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Halloween Polish Collection Round Up - Past and Present

Hi! and Happy Halloween!

The last couple of weeks have been occupied by the moving of my entire office/craft room, including "Polish World" (as I've started calling it).  It took longer than I anticipated, especially when it came down to taking care of the last bits and pieces.  I've also thrown in some purging of closet items and just things I no longer wanted.  Oh, and lots of organizing...lots.  We've also got a major event for the Mister that we've been working on the planning of for the last few weeks.

So I thought that considering today is Halloween, and I've got free time - we didn't do the Halloween bash like we did last year (again, too much going on) - I thought I'd go through Polish World and pull out all (or at least most) of the Halloween polishes/collections I have and post them all in one spot.  I did not pull out my mini-sized Fantasy Makers polishes (ones that came in kits - that shows part of them) and I might have missed a few here and there, but this is the bulk of my Halloween polish collection.  So let's get started!  Also, I've linked to as many posts as possible featuring swatches/manis of the various polishes, whether they be on the nail wheel or on my actual nails.

First up, the famous "tombstone" polishes from Fantasy Makers, a.k.a. Wet 'n Wild.
Once Upon a Time, Creepy Pumpkin, Purple Potion, Black Magic, Queen of Envy, Roach Busters, Ghouls Rush In, Goosebump Suit
The first 4 are from 2-3 years ago while the last 4 are what was released last year.

These next 3 are some random ones I picked up from Walgreens 2-3 Halloween's ago (no names, super sheer):

I have a couple of Fright Night Claw Polishes from a couple years ago:
Phantom and Sinister

 I have a couple of SinfulColors polishes, one of which I posted about earlier this month:

Now for this year's 2015 Salon Perfect Bat Your Lashes collection:
Spider Legs, Trick-or-Treat, Witches' Brew, Wicked

I also have 4 sets of Kiss imPRESS Halloween themed nails, that you can see here (in a haul post).

Now we're getting into the world of Pumpkin Polishes!  This first group was a set of minis available a few Halloweens ago and were all minis of the available Pumpkins (no names).
These are the actual Pumpkins over the coarse of several years.  I believe that the first 4 in the top row are from the first year I bought any, with the other 2 purchased the following year (witch & ghost printed on handles).
The bottom row has polishes that were bought last year (first 3) and this year.  The one I bought this year (the second pink one) is actually the same as last year's except for some reason the base looks yellowed.  All 4 of these polishes contain "skull nail deco" a.k.a. skull and crossbones glitter!  I am thinking about at some point trying to fish all the glitters out of the newer pink skull polish and add them to the older, un-yellowed pink bottle.  Glitter combos for the skulls are as follows: 1st one contains pink and blue, 2nd is black and white, while the last 2 are 2 shades of pink.

My last "section" of this post is non-drugstore brands - more salon brand (if FingerPaints is considered "salon brand"?).

My two mini FingerPaints Halloween polishes from the Bewitched collection that I posted about earlier this month:
Under Your Spell and Toil & Trouble

 Next up is the 2014 OPI Halloween Peanuts collection (I didn't get the 4th polish):
To Be or Not to Beagle, Good Grief!, Where's My Blanket???

 Now I have a few of the Orly Flash GlamFX from the 2012 Spellbound Collection:
R.I.P., Monster Mash and Right Amount of Evil

Lastly, I'm moving into China Glaze land with polishes from the past 4 Halloween collections.

My first 4 are from the 2012 Wicked collection:
Immortal, Make a Spectacle, Glitter Goblin, Cast a Spell

This next group is from the 2013 Monster's Ball collection:
Boo-gie Down, Howl You Doin', Fang-tastic, Bat My Eyes

This duo is from the 2014 Apocolypse of Color collection:
Getting to Gnaw You and Rest in Pieces

This final trio is from this year's 2015 Ghoul's Night Out collection:

I have shared the Orly and most of the China Glaze polishes in Sunday Stash Sharings but I wanted to get everything all together and caught up since I've stumbled across some China Glaze well after the collections were out, plus of course, the newer Halloween additions.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I believe this is the majority of my polishes that are from Halloween collections.  I just realized, however, that I neglected to get any actual Wet 'n Wild polishes out.  There's the couple I picked up from the Beautifully Wicked collection, the Pick Your Poison collection (some have been re-released under different names since this came out) and what I could find of the On the Prowl collection.   I think I've also got a couple miscellaneous ones from NYC.

I've got quite the collection of Halloween themed polishes.  It's not really surprising as I think that each year the glitter combinations that are coming out are more and more unique (remember, I don't do "indie" polishes - ordering online, no thank you).  I was surprised that I didn't see any collection come out from either OPI or Orly this year.

Do you have a large Halloween collection polish stash?  What's your favorite way to dress up your nails for the spooky day?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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