Monday, October 5, 2015

Wet 'n Wild Beautifully Wicked Halloween Collection - My Picks, So Far


I've got some Wet 'n Wild eyeshadows to share today!  I came across this display shortly after we got back from our cruise last month and really wanted to share my swatches of what I've purchased, so far, from the display.  Believe it or not, I did not purchase any of the polishes so far, and only came home with 2 of the 3 palettes.  Other items in the display include various mascaras, shadow pencils, lipsticks, balm stains and a liquid liner.  For a full breakdown of the display, including names of all the products and better pictures, check out Nouveau Cheap's post here.  I believe that the Wet 'n Wild Beautifully Wicked collection is a Walgreens exclusive (it's not the same as the Fantasy Makers that Wet 'n Wild puts out that goes everywhere).
The first grouping is called Gothic Swan.  I did not purchase the 5-pan palette (Tunnel Vision) since it is not limited edition.  The second polish, Raven Maven, looks like a super dark charcoal - sorry about the glare.

The second grouping is called Queen of the Nile.  The palette, Sphinx Minx, is limited edition so I bought it.  These 2 polishes are ones I'm thinking about going back for.
My swatches are done with no primer or anything.  I did not build up any of the shades.  The "eyelid" shade (center, right) is so dark of a brown it almost looks like a warm black, is very soft/crumbly and also has glitters in it that will probably cause fallout.  The bottom black "crease" shade also has the microglitter but seems to be "tighter" so hopefully less fallout.  The center warm brown "definer" shade is the only matte shade in the palette.  Both the "browbone" (left, yellow gold) and "base" (top, bronze gold) shades are nice metallics.

The final grouping is Sultry Vamp.  The shadow palette, Shake Your Tailfeather, is also limited edition so I purchased that as well.  The Purple Peacock polish is a gorgeous deep plum with shimmer, again sorry about the horrible picture.
These swatches are also without primer BUT they really would have benefited from that step.  I built up each color in my swatches, especially the metallic medium blue "eyelid" shade (center, right).  The "browbone" (left) is a gorgeous metallic turquoise while the "base" (top) is a satin jade-ish color.  The center "definer" shade is another metallic gold shade but is different from the golds in the Sphinx Minx palette.  The bottom "crease" shade is a nice medium purple with some microglitters but they weren't noticeable in my swatch.  There are no matte shades in this particular palette.

4 of the 6 polishes I think I will for sure pass on as I feel like I've got extremely similar, if not dupes, to them between all of my Wet 'n Wild polishes as well as other brands (i.e. SinfulColors).  I really am trying to be better about not buying dupes over and over again.  However, if I spy them on a good sale, then all bets are off.

As for the palettes, Sphinx Minx looks like it'll make the perfect warm golden smoky eye that will be perfect for Fall, and the golden shades would even be perfect for Holiday looks.  Shake Your Tailfeather will be better for pops of color on the lower lash line, I think, rather than all together.  Or using the gold and another shade from the palette on the lid.  I'll have to play around with that one and see how I like it best.  A good primer will definitely be a must, maybe even a creamy base (Milani ShadowEyez, Rimmel ScandalEyes, etc) would be a good idea to really enhance the colors.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchases but I still might drop by Walgreens for those 2 polishes in the Queen of the Nile look.

Have you come across the Beautifully Wicked Halloween collection in Walgreens?  Is there anything catching your eye that you feel is a must-have?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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