Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Polish Collection Round Up - Past and Present

Hi! and Happy Halloween!

The last couple of weeks have been occupied by the moving of my entire office/craft room, including "Polish World" (as I've started calling it).  It took longer than I anticipated, especially when it came down to taking care of the last bits and pieces.  I've also thrown in some purging of closet items and just things I no longer wanted.  Oh, and lots of organizing...lots.  We've also got a major event for the Mister that we've been working on the planning of for the last few weeks.

So I thought that considering today is Halloween, and I've got free time - we didn't do the Halloween bash like we did last year (again, too much going on) - I thought I'd go through Polish World and pull out all (or at least most) of the Halloween polishes/collections I have and post them all in one spot.  I did not pull out my mini-sized Fantasy Makers polishes (ones that came in kits - that shows part of them) and I might have missed a few here and there, but this is the bulk of my Halloween polish collection.  So let's get started!  Also, I've linked to as many posts as possible featuring swatches/manis of the various polishes, whether they be on the nail wheel or on my actual nails.

First up, the famous "tombstone" polishes from Fantasy Makers, a.k.a. Wet 'n Wild.
Once Upon a Time, Creepy Pumpkin, Purple Potion, Black Magic, Queen of Envy, Roach Busters, Ghouls Rush In, Goosebump Suit
The first 4 are from 2-3 years ago while the last 4 are what was released last year.

These next 3 are some random ones I picked up from Walgreens 2-3 Halloween's ago (no names, super sheer):

I have a couple of Fright Night Claw Polishes from a couple years ago:
Phantom and Sinister

 I have a couple of SinfulColors polishes, one of which I posted about earlier this month:

Now for this year's 2015 Salon Perfect Bat Your Lashes collection:
Spider Legs, Trick-or-Treat, Witches' Brew, Wicked

I also have 4 sets of Kiss imPRESS Halloween themed nails, that you can see here (in a haul post).

Now we're getting into the world of Pumpkin Polishes!  This first group was a set of minis available a few Halloweens ago and were all minis of the available Pumpkins (no names).
These are the actual Pumpkins over the coarse of several years.  I believe that the first 4 in the top row are from the first year I bought any, with the other 2 purchased the following year (witch & ghost printed on handles).
The bottom row has polishes that were bought last year (first 3) and this year.  The one I bought this year (the second pink one) is actually the same as last year's except for some reason the base looks yellowed.  All 4 of these polishes contain "skull nail deco" a.k.a. skull and crossbones glitter!  I am thinking about at some point trying to fish all the glitters out of the newer pink skull polish and add them to the older, un-yellowed pink bottle.  Glitter combos for the skulls are as follows: 1st one contains pink and blue, 2nd is black and white, while the last 2 are 2 shades of pink.

My last "section" of this post is non-drugstore brands - more salon brand (if FingerPaints is considered "salon brand"?).

My two mini FingerPaints Halloween polishes from the Bewitched collection that I posted about earlier this month:
Under Your Spell and Toil & Trouble

 Next up is the 2014 OPI Halloween Peanuts collection (I didn't get the 4th polish):
To Be or Not to Beagle, Good Grief!, Where's My Blanket???

 Now I have a few of the Orly Flash GlamFX from the 2012 Spellbound Collection:
R.I.P., Monster Mash and Right Amount of Evil

Lastly, I'm moving into China Glaze land with polishes from the past 4 Halloween collections.

My first 4 are from the 2012 Wicked collection:
Immortal, Make a Spectacle, Glitter Goblin, Cast a Spell

This next group is from the 2013 Monster's Ball collection:
Boo-gie Down, Howl You Doin', Fang-tastic, Bat My Eyes

This duo is from the 2014 Apocolypse of Color collection:
Getting to Gnaw You and Rest in Pieces

This final trio is from this year's 2015 Ghoul's Night Out collection:

I have shared the Orly and most of the China Glaze polishes in Sunday Stash Sharings but I wanted to get everything all together and caught up since I've stumbled across some China Glaze well after the collections were out, plus of course, the newer Halloween additions.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I believe this is the majority of my polishes that are from Halloween collections.  I just realized, however, that I neglected to get any actual Wet 'n Wild polishes out.  There's the couple I picked up from the Beautifully Wicked collection, the Pick Your Poison collection (some have been re-released under different names since this came out) and what I could find of the On the Prowl collection.   I think I've also got a couple miscellaneous ones from NYC.

I've got quite the collection of Halloween themed polishes.  It's not really surprising as I think that each year the glitter combinations that are coming out are more and more unique (remember, I don't do "indie" polishes - ordering online, no thank you).  I was surprised that I didn't see any collection come out from either OPI or Orly this year.

Do you have a large Halloween collection polish stash?  What's your favorite way to dress up your nails for the spooky day?

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection - To Reflect Shimmer Palettes


I'm caught up sharing my new Halloween goodies, so I thought I'd share a new highlighter I bought a while back when this shade was relatively new to market.  I bought it and it immediately got buried on my dresser.  I finally came across it again and decided today was it's spotlight.  And I figured that while I was sharing the new shade of the To Reflect Shimmer Palette, I might as well pull out my old one that I bought around when that one first came out and share both of them together.  I think when I originally bought it, I hadn't started doing makeup swatches on hauls yet.

Let's see the new shade of the To Shimmer Palette, Hollywood Boulevard.  This is rumored to be a dupe of quite a few pricey &/or hard-to-find highlighters.  Check out this Instagram picture for swatches and comparisons.
Hollywood Boulevard - swirled around on the pan 2-3 times, 1 swipe across my unprepped hand.  It's got a gorgeous champagne-golden almost metallic sheen.  I like that it's got a bit of brown and pink to keep the color from going super champagne-gold.  Obviously, I don't apply my highlighter to my cheeks using my finger, so I can't wait to see how this looks when used under normal circumstances with some type of brush.

Now for the older version, Rose Champagne Glow.
Rose Champagne Glow, applied the same way.  This one leaves a nice pink pearl glow.  When there was more of a prominent pink swirl, I was able to use this as a blush, but now I've learned to appreciate a nice highlighted look and use this as a highlighter or sometimes as a blush topper.  Once in a while this is all I'll put on my cheeks.  Seeing as how long this shade has been out (2013), I've used this quite a bit and have barely made a dent in it.

Now let's see how they look in comparison to each other:
Hollywood Boulevard (left) and Rose Champagne Glow (right)
Definitely different, and both oh so pretty.  I can't wait to finally start using Hollywood Boulevard on my cheeks and I need to pull Rose Champagne Glow out to use more often.  Texture-wise, I did feel that Hollywood Boulevard was a tiny bit more creamy feeling, which makes sense since the ingredients have been changed (dimethicone is the first ingredient on Hollywood while it's the 2nd on Rose). Since these look like they are a baked product with all the swirling/marbling, then probably each pan with the same name will have a slightly different look to them depending on how much of each color and where it is in the pan.

According to some searching, I missed out on Carnival in Rio (discontinued), but there is Rose Golden Goddess available in this little line of To Reflect Shimmer Palettes.  The To Reflect Shimmer Palettes should be available where ever the full line of Wet 'n Wild products are carried, and for an excellent price of around $5.

Do you have any of the Wet 'n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palettes in your collection?  Do you like to use highlighters or are you more of a natural finish fan?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

China Glaze Ghoul's Night Out - My Picks


I finally got my greedy hands on the colors I wanted from the China Glaze Ghoul's Night Out collection for Halloween 2015.  There was a misunderstanding at the local beauty supply (the owner thought that the Great Outdoors collection was Halloween - what?!?!) and never actually ordered the Ghoul's Night Out collection.  Luckily, I managed to come across a still untouched display at Sally's Beauty Supply and got all 3 that I wanted.  Yay!
I passed on the neon green ( Drink Up Witches), neon orange (Lady and the Vamp) and the bright purple (Looking Bootiful)
Cackle If You Want To, Ghostess with the Mostess, Something's Brewing
Swatches!  These are all 1 coat with a little dabbing to get a more even disbursement of glitter with a tiny bit of extra dabbing to get the larger glitters from the brush stem to the nail.
undies:  Essie Roarrrrange, 2 coats and SinfulColors Amethyst (2 coats)
Cackle If You Want To, Something's Brewing (ring & middle), Ghostess with the Mostess (index & thumb)
I think for my base color, Roarrrrange was the best choice for all the glitters to show.  Over Amethyst, the purple glitters in Ghostess with the Mostess blended in.  Oh, I know.  I loved the way that Something's Brewing looked over both base colors.

Moving on to glitter breakdowns...All of them are in a clear base.  I did feel that the clear base was on the thin/runny side.  I'd see a drop rolling down the brush stem and have to quickly move it back over the bottle - I wasn't quick enough on one and have glitter on the outside of my bottle now.  Cackle If You Want To is made up of multiple sizes of matte glitters in black and a striped purple(!).  The color texture of the purple makes this so unique!  Something's Brewing is similar in vein to Cackle except it has light lime green matte glitters in multiple sizes mixed with the black.  Ghostess with the Mostess is basically both of the other polishes combined with additional peachy-orange matte glitters in multiple sizes.  While in my blog pictures you can't see the extra-large peachy orange hex glitters, I do have a couple on the nails of my other hand.  Matching hands for the win!

Have you come across the China Glaze Ghoul's Night Out Halloween 2015 collection?  What do you think of the ongoing matte glitter trend?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SinfulColors Dressed to Kill Collection - My Picks + Review


Today I've got some quick swatches of a new, limited edition glitter topper from SinfulColors that is, unfortunately, exclusive to Target.  Target is not my favorite store to shop in by a long shot.  There's supposed to be 2 of these fun-shaped glitters in the display, but by the time that I found the display there was only 1 of the 2 left.  But maybe that wasn't a bad thing...more on that down below.
I did take close ups of the rows to get names and bottle shots so I'd have a record.  I'm obsessive that way.
 Go Batty (sold out), Skele-Bration, Glow in the Dark
Aubergine, Frenzy, Copper Pot, Innocent, Snow Me White
Ruby Ruby, Let's Talk, Feel the Vibe, Black on Black

Those I do not have: Go Batty (the other fun glitter shape), Glow in the Dark, Aubergine, Copper Pot, Feel the Vibe
 Frenzy, Innocent, Snow Me White, SKELE-BRATION, Ruby Ruby, Let's Talk, Black on Black
~I pulled the rest of the shades out of my stash since they are core~

This is 2 coats of Skele-Bration on my pinkie and ring fingers, with 1 coat on the others using SinfulColors Exotic Green (3 coats) as a base.  Skele-Bration did make Exotic Green look a bit grainy.
I was under the impression that the base color of Skele-Bration would have more of a green cast to it, but instead it's essentially clear.  The little skull-and-crossbone glitters took forever to get out, and that was after letting the bottle sit upside down for several minutes.  I also felt like it slowed down the drying time for my base color.  On the plus side, I can say that I didn't notice any major sticking out of "corners" on the glitters like I get with star glitters if they aren't in just the right spot on my nails.  I don't have a proper setup (or any setup, really), to see if Skele-Bration actually glows in the dark or not.

While I do wish that I'd been able to get Go Batty (crescent moon glitter) to complete the set, if the formula is similar then maybe it's a good thing I wasn't able to find it.  I could have tried harder, I just didn't feel like driving to other cities in search of a $2 nail polish.  I am wishing that I'd picked up Copper Pot and Feel the Vibe since I don't have hardly any of those shades in my stash, and my bottle of S.C. Clementine (an older l.e. orange) is more than 1/4 gone.

Do you enjoy different shapes for your glitters (hearts, stars, moons, skulls, etc...)?  How do you feel about glow in the dark polishes?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hard Candy Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duo - 1st Impressions


I thought I'd do a quick makeup first impressions post on a Hard Candy product I picked up recently.  I haven't purchased much from the brand for quite a while, but while I was browsing the other week, this product caught my eye.  I'm talking about the Hard Candy Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duo in Candle Lit #1063.  It's been a little while since I purchased it, and it's not on Walmart's site yet, but I think I paid around $8.  There are 2 of these duos available, but I think the other has more glitter/shimmer in it.
Candle Lit
There's a darker side and lighter side to the duo.  I feel that the darker side has a strong pink sheen to it, almost a duo-chrome.  Even if I don't like this as a face highlighter, this will be a pretty eye shadow.  The lighter side has more of a yellow look, but still has a pink "flash" to it.

For my swatches, I really swirled my fingers on the product but only did one swipe across an un-prepped hand.  These do feel on the dry side, but it is a baked product so that could be making it feel different than other highlighters.
I'm looking forward to trying these out on the face to see how they look when applied with a brush.  I have seen one video featuring this product - I don't remember if it's the same shade or not - and she didn't care for it.  But a lot of times things that people do like I don't and vice versa.  As I mentioned above, even if I don't like it for the face, they will make pretty eye shadows.

I thought I'd mention the brush as well.  The bristles felt stiff and scratchy, plus it seems really small.  Weirdly, while the bristles felt stiff, the overall feel of trying to use it on my hand gave the impression of being floppy.  It's definitely a different shape, as well, since it's round.  The included mirror is so small that it's essentially pointless.  I think I would have preferred the duo to have been packaged as 2 individual compacts...kind of like their Fierce Effects shadow duos...and skipped the brush and mirror altogether.

What was the last thing you purchased from Hard Candy?  Have you tried the Just Glow! Baked Illuminating duos?

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - Color Club Poptastic Remix, Untamed Luxury & More


I've got the rest of my Color Club polishes to share for Sunday Stash Sharing.  It took me a  while to get this pulled together as I was feeling really run down today for some strange reason.  

So for my first grouping today, I've got 3 polishes from the Summer 2014 Poptastic Remix collection.  I only "officially" have 3 of the 6 from the collection, while I have dupes of the other 3.
Daydream Believer, Woodstock or Bust, My Generation
Now I have a couple of minis that came in nail art kits inspired by Zodiac signs.  I picked these up on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond some time ago.  These came with their respective "gem" pots and a rhinestone picker.
Pisces and Sagittarius
These next 2 are from the Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury collection, both obviously picked up on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Positively Posh and Covered in Diamonds
While they are both from the same Untamed Luxury collection (14 total polishes), the overall collection was broken up into 2 parts.  The Indulgence sub-collection included Positively Posh while the Diamonds sub-collection contained Covered in Diamonds .

As for these last 3, they are all from different collections.
Apollo Star, Sweetpea, Jitters

  • Apollo Star is from the same collection as Savoy Nights (prior post), which is the Harlem Lights collection from Winter 2013
  • Sweetpea is from the same collection as Diamond Drops (prior post), which is Blossoming from Spring 2012 (6 total)
  • Jitters is the only one I have from the Love Tahiry collection (7 total) from Valentines 2015
That completes my Color Club polish stash.  I've already decided on which brand I'm going to do next - Funky Fingers - since there are dupes to Color Club polishes that I did not purchase (plus they are stored in the same drawer).  I really need to work on wearing more of my Color Club polishes.  Where I live, there's only 2 places that sell the brand (Bed Bath & Beyond and the local beauty supply), so it's not as easily accessible as other brands.

Do you purchase Color Club polishes very often?  Where do you find them?  Any requests for me to wear specific colors soon?

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Real Techniques Eyelining Set Collector's Edition - 1st Impressions


I've got something a little different to share today.  I've been all about the makeup and polish this past week, but I rarely mention anything about tools.  Well, today I'm sharing some quick pictures and thoughts on a Real Techniques brush set I picked up last Saturday.  It was the last one in the display, and I just decided to grab it on my way to the register to pay for my microdermabrasion session.

For $20 (minus the $3.50 off Ulta coupon), I thought that was a pretty good deal for the Real Techniques Eyelining Set Collector's Edition, which includes 4 brushes and a brush pouch and is limited edition.

top down:  Pointed Liner Brush
Smudge Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Precision Liner Brush

I actually feel like I don't have any of these brushes in my brush stash already.  I do have some quick thoughts/impressions.  I feel like the Pointed Liner Brush is closest to the shape I'm accustomed to using for my gel liners.  The Eyeliner Brush seems like it's on the thick side to get a precise line so I'll have to see how I can get use out of it.  The Precision Liner Brush looks like I might be able to use it somewhat confidently with gel liners as well.  The Smudge Brush feels more "wiggly" than others I have that are cut similarly so I'll have to play around with it as well to see how well I like it.  Maybe I'll like it better than the stiffer version (Rite Aid's version, if you're curious).  The brush pouch came stuffed with tissue paper and looks like it'll fit several brushes nicely.

I thought that this link showing all of Real Techniques' brushes in the Original Line would be useful for reference.  I have none from the Brushed Metals line, and don't really see myself getting any.

I'm playing around with the idea of once I'm caught up on Project "Finish" Updates (which was supposed to be today but I just couldn't get it together), I'm going to start sharing what I have from various makeup brands, as well as tools.  I think it'll be helpful, especially for the Real Techniques line, to keep track of what I have.  I already do Sunday Stash Sharing for polishes, so why not do makeup/tools on Saturdays?

Have you come across the Real Techniques Eyelining Set Collector's Edition?  What do you think of a Saturday Stash series for makeup and tools?

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Wet 'n Wild Beautifully Wicked Halloween Collection - Part 2


I was out earlier and decided at the last minute to go back to Walgreens and see if the Wet 'n Wild Beautifully Wicked collection was still out and stocked.  I ended up giving in to my 2nd thoughts/regrets about not picking up a couple of the polishes and now my wallet is $4 smaller.  Oops, oh well.  The polishes are cheaper than the other things I thought about getting today (possibly some Urban Decay, Too Faced or Becca).  It'd be nice if Ulta would send out a prestige coupon really soon.  Anyway...

Back to Walgreens.  The display was still there, and so were the polishes that I had some regrets on not getting the last time.  I re-posted the below picture from the other day that shows the palette that coordinates with the polishes - the Queen of the Nile grouping.
For some reason I've been in a warm color mood lately so maybe that's why these 2 gold polishes called out to me so much.

Swatch time!  These ended up being 1 coat each on the wheel, but my nails needed 2 coats of each, with plenty of dry time between coats of Haute Hieroglyph so the glitters stay put.
Pharoah Fatale and Haute Hieroglyph
undies, 2 coats each: Pharoah Fatale (middle and index), Color Club Positively Posh, SinfulColors Clementine
my index has Pharoah Fatale by itself, 2 coats while the rest of my nails have 1-2 coats of Haute Hieroglyph on top of the above listed "undies"

I found Haute Hieroglyph to be on the thin/runny side and had a hard time getting the larger of the 2 sized hex glitters on my nails.   Pharoah Fatale was nice, but I did feel that 2 coats gave it a more opaque coverage.  Even though it's a metallic/foil, I don't think it would work for stamping like many metallic or foil shades since it does need 2 coats.  It's also a little bit messy with clean up to get all the metallic particles off my skin.

These 2 definitely aren't the most original, but I was feeling like a little (budget) perk-up today so I got them.

Are either of these 2 Beautifully Wicked Halloween polishes something you'd like to add to your polish stash?  Any of the other 4 (shown in the link here)?

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