Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wet 'n Wild We're the Wild Cats! Eyeshadow Palette Collection Swatches + 1st Impressions


I meant to get this post up yesterday but somehow instead of finding my way to the computer, I ended up putting on my makeup and leaving the house.  Oops.  In reality, I should have had this post up quite a while ago, especially since I bought them at the end of September at Rite Aid and it's now November.  Where has the time gone!?!?  But at least now I can say that I have everything I need for my outfit in December - it only took me basically all year.

Anyway...on to today's post!  I've got the 4 eyeshadow palettes from the Wet 'n Wild We're the Wild Cats collection.  This is the Limited Edition Fall/Winter 2015 collection (per WnW).  I have already posted my swatches and impressions on the polishes from the collection - click here for that post.  I've included my first impressions based on swatches, and let's just say that hopefully using these with a very good primer and brushes will help them out...
I passed on the 4 shades of liquid liners.
Let's get right to the swatches and impressions.  On all of my swatches, I did not prep my hand with lotion/primer/anything, but unlike normal, I did have to build all of my swatches to see if they would look any better.

Bohemian Wrapsody:
This was the first palette I swatched and as soon as I started I literally said ewww yuck.  Super dry and gritty.  The bottom shade (actually top shade in my swatch since I forgot to flip the pictures) is the best out of the 3 but it's still not creamy.  The center shade is gritty but at least it has pigmentation mixed in with the grit.  The lightest shade is pointless.  All I got was glitter on my hand for the swatch.  

Wrapper's Delight:
Wrapper's Delight has the best formula out of the collection.  The bottom shade (again, top shade in the swatch) isn't as pigmented, but I'm happy that it swatches differently from the darkest shade.  The lightest shade swatches more metallic and is well pigmented.  However, there's only one color different in this trio from the core palette called Don't Steal My Thunder - the silver and center shades look very similar.

 Freestyle Wrap:
Freestyle Wrap is only worth it for the darkest shade in the trio, which happens to probably be my favorite shade out of the entire collection.  The center shade was built up by going back to the pan 2-3 times and that was the best I got the swatch.  The glitters are pretty in it at least.  As with the Bohemian palette, the lightest shade is basically just glitter.  It's pretty glitter, but it's chunky and dry.

 Bust a Wrap:
Bust a Wrap is especially disappointing as both the pretty navy and the charcoal black look the same.   I'm not even sure if some kind of base would help out the navy. The lightest shade isn't very much to look at either.  That's pretty much all I have to say about this palette.

All in all, I'm disappointed in these collection.  The bulk of the colors are dry and gritty, and pigmentation is questionable for most of the shades.  3 of the 4 lightest shades (what used to be labeled as browbone) are basically just glitter.  Who knows, maybe I'll like the "browbone" colors as glitter toppers for shadow looks?  At least Wet 'n Wild is an inexpensive brand so it's not like I spent a ton of money on these.

I'm happy that this post catches me up for things purchased prior to October (yay!)  and the big office moving project.  Now it's time to move on to October then November purchases.

Did you pick up anything from the Wet 'n Wild We're the Wild Cats! eyeshadow collection?  Do you like glitter toppers for eye shadows?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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