Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wet 'n Wild Warm Filter with China Glaze I Herd That


I thought today I'd share one of my nail combos from earlier in this month.  Hopefully this will inspire me to do my nails today (and my toes!).

For today's combo, I've got a Wet 'n Wild polish that came out this Spring and then topped it with an untried China Glaze glitter that I just had to have back when it came out.  I suppose you could call this a "throwback" post since both polishes are probably pretty hard to track down now, at least in person.

For my base color, I used 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild Warm Filter on all my nails.  Warm Filter is from the Spring 2015 Silver Lake collection.  Unless you can still find this in stores (Walgreens, KMart, etc), it's not available anywhere.

Then I pulled out my bottle of China Glaze I Herd That and had some fun.  I Herd That is from the Fall 2012 On Safari collection.
I did 1 medium coat on my pinkies and ring fingers and did diagonal color blocking on my middle fingers (free-hand, of course).  I don't think I put on top coat before any of my pictures.
I took a lot of pictures to try to get this polish to show up even somewhat as gorgeous as it is in real life.  This post's very first picture is the best I could do (and that's in my car with my cell phone).  It's got pretty gold glitter, maybe a splash of red glitter, and holo particles in it...all super fine and in a perfectly ideal clear base.  I can't believe I took so long to wear this pretty!  While it's long gone from being in store, it is still available online for a variety of prices.

This peachy-orange and gold combo is perfectly summery looking and is making me want to put a nice bright color on my toes right now!

How often do you come across untried polishes in your stash?  Any that when you finally use them, you ask yourself "why did I wait so long to use this?"

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