Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SinfulColors Dressed to Kill Collection - My Picks + Review


Today I've got some quick swatches of a new, limited edition glitter topper from SinfulColors that is, unfortunately, exclusive to Target.  Target is not my favorite store to shop in by a long shot.  There's supposed to be 2 of these fun-shaped glitters in the display, but by the time that I found the display there was only 1 of the 2 left.  But maybe that wasn't a bad thing...more on that down below.
I did take close ups of the rows to get names and bottle shots so I'd have a record.  I'm obsessive that way.
 Go Batty (sold out), Skele-Bration, Glow in the Dark
Aubergine, Frenzy, Copper Pot, Innocent, Snow Me White
Ruby Ruby, Let's Talk, Feel the Vibe, Black on Black

Those I do not have: Go Batty (the other fun glitter shape), Glow in the Dark, Aubergine, Copper Pot, Feel the Vibe
 Frenzy, Innocent, Snow Me White, SKELE-BRATION, Ruby Ruby, Let's Talk, Black on Black
~I pulled the rest of the shades out of my stash since they are core~

This is 2 coats of Skele-Bration on my pinkie and ring fingers, with 1 coat on the others using SinfulColors Exotic Green (3 coats) as a base.  Skele-Bration did make Exotic Green look a bit grainy.
I was under the impression that the base color of Skele-Bration would have more of a green cast to it, but instead it's essentially clear.  The little skull-and-crossbone glitters took forever to get out, and that was after letting the bottle sit upside down for several minutes.  I also felt like it slowed down the drying time for my base color.  On the plus side, I can say that I didn't notice any major sticking out of "corners" on the glitters like I get with star glitters if they aren't in just the right spot on my nails.  I don't have a proper setup (or any setup, really), to see if Skele-Bration actually glows in the dark or not.

While I do wish that I'd been able to get Go Batty (crescent moon glitter) to complete the set, if the formula is similar then maybe it's a good thing I wasn't able to find it.  I could have tried harder, I just didn't feel like driving to other cities in search of a $2 nail polish.  I am wishing that I'd picked up Copper Pot and Feel the Vibe since I don't have hardly any of those shades in my stash, and my bottle of S.C. Clementine (an older l.e. orange) is more than 1/4 gone.

Do you enjoy different shapes for your glitters (hearts, stars, moons, skulls, etc...)?  How do you feel about glow in the dark polishes?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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