Friday, January 29, 2016

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette - Swatches & 1st Impressions


Today I've got the last eyeshadow palette that has recently come home with me.  I picked this up when Ulta was recently offering 5X the points on Urban Decay purchases.  I had been wanting to get this palette pretty much ever since it was released - I was just patiently biding my time.  My other incentive for purchasing this palette was that I had received a coupon in my email to redeem for a free (with any purchase) Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar sample (it's .25 fl. oz. in size).  So extra points plus a "freebie" made it the perfect time for a smaller Urban Decay purchase.
Welcome to my collection, Naked 2 Basics palette.  This is available everywhere that sells Urban Decay.
I did feel like this palette was easier to open than my original Naked Basics palette I purchased a few years ago - I usually stick the end of a pair of tweezers in the catch and pry that one open.
 Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone
As per usual, my hand is not primed, nor moisturized.  Which reminds me, I need to put on some hand cream now.  The Ohio winter weather is taking its toll on all of my skin much worse than usual.  I did build up Frisk slightly and I needed to smooth out a couple of my swatches.
left column, top to bottom: Frisk, Stark, Skimp
right column, top to bottom: Undone, Primal, Cover

I'm really happy that I have more Urban Decay matte nude shades.  Unlike the original Naked Basics, this palette is completely matte.  The original has one shade that has a little sheen/sparkle to it.  I have not worn this on my eyes yet, but I'm looking forward to playing with it.  This will be good for a complete eye look in itself or as an accompaniment to more colorful and/or glittery shadows.

I always swatched this in Ulta and would tell myself "one day I'll get you," and it finally happened.  I'm happy that I finally added the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette to my stash.  As I mentioned in another post, I don't have the any of the larger Urban Decay Naked palette franchise (1,2,3 or Smoky).  The only larger neutral Urban Decay palette I have is the Gwen Stefani palette.  My other neutral palettes are actually from Too Faced (Chocolate Bar & Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar), Lorac (Pro, Pro 2, Mega Pro 1, Mega Pro 2) and the Balm (Nude 'Tude).

Do you have the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette in your makeup stash?  Do you enjoy using matte shadows or do you prefer shimmery/metallic?  What's your go-to neutral palette?

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Essie LuxEffects Fashion Flares Mani


I've got a nail of the day...errr, tomorrow, post to share.  In other words, I just got done doing my nails for tomorrow using a rather recently purchased (end of October but is still in stores I believe) polish and wanted to share the combo I came up with.

I really don't purchase Essie polishes much any more - the polish has to be very unique and/or part of the LuxEffects line.  I've a couple of reasons for not purchasing Essie polishes much.  One, I don't have good luck with the application/formula of the creams; I don't even bother trying the shimmers since nearly all reviews show the shimmers as completely hidden.  Two, I don't like the brush; I prefer the wider OPI brushes.  And three, the price is too high for me to want to pay retail.  I might purchase a shade at TJ Maxx but I haven't even done that in a long time.
So let's see what polish caught my eye enough to come home with me.  I did not pay retail at Ulta - I purchased it in combination with another item utilizing a 20% off purchase coupon.  As you can see above, my new polish came from the "Fringe Factor" LuxEffects collection for 2015.  I don't typically wear bar glitters but hot pink plus black...yes please.
Essie LuxEffects in 947 Fashion Flares
 Also in the display, Tassel Shaker (new), Limo-Scene, Fashion Flares (new), Fiji
Fringe Factor (new), Bordeaux, Frilling Me Softly (new), After School Boy Blazer

And here's my current nail look.  I did go ahead and top coat these nails before pictures.
I did 2 coats of SinfulColors Zeus, an old limited edition polish (2012 Cast Away collection) in my stash that I haven't pulled out in ages.  It's got a pretty pink shimmer running throughout the periwinkle base that does show up both in pictures and in real life.  I had forgotten how pretty this shade was.
Then I put a generous coat of Essie LuxEffects Fashion Flares on 3 of my nails.  I did have to dip into the bottle 2 times for each nail to get enough spread all the way across each nail.  My pinkie isn't covered as much as my middle finger but that's okay.  If you're not careful, you can pull some of the glitter off during application and I think that's what happened on my pinkie.  Also be sure to not have any bars hanging off the edge of your nail or else you might be breaking out the clippers/nail file.
Essie Fashion Flares is made up of metallic hot pink tiny bar glitters as the main glitter with a couple sizes of matte black glitters.  The pink glitters are so short that they don't really read as bar glitters unless you are looking up close.  I think that's what ultimately made me decide to go ahead and break my Essie ban.

Just because I'm such a collector and really want the full LuxEffects collection, I might pick up the other 3 glitters...especially if I can score them on sale.  Up until this 2015 release, I'm only missing 2 of the LuxEffects - Rock at the Top and Shine of the Times (discontinued).

Did you pick up any of the 2015 Essie LuxEffects glitter toppers?  Do you like bar glitters or are they completely off limits?  Do you try to "catch" all the polishes in a specific line that spans multiple years?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette - Swatches & Review


Yesterday was super busy working on some repair projects - darn old house.  By the time we got done, I was completely out of energy for the day.  But things are fixed as much as can be until we get some professional help.  So today I decided to share a palette that I bought last month that I'm extremely late to the party on.  I purchased it with the last 20% off coupon that Ulta had mailed out (in December) that worked on prestige items.  I bought mine from Ulta, but it's also available at Sephora, and the Too Faced site.

Since I am so late to the party on the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, I'm just going to share my swatches and a few quick thoughts on the palette.

My hand is, as usual, un-primed and I don't remember building up the colors.  Swatches of the left side of the palette are up first.  The swatches are done in a lay-out as close as possible to the palette placement.
left: Licorice, Coconut Cream
center: Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar (circled), Puddin'
right: Rum Raisin, Mousse, Caramel
left: Nougat (circled), Truffled, Hot Fudge
center: Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, Frosting
right: Bon Bon, Butter Pecan

As with the original Chocolate Bar palette, the shadows come encased in a metal palette that is embossed like a giant bar of chocolate (that you'd use for s'mores).  It smells oh, so sweetly, of chocolate - same as the original.  The Semi-Sweet palette has the shadow names printed directly on the palette (the original Chocolate Bar came with a plastic sheet with the names printed).  I did notice that while the palette has a magnetic closure, mine isn't quite lined up right so even when the palette is closed, there's a little gap all along the front of the palette except right where the magnet is.    I do feel like since this is thinner than the original (my original is the original thick packaging model), it feels a bit cheaper and like the hinge will break at some point.

Packaging aside, I'm loving playing with the Semi-Sweet palette on those currently rare occasions I have time - and a reason - to play with makeup.  I do wish that Pink Sugar had more pigment to it since it's basically just pink glitters.  I'll need to play around with that and see if a glitter glue or using it wet or something helps that shade out, otherwise it's basically just a topper or, worse-case scenario, a pointless placeholder.  There's 7 shades that are either matte or satin-matte in finish.  The rest of the shades, excluding Pink Sugar, are what I would consider metallic in finish.  This has lots of pretty neutrals that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.  Although I have to admit that the other day when I was putting makeup on, I felt like I'm doing the exact same look time after time (just with different palettes) so I need to play in more colorful palettes for a while.  But this could still be the perfect companion palette to all the colors as well as a stand-alone neutral palette.

I enjoy the bulk of my Too Faced palette collection so much that I'm already plotting on when I'll add the brand new Chocolate Bon Bon Palette (released not long ago) and the upcoming Spring release of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette.  

Did you pick up the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar?  Do you have the original in your makeup stash?  Any plans for the new Chocolate Bon Bon or Peanut Butter and Jelly palettes?

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Stash Sharing - Funky Fingers "Pastels"


It's time for another sneak peak into my drawer of Funky Fingers polishes.  This week, I've gathered the group that falls into the "pastel" category.  As I mentioned last Sunday, I divided my Funky Fingers polishes up into 4 main groupings.

For the first line-up, I have the inspired-by-the-movie, Frozen, collection.  I believe there was only 3 in this set.
 Elsa, Olaf, Anna
All three of them contain white snowflakes; Anna also has blue snowflakes.

The next pair is much more of a summer theme - the beach.  These 2 glitters are both made up primarily of satin glitters, with maybe a few transparent glitters thrown in the mix.
Scattered Sea Shells, Broken Sea Glass
For my last polish of the night, a pretty pastel satin pink glitter.  I have no idea what kind of collection this might have been released as part of.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I want to say that I wore one of the beach-inspired polishes, but I'm 99% sure I never photographed the mani, nor did I take any notes as to what I put it on over.  New goal: at least take a note of what's used for each mani, especially if I really like them.

I haven't been inside of Five Below in well over a month.  I really feel like I haven't been out beauty/polish shopping nearly as much as some times in the past.  In some ways, it's nice to not have much new coming in, but in other ways I miss the excitement of finding a new pretty.  I need to get back into crafting and maybe that will keep me busy and my mind off of shopping.

Do you go into Five Below very often?  Do you have a specific thing in mind you're looking for, or just looking to look?  Do you  have a method to help you resist wanting to go on shopping binges?

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Urban Decay Birthday Haul!


I've still got a few things from my drawn-out birthday celebration to share, and one of those purchases is my Urban Decay order.  I had received a birthday coupon in my email from them, and since I procrastinated in using it, I managed to also score on a bunch of deluxe samples.  Score!

As with my Sephora birthday order that I shaded last Saturday, I got one restock item and one fun item to get me to the $50 threshold for the bundle of samples.  I'd been wanting to get the Naked Basics 2 palette, but resisted it in this order and just got a single shadow instead.  You could say I was trying to be "budget-friendly." lol
The Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in shade 3.5 was my restock item.  I only have a handful of uses left in my first bottle.  I do prefer to apply this particular foundation with a brush - either the U.D. Optical Blurring Brush or the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (I think that's the right one).  The rest of my foundations/BB/CC creams I've been using my clean fingers with lately.
My "fun" item is the single eye shadow in Buck, which I hope will be perfect for a crease/transition shade or just to darken up the outer corners.  I bet it'd also be pretty buffed on the lower lid to finish off any look.  If I get brave one day, it might even work as the main color in a nice brown smoky eye.  I must play one of these days.  My swatch of Buck was not built up at all (no primer/lotion/etc).

My birthday coupon was to get a free, with purchase, full-size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil.  I chose Sabbath, a dark matte navy blue.  I'm hoping it will work in my waterline.  I have a bunch of the 24/7 pencils, I just never reach for them (or pencils in general) - I need to change that.  I did one quick, light swipe for my swatch of the pencil and I'm impressed with how creamy and easy to apply it seems.  It's also not budging off my hand right now, even with pressing rather hard and rubbing.  I don't remember getting this coupon in my email in prior years, but I'm happy I did this year and hope they keep it up!
And these last pictures are of all the samples and deluxe samples.
There's a deluxe sample of Naked Lipgloss in Naked, 4 samples of Revolution lipstick samples (Jilted, Rapture, X2 Naked), Perversion mascara deluxe sample, B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray deluxe sample, Afterglow Blush card (3 shades), Sheer Revolution Lipstick blister pack (4 shades), Revolution High-Color Lipgloss deluxe sample in Scandal (I did have to make a sticker for the shade name on it) and Revolution High-Color Lipgloss blister pack (3 shades).
The bottom picture is just with most things out of their "brochures" and 3/4 lipsticks uncapped.  

I just love when I'm able to score on samples!  I already know I really enjoy the Vitamin b6 prep spray from the last sample I got of it (I believe from an in-store Ulta/U.D. event).  I do have a sample of the Naked Lipgloss in Naked already so this one and one tube of Naked Revolution lipstick will be going in back-up land, as will the mascara until I get through some more of my mascara back-stock.  There's so many new-to-me goodies - lipsticks, high-color lipglosses & blushes - to play with that I can't wait!  Actually, I think I might have another lipstick sample that I got quite some time ago...I just never reach for it since it's super red.  These new shades should be more wearable for me.

Did you take advantage of the promo to score on Urban Decay samples last month?  Do you like their Naked Skin foundation?  

**all items purchased by me
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Friday, January 22, 2016

National Polka Dot Day Mani using OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection


Did you know that today, January 22, is National Polka Dot Day?  I didn't until I saw an email come through from the Disney Store advertising all things Minnie and her signature polka dots gathered in one spot to celebrate the holiday.  So I thought what better to do than get a little nail inspiration from the holiday.

Rather than take color inspiration from Minnie, I thought I'd play with a couple of the OPI holiday polishes I bought.  The dark color suits my color mood right now, but I've still got glitter for a little cheer.  I actually used these same 2 polishes from my New Year's mani, but did gradients from the cuticles - I just never got a picture before they started chipping.  As with the China Glaze holiday collection, I'm not sure how easy these polishes will be to get a hold of as the collection has been released for quite a while.  Check your local Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply locations (including clearance areas), and of course, check online.  So first off, these are the 4 Starlight polishes I ended up purchasing over a couple shopping trips.
Infrared-y to Glow, Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite, Cosmo with a Twist, Ce-less-tial is More

Anyway, back to today's post.  I've been trying out Duri Rejuvacote as my base lately since no matter how much hand cream and oil I slather onto my nails/fingers/hands my nails are still peeling off in layers.  Hopefully if I can stay consistent with all of the above, my nails will eventually get into better shape (I also need to get more consistent with taking biotin to see if that helps).

Moving on, I've got 2 easy coats (as long as you didn't just finish drinking a big cup of coffee...oops) of OPI Cosmo with a Twist.
It's a beautiful color that I'm not quite sure how to describe.  It kind of reminds me of a duochrome, but the duo part comes from different microglitters that catch the light.  I've spied purple, navy, almost pink...  I can't decide if the base shade is navy, black or dark purple.  On the first coat, which I did fairly thin, it looked like it leaned purple more than anything.  According to OPI, "Subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple."  Clean up can be a little tricky as the little sparkles like to stick to your skin a bit, but it's so pretty it's worth it.  I actually think today's the third time I've had this on since I've bought it, and that's pretty much unheard of for me.
Now, to bring in the polka dots, I added Ce-less-tial is More using my dotting tool and made my nails look like a pair of dice, just with the color reversed.  So pretty!  These next 2 pictures are without any top coat.  I added top coat to my right hand after my pictures were done since I plan on hopefully keeping this mani on for a few days.
Ce-less-tial is More is a gorgeous "white gold" chunky glitter that has great coverage.  While I haven't done it on my actual nails, according to my notes it is complete coverage at 2 coats on the nail wheel.  This isn't gold, it's not silver; I think I read one blog post that described it as having a touch of a pink tinge to it.  OPI's description is "this pink super-glitter shines with heavenly light."  As I was typing this, I initially thought to call it champagne, but then white gold popped into my head and that's what I've settled on as a description for the color.  I do feel like this is similar in consistency to OPI's Liquid Sand polishes that aren't "officially" being made anymore but polishes like this are still giving off that feel.
Doing dots with this definitely brought out the textured finish.  When I used this for a gradient, it wasn't quite as textured feeling.  A good coat of Gelous is definitely needed to smooth things out followed by a quick dry top coat layer.  I find Gelous takes forever to thoroughly dry and can lead to the entire nail smudging if  not careful (maybe my bottle is getting old?).  Speaking of top coat, this is a picture of my left hand with the aforementioned Gelous topcoat followed up by Pro FX Quick Dry.
Since I also bought the two shaped glitters as well, I figured I might as well include swatches of them.  I'm still not sure what the shape of the glitter is called, but it's unique so I wanted them.  
Infrared-y to Glow, Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite, Cosmo with a Twist, Ce-less-tial is More
Infrared-y and Two Wrongs are both one coat plus a little maneuvering
Cosmo and Ce-less-tial are both 2 coats

OPI's site describes Infrared-y to Glow as "red confetti and glitter."  Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite has the same "red confetti" with matching small glitters as well as gunmetal diamond glitters.  Both are in clear bases; hopefully the "red confetti" doesn't bleed and tint the bases.  I've worn Infrared-y to Glow but I forget what polish I put it over - there's no note anywhere and no pictures either.  But I do remember liking how it looked on the nail.  The confetti conformed fairly well to the curve of my nails - I don't recall any coming loose enough for me to pick off for at least 2 days.

Off hand I can't think of any similar polish to either Cosmo or Ce-less-tial in my considerably sized stash.  I even took a quick look through my drawers and nothing jumped out at me as similar.  And as I mentioned, Two Wrongs and Infrared-y are definitely unique with their glitter shapes.  I am trying to be more conscious of not purchasing dupes to polishes that I already have and am slowly going through the stash and pulling dupes to de-stash.  Unique polishes are more than welcome to find a spot for themselves in Polish World.

Did you pick up any polishes from the OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 collection?  How would you describe the glitter shapes in Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite and Infrared-y to Glow?  Can you think of any dupes to Cosmo with a Twist or Ce-less-tial is More?  If you use Gelous, is it really slow drying for you?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Palette - Swatches & Review


I've got another Urban Decay item to share today, and that is the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow palette!  I purchased mine from Macy's last month since I had a gift card that would cover a good portion of the purchase.  It's also available at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom and, of course, Urban Decay's site.

The palette is a bit smaller than the Vice palettes, both the height and length, but it feels like heavier/more substantial packaging.  Like the Vice palettes, it has a huge mirror (entire size of the lid), but unlike the Vice palettes, there's no included brush.  However, there was a 4-blister lipstick sampler of the upcoming Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani lipstick collection inside the box.  I did not open those.

There's quite a few matte shades, 5 or 6 I believe, and all of them blend super easily.  Pop is the most glittery of the shades, while the rest are shimmery/metallic.  If I remember correctly, only 3 shadows are repromotes.
I've swatched these in their columns of 3.  As usual, no primer or anything on my hands.  I did do a bit of building on the lightest shades to make them stronger for pictures.
top row: Blonde, Baby, Pop
bottom row: Bathwater, Anaheim, Harajuku
top row: Skimp, Stark, Danger
bottom row: Steady, Zone, 1987 
Punk, Serious, Blackout

I've used the Gwen Stefani palette for several eye looks...but they were all on days that I literally had no time to attempt any pictures.  I've been re-organizing and destashing some of my makeup today and I ended up moving a couple of eye shadows to the highlight and blush drawer.  I'm saying this because the very first column (Blonde, Baby, Pop) all look like they could be used as a beautiful cheek highlights as well.  Harajuku could potentially be used as a blush in a pinch, but it would be very shimmery.  And if you're really desperate, Anaheim or Zone could be used for a little contour.  So technically, this could be an all-in-one palette if you're really being creative.

I realize that a lot of people think the palette is too neutral and/or too pale, but I happen to love it.  For some reason, I have yet to purchase any of the Naked palettes (other than both the Naked Basics 1 & 2) and I'm also on the more fair-side of the skin tone spectrum.  So for me, I'm thoroughly enjoying this palette.

I feel like this is a good palette for every day use because it is loaded with neutrals, but it's also got everything from light to dark and neutral to fun pops of color.  I can't wait to get my hands on the blush palette!  The blush palette is available at Sephora now, but I'm trying to wait until it hits Ulta in-store so there's no shipping fees.  I cleared out half a dozen blushes today, so that means I've got room for the new blush palette, right?

Did you, or will you, purchase the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette?  How about the newly released Blush Palette, or lip products?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

China Glaze 2015 Cheers! Holiday Collection - My Picks


It's been a while since I've shared any nail polishes I've purchased on the blog, so I thought today I'd fix that.  I've got the polishes I slowly picked up from the 2015 China Glaze Cheers! holiday collection.  As I mentioned, I picked this up pretty slowly - over October, November and December, with most being on Black Friday (hello sale price!!).

I'm not sure how easy these polishes will be to find in store right now, but check Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply.  They are probably still online at various e-tailers as well.  I've worn a few of these polishes but I've been so busy that I neglected to get any pictures before they started chipping or peeling off.  Oops.  Also, I surprisingly can't find any display pictures.  I'm not sure if I just didn't take a picture or if I somehow lost it when I was cleaning out my phone one day.

So let's see my picks from the China Glaze 2015 Cheers! holiday collection.
Brand Sparkin' New Year, Coal Hands Warm Heart, Ugly Sweater Party, 
Break the Ice, Bring on the Bubbly, Mix and Mingle
 Brand Sparkin' New Year, Coal Hands Warm Heart, Ugly Sweater Party
Break the Ice, Bring on the Bubbly, Mix and Mingle

 Swatch wheel time!  The top picture is the same order as above, while the bottom picture is reversed.
Break the Ice and Bring on the Bubbly were one coat on the wheels (maybe a little dabbing just to disperse a little more).  All the rest are 2 coats.  Mix and Mingle is most color-accurate in the picture below.
Break the Ice and Bring on the Bubbly were very hard to get any kind of picture of on the wheel.  I've worn Brand Sparkin' New Year over Mix and Mingle and loved how it looked.  I'll have to recreate that to get some pictures of at some point.  I've worn Break the Ice over Essie Cashmere Bathrobe and enjoyed that look as well.

Break the Ice and Bring on the Bubbly slightly reminded me of a couple holiday SinfulColors glitters from the 2015 collection, but the SinfulColors polishes aren't nearly as complex so no dupes there.  I feel like Mix and Mingle might be similar to the purple - Looking Bootiful - from the 2015 China Glaze Halloween collection, but I don't have it to compare.  My guess is I probably have a similar shade in my SinfulColors stash drawer.  Brand Sparkin' New Year, Coal Hands Warm Heart and Ugly Sweater Party are the most unique to my collection.  The shards/shredded glitters in Break the Ice and Bring on the Bubbly (also has hex glitters in various sizes) also make them more unique in my collection, even though I have glitters that give off the same color and holo reflect look (silver and gold glitters that are all hex, have squares, etc).

Did you pick up any polishes from the 2015 China Glaze Cheers! holiday collection?

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Stash Sharing - Funky Fingers "Holiday" Glitters


I'm bringing back my Sunday Stash Sharing series.  It's been quite a while since I've sorted through my stash and shared a portion - the last installment was in October.  My first visit back to the series is Funky Fingers, which can be found at Five Below stores.  It took me a while to decide how to divide this brand up, but ultimately I decided to have a 4-post mini-series starting off with the "holiday" polishes I have.

First up, I have my Christmas- and Valentine-themed polishes from Funky Fingers.
Fra-gee-lay and I <3 U
Fra-gee-lay reminds me of how my brother used to pronounce "fragile" just for fun.  Good times.  It has shiny red and green hex glitters with matte white hex glitters.  I <3 U has 3 different shades of satin hearts in a base with some holographic sprinkles of glitter.

The other 3 polishes I'm sharing today are Patriotic-themed polishes.  I believe this is 2 years' worth of patriotic polishes.
'Murica, Fireworks and Bottle Rockets.
'Murica is the more pastel version of patriotic and includes silver holographic stars.  Fireworks has matte bright blue and holographic stars.  Bottle Rockets is all bar glitters and small hex glitters - no stars.  I think Fireworks (from 2014) is the oldest of the 3.  I'm pretty sure I purchased Bottle Rockets in 2015.

I'm kind of wishing I had used Fra-gee-lay for my Christmas mani, but since I was in a rush I didn't have time to go through the stash and really pick and choose.  Maybe next time.  I'll have to bust out I <3 U for Valentine's Day soon.

Do you have a Five Below close to you?  Do you buy the polishes if you do?

**all items purchased by me
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