Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Salon Perfect Dress Up Your Nails Halloween Polish Collection - My Picks + Review


>>EDIT - apparently, this collection is entitled Bat Your Lashes; I might have known that if I ever saw the display...<<

I was going to do another Wet 'n Wild post today, but realized that it's actually a "winter" collection (per their Instagram) so I decided to do my other Halloween-related post first.  So today I'm doing the Halloween collection of polishes from Salon Perfect, sold at *select* Walmarts.  I never actually saw the display, I just spotted these pretties sitting on the shelf in the Halloween costume accessories area.

I came across this post on Instagram using the "explore posts" function showing them in part of a display.  The next picture is courtesy of Salon Perfect's Instagram showing all the polishes in the collection.
As for my search, it only took me 2 cities and 3 Walmarts to find what I wanted.  Luckily I hadn't made a special trip to the other city - I was going to help my Grandmother with Fall cleaning.  As usual, I passed on the creme-finish looking polishes in favor of the fun glitters!  I figured I have a massive enough stash that surely I have similar polishes to the solid colors somewhere.  The names of the other three polishes are Loopy Lime (green), Traffic Cone (orange) and A Royal Affair (purple).
Wicked, Witches' Brew, Spider Legs, Trick-or-Treat
Swatch time!  One generous coat on both the wheel and my nails, with just a little dabbing to get even distribution of all but the microglitter.
 Wicked (microglitter), Witches' Brew, Spider Legs, Trick-or-Treat
Same order as above on the wheel.  In this picture I have 1 very generous coat of Wicked over my bare thumb nail as well as a lighter coat over SinfulColors Clementine on my pinkie finger.  Witches' Brew is also over Clementine, using one coat with a little maneuvering for evenness.  Spider Legs is over a base of Color Club Positively Posh, with some maneuvering and placing to get more of the circle glitters.  They were on the brush and brush stem, just not enough came off for my taste.  Trick-or-Treat is also over Positively Posh and again was just one coat with the same treatment as Spider Legs - more circles!!    >>  I totally did not mean to do it but I managed to get a Mickey head made up of white glitters on my index finger!!  <<

All of the glitters are in clear bases, and most are matte in finish.  Witches' Brew looks like it's more satin; the purple glitters in Witches' Brew are more translucent so the orange base is altering the color a bit (true color shown on the wheel).  Wicked, the microglitter, looks like it's made up of lime green and black microglitters.  Spider Legs is orange and black circle glitters with black bar glitters.  Trick-or-Treat is multiple sizes of orange, white and black circle glitters.  Spider Legs dried very bumpy so it will need at least 1 coat of Gelous or another thick top coat.  Wicked dried down feeling like a textured polish but I expected that with the microglitter finish.  The other 2 would just take a simple layer of top coat to feel smooth, I think.  My swatches have no top coat.  As near as I can tell, I can't spy any bubbles on my nails which is a problem I've experienced with previous Salon Perfect "shape" glitters so hopefully that means the formula has been improved.

I'm happy that even though China Glaze makes the Salon Perfect polishes, the Halloween collections have not had any repeats/dupes to my knowledge.  I just wish they were more widely distributed.  Speaking of China Glaze, now I just need to find the new China Glaze Halloween polishes - I saw them at Sally's but I had talked to the owner of the local supply and he's expecting them in soon.  They'll be cheaper there so I'm impatiently biding my time.

Do any of the Salon Perfect Dress Up Your Nails Halloween collection polishes look like something you can't wait to get on your nails?  Do you have an easy time finding the limited edition Salon Perfect displays or do you have to search multiple stores?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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