Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lorac Mega Pro 2 Swatches, Review & Comparison


I've got another limited edition release palette to share today.  It's the Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette.  I know it's been released for quite a while, but I am still seeing it in my local Ulta location.  I don't see it on Ulta's site, but there still might be stragglers at your local Ulta as well.  I bought mine about a week or so before I ordered the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette back in October.

Let's get started, shall we?  Since this has been out for quite a while, I'll try to keep this brief.
This has the same-feeling packaging as the other Pro palettes and loves to attract smudges and finger prints.

As usual, my hand is not prepped with lotion/primer/etc.  I might have gone over the lightest/closest to my skin tone shades a couple of times just to get the swatch to be more apparent, not for lack of pigmentation.

The matte rows:
top picture, left column going down: Burlap, Tawny, Custard, Porcelain
top picture, right column going down: Sorbet, Purple, Lavender, Bisque
bottom picture, left column going down: Forest, Saddle, Tangerine, Melon
bottom picture, right column going down: Black, Ash, Cabernet, Goji

The shimmer rows:
top picture, left column going down: Soft Plum, Prosecco, Chiffon, Sugar
top picture, right column going down: Dk. Sienna, Peony, Seashell, Moonlight
bottom picture, left column going down: Blue Quartz, Gunmetal, Sandstone, Cinnamon
bottom picture, right column going down: Black Ivy, Gold Leaf, Olivine, Penny

I love how Lorac evenly splits their bigger palettes between mattes and shimmers.  And I really love how soft and pigmented the shadows are.  I did feel like Dk. Sienna, Blue Quartz and Black Ivy aren't quite as shimmery-metallic as the other shimmer shades, but that's no big deal.  They are just more satin-y.  I do feel like for a true matte skin-tone shade for me, I need one more shade that I have to bring in to set my primer with since all the shades are either more pale than me or too yellow.  I've actually been more inspired to play with my Vice 4 palette than the Mega Pro 2 palette, which is why there's no eye looks, but hopefully that will change soon.

I have to say that the 2015 release of the Lorac Mega Pro 2 went much smoother with it being available both at Ulta's site and in store in comparison to the 2014 Mega Pro debacle where it was only on Lorac's site (where it instantly sold out) and Amazon's site, where it was in and out of stock numerous times.  So props to Lorac for better handling this time around.

Speaking of Mega Pro (1), I thought it'd be a good idea to include a picture of it, as well as the rest of the Pro palettes I have, to get an overall idea of how different or similar the collection looks.

Lorac Mega Pro (1):

Lorac Pro (1) on top, Lorac Pro 2 on bottom:

 Lorac Pro Metal (my review here):

I feel like the Mega Pro 2 could be considered the expansion of the Pro 2 palette as both lean towards the cooler end of the spectrum where as the Mega Pro 1 goes better with the Pro 1 palette being more warm-toned.  I need to use the Mega Pro 2 more...actually, I need to use all of my Lorac palettes more (including the non-pro palettes).  I also haven't added the Lorac Pro Matte palette to my palette family...yet.

Did you pick up the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette?  Do you have any of the other Pro palette editions?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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