Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spotted, Hauled (Most) & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Here's to the Wild Ones! Polish Collection


It almost seems like this week might be setting up for a week all about Wet 'n Wild, but there's a lot hitting the stores right now.  I've got another limited edition collection to share today, but it will actually be a 2-part post since there's also eyeshadows in the collection.  Today's post is on the polish section of the Here's to the Wild Ones! Fall 2015 collection.  There are also 6 lipsticks in the same display, but I have banned myself from looking at and purchasing lippies since I don't get enough use out of the ones I do have.  I found this display originally at KMart, but have since spotted it at Right Aid as well - I haven't been to Walgreens or CVS recently to know if they got it.  UPDATE 10/9: Per Wet 'n Wild, these polishes are from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

So in this particular display, besides the aforementioned lipsticks, there are 6 polishes.  I took pictures of the 2 that I did not purchase (but man that blue looks tempting).

And now for the rest of the collection that I decided all needed to come home with me.

 Up close bottle shots of all the pretty shimmers (and flakes in I Moss Have It!).
 Swatch time!  On the wheel, there's 2 coats of everyone.
I Moss Have It, Thrift Shopaholic, Stop and Mel-the-Roses, Gettin' Inked
My swatches are all 2 coats except for my index finger (darkest shade - Gettin' Inked), which is 1 coat; it does have shimmer but it's completely hidden in my lightbox photos.  I Moss have It (olive green) is GORGEOUS!!  The little gold flecks in olive green, yes please!  Thrift Shopaholic (purple) is a beautiful royal purple with shimmer while Stop and Mel-the-Roses (red) is a rich holiday red with shimmer.  I would be mindful of application on Thrift Shopaholic and Stop and Mel-the-Roses as they do have a slight tendency to show brush marks in their pearly-shimmer.  Not bad, just worth noting.

I  read on Nouveau Cheap's blog that the blue Pop-Up Bluetique might be a dupe for the Fall 2012 Pick Your Poison shade called Root of All Evil, while Keep Vinyl Alive might be a dupe of Venomous Vixen (same 2012 collection).  Looking at my swatch wheel, I'd say that those possibilities are high so as much as the blue is calling my name, I probably won't run back to KMart or Rite Aid and try to pick it up.  I would have to say that I Moss Have It is a must have (if you like olive greens)!!  Love it!  I'm tempted to see if I can find a backup.

Are any of the Fall 2015 Here's to the Wild Ones! polishes calling your name?  Do you think you have dupes from previous Wet 'n Wild collections?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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