive shelf life.  If I can find it again, I'd like to repurchase.
Secret Antiperspirant/Deodorant, purchased.  This is the only brand of deodorant I can use due to allergies.  I'm still working on backups of this (I believe this came in a bonus pack of 3 or 4), and I will always repurchase from the Secret line.
Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream, received free from Influenster for review.  I really enjoyed this.  For my full review, click here.  In fact, I just reminded myself that I should repurchase this soon (I currently have both a full size and travel size of the Smooth Moves hair cream).
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder, shade 010 Fair.  I liked this enough to go through 2 pans of it over time, but I'm not sure if/when I would repurchase.  I've really been into setting my foundation with loose powder for quite a while now.  It is still available for if I would want to get it again, but something in my head is telling me I preferred the Maybelline Dream Wonder powder.  I'm undecided.
Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer, shade light.  I really enjoyed using up this concealer.  I thought it was pretty much the perfect shade and coverage for under my eyes without looking too heavy.  I bought several of these when this packaging went on clearance last year(?) so I do have backups.  I'm not sure on if the new version of this is similar or it's been drastically changed.  I have enough backups of concealer that I won't be repurchasing any for quite a while.
NYX Le Frou Frou Volume + Length Mascara, came in a kit from Ulta.  All I remember is that at first I didn't like this particular mascara, but eventually I did like it.  Just not enough to make repurchasing status - won't purchase.

For the last chunk of products, it's time to turn to the "Trashed, but Not Finished" category:
Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Weatherproofing Lip Balm, purchased.  I never liked this balm to start with.  Super thick, super stiff, super sticky, super white-cast on the lips.  I'm talking it looks like you ate a pack of powdered donuts.  I don't know why it took me so long to finally throw the tube out, other than it kept getting buried under things on the clothes dryer.  Won't repurchase.  I prefer my Jack Black for a lip balm with SPF.
(left 2 pans) primer and illuminator pans from an NYC IndividualEyes Custom Compact quad, purchased (which is the one I reviewed and depotted these from; I also received the same palette from Influenster for review).  The palette I received was untouched and de-stashed to my cousin.  While the shadows in the quad are decent, I just could not bring myself to use the 2 cream products in the palette.  I won't repurchase - I haven't purchased anything from the brand in quite some time.
(3 round pans) lip gloss and cream blush pans from Philosophy The Supernatural Coloring Book for Eyes, Lips, & Cheeks palette, purchased from Big Lots.  I noticed while sorting through my stash that the pans were starting to "sweat" a little and bead up.  I decided to pull the cream product pans out and keep the rest of the palette since the powder products are pretty colors.  Discontinued.
3 mini lipsticks from, I believe, Avon, samples.  These are just super old.  Time to go.  Won't purchase.
E.L.F. Liquid Liner in Coffee, purchased (might have been in a kit).  I swatched this, and there was no pigment.  This is, again, on the older side, so I just decided it was time to clear it out.  Won't purchase - I prefer my liners to be gel and I lean towards black mostly with the occasional color being used.
Color Workshop (Markwins - makes Wet 'n Wild) Blue Liquid Liner, purchased in a holiday set.  If I'm going to wear a blue eyeliner, I'd prefer it to be more of a dark sapphire or navy - this is almost a sky blue.  It's also lacking in pigment overall.  My swatches are all super streaky.  And, surprise, it's quite old so it was time to destash it to the trash.  Won't purchase (hopefully the blue one from Wet 'n Wild is better if you want a cheap, drugstore blue liquid liner).
Cutter Bite MD External Analgesic First Aid Antiseptic Stick, purchased from Walmart.  I got this to use on mosquito bites for the Mister and myself.  Not impressed.  We were both still itchy after applying this so as far as I'm concerned, this didn't work.  Won't repurchase.

And that wraps up my June finishes!  Oh, wait...there was also another Dial soap that I got sick of talking about month after month.  Ok, now I'm done.  I'm happy that I got more samples and full sized products finished, as well as clearing out some old and/or unused products from the stash.  Every little bit helps!

What's your favorite pressed powder for setting foundation?

**all items purchased by me / requested samples / gift with purchase / Influenster product for testing
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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