Thursday, October 8, 2015

FingerPaints Bewitched Collection - My Picks + Swatches


More Halloween polishes to share tonight!  Plus, the Mister finally ordered me a new clothes dryer and it was delivered today...and then my dad installed it tonight!  YAY!! I don't have to travel to my parents to do laundry anymore.  Hopefully that will give me more time during the day (maybe) to work on my own personal projects and the blog.

So for today's post, I've got a couple of Halloween polishes I recently spied at Sally's Beauty Supply from the FingerPaints brand.  It's a mini collection...literally.  It comes in mini bottles with a total of 4 shades.  Me being me, of course, I skipped the basic black and orange (looks more red than orange in my pic) and came home with the 2 glitters.  All of the polishes have a plastic wrap on the lids, but it's not holding them closed.
 If you have a Sally's card, they came up $2.39 each.
Toil & Trouble and Under Your Spell
I took a picture of the 2 minis next to a full-size FingerPaints bottle (Glitz & Glam) for size comparison.  
 Toil & Trouble (above) and Under Your Spell (below)
Swatches!  Multiple dips into the bottle for each polish to get an even coverage as well as at least one of each glitter size/shape/color.
 (Picnic Blanket - summer 2015) 
Toil & Trouble and Under Your Spell - 
>>>I just noticed while proofreading that the bottles are switched from appropriate swatch nails<<<
undies: SinfulColors Clementine
pinkie and middle: Under Your Spell; ring and index: Toil & Trouble

Honestly, the FingerPaints mini brush is hard to use.  I had to re-dip the brush more than once even for my pinkie nail (and I have small hands/fingers).  I wish that they had stuck with full size bottles.  More glitter is always better!  Bottle size aside, Under Your Spell has a better formula.  I had to swirl and attempt to fish out the black and white glitters from Toil & Trouble, and I was only successful of digging those glitters out for one nail.  Bummer.  At least I didn't spy any bubbles with all that blobbing and dabbing I did.

Under Your Spell has matte black glitters all the way from micro to extra large hexes, white hexes in multiple sizes as well as square glitters and gold shards in a clear base.  Toil & Trouble has large matte black hex, matte white hexes in a couple of sizes, matte pastel orange squares and silver hex glitters all in a clear base.  Again, I wish the bottles had been full size (might have helped with getting glitters out) and I wish the formula of Toil & Trouble had been better.

Did you come across the FingerPaints Bewitched collection at your local Sally's Beauty Supply?  Do you like using polishes from mini bottles, or do you exclude them from your stash?

Off topic but...Has anyone seen anything about a Halloween Orly collection??

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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