Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Essie LuxEffects Fashion Flares Mani


I've got a nail of the day...errr, tomorrow, post to share.  In other words, I just got done doing my nails for tomorrow using a rather recently purchased (end of October but is still in stores I believe) polish and wanted to share the combo I came up with.

I really don't purchase Essie polishes much any more - the polish has to be very unique and/or part of the LuxEffects line.  I've a couple of reasons for not purchasing Essie polishes much.  One, I don't have good luck with the application/formula of the creams; I don't even bother trying the shimmers since nearly all reviews show the shimmers as completely hidden.  Two, I don't like the brush; I prefer the wider OPI brushes.  And three, the price is too high for me to want to pay retail.  I might purchase a shade at TJ Maxx but I haven't even done that in a long time.
So let's see what polish caught my eye enough to come home with me.  I did not pay retail at Ulta - I purchased it in combination with another item utilizing a 20% off purchase coupon.  As you can see above, my new polish came from the "Fringe Factor" LuxEffects collection for 2015.  I don't typically wear bar glitters but hot pink plus black...yes please.
Essie LuxEffects in 947 Fashion Flares
 Also in the display, Tassel Shaker (new), Limo-Scene, Fashion Flares (new), Fiji
Fringe Factor (new), Bordeaux, Frilling Me Softly (new), After School Boy Blazer

And here's my current nail look.  I did go ahead and top coat these nails before pictures.
I did 2 coats of SinfulColors Zeus, an old limited edition polish (2012 Cast Away collection) in my stash that I haven't pulled out in ages.  It's got a pretty pink shimmer running throughout the periwinkle base that does show up both in pictures and in real life.  I had forgotten how pretty this shade was.
Then I put a generous coat of Essie LuxEffects Fashion Flares on 3 of my nails.  I did have to dip into the bottle 2 times for each nail to get enough spread all the way across each nail.  My pinkie isn't covered as much as my middle finger but that's okay.  If you're not careful, you can pull some of the glitter off during application and I think that's what happened on my pinkie.  Also be sure to not have any bars hanging off the edge of your nail or else you might be breaking out the clippers/nail file.
Essie Fashion Flares is made up of metallic hot pink tiny bar glitters as the main glitter with a couple sizes of matte black glitters.  The pink glitters are so short that they don't really read as bar glitters unless you are looking up close.  I think that's what ultimately made me decide to go ahead and break my Essie ban.

Just because I'm such a collector and really want the full LuxEffects collection, I might pick up the other 3 glitters...especially if I can score them on sale.  Up until this 2015 release, I'm only missing 2 of the LuxEffects - Rock at the Top and Shine of the Times (discontinued).

Did you pick up any of the 2015 Essie LuxEffects glitter toppers?  Do you like bar glitters or are they completely off limits?  Do you try to "catch" all the polishes in a specific line that spans multiple years?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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