Friday, October 16, 2015

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection - To Reflect Shimmer Palettes


I'm caught up sharing my new Halloween goodies, so I thought I'd share a new highlighter I bought a while back when this shade was relatively new to market.  I bought it and it immediately got buried on my dresser.  I finally came across it again and decided today was it's spotlight.  And I figured that while I was sharing the new shade of the To Reflect Shimmer Palette, I might as well pull out my old one that I bought around when that one first came out and share both of them together.  I think when I originally bought it, I hadn't started doing makeup swatches on hauls yet.

Let's see the new shade of the To Shimmer Palette, Hollywood Boulevard.  This is rumored to be a dupe of quite a few pricey &/or hard-to-find highlighters.  Check out this Instagram picture for swatches and comparisons.
Hollywood Boulevard - swirled around on the pan 2-3 times, 1 swipe across my unprepped hand.  It's got a gorgeous champagne-golden almost metallic sheen.  I like that it's got a bit of brown and pink to keep the color from going super champagne-gold.  Obviously, I don't apply my highlighter to my cheeks using my finger, so I can't wait to see how this looks when used under normal circumstances with some type of brush.

Now for the older version, Rose Champagne Glow.
Rose Champagne Glow, applied the same way.  This one leaves a nice pink pearl glow.  When there was more of a prominent pink swirl, I was able to use this as a blush, but now I've learned to appreciate a nice highlighted look and use this as a highlighter or sometimes as a blush topper.  Once in a while this is all I'll put on my cheeks.  Seeing as how long this shade has been out (2013), I've used this quite a bit and have barely made a dent in it.

Now let's see how they look in comparison to each other:
Hollywood Boulevard (left) and Rose Champagne Glow (right)
Definitely different, and both oh so pretty.  I can't wait to finally start using Hollywood Boulevard on my cheeks and I need to pull Rose Champagne Glow out to use more often.  Texture-wise, I did feel that Hollywood Boulevard was a tiny bit more creamy feeling, which makes sense since the ingredients have been changed (dimethicone is the first ingredient on Hollywood while it's the 2nd on Rose). Since these look like they are a baked product with all the swirling/marbling, then probably each pan with the same name will have a slightly different look to them depending on how much of each color and where it is in the pan.

According to some searching, I missed out on Carnival in Rio (discontinued), but there is Rose Golden Goddess available in this little line of To Reflect Shimmer Palettes.  The To Reflect Shimmer Palettes should be available where ever the full line of Wet 'n Wild products are carried, and for an excellent price of around $5.

Do you have any of the Wet 'n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palettes in your collection?  Do you like to use highlighters or are you more of a natural finish fan?

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