Thursday, July 30, 2015

TJ Maxx Collectively Small Haul


I've been thinking and thinking about what I wanted to post today and finally decided to share a couple of recent (entire month of July) finds at TJ Maxx.  One item was an absolutely necessary purchase, the other 2...not so much.  Isn't that how it always happens in TJ Maxx?  My teeny-tiny haul actually took place over 3 different visits.  I've been checking out the store a lot lately in search of nice, summery clothes for decent prices for an upcoming trip in September.

Let's start off with the necessity.  Earlier in the year I had purchased what I thought would be a nice sturdy carry-on bag for traveling.  Flash forward to trip to Chicago at the end of June and the zipper on the main part of the bag completely failed!!  On the flight home I was literally using a hair claw-thing and part of my keychain to attempt to hold it slightly closed.  Obviously, I needed a new carry-on, which I found within 10 minutes of walking into the store.  Even better?  The price - $9.99!
This is a cabin approved size carry on with 2 zipper pulls on the main portion of the bag.  Inside the bag, there is a nice shoulder strap (with padded area) waiting to be attached.  The bag also has a few stretchy pockets inside the bag, as well as a little mirror.  On the outside of the bag, there are a couple of pockets as well.  There was also a coordinating set of suitcases, but all I truly needed was the carry-on (while I borrow regular luggage from family).  If you're curious, the brand is "It Luggage" and has dimensions of 13.4x11.8x8.7" and despite being so light weight (1.46 lbs), feels pretty sturdy.  I'll be trying this bag out next weekend (but not for flying) when I head to an out-of-state family reunion.  I feel like I can put a lot into this. 

As for the completely unnecessary part of this collective haul, 2 nail polishes that were purchased separately. 
 butter LONDON Big Smoke and SPA Ritual Pioneer
In the label shot, you can see a sneak peak of it on my ring finger over top of Nicole by OPI Be Ama-Zing!.  Honestly, I like it better in the bottle than on the nail.  The matte white circle glitters all sink down and even after the bottle being upside down for several minutes, I still had a hard time getting any.  If it wasn't for those circle glitters and a more milky white base, this would basically be FingerPaints Hollywood Decadence all over again.  I also felt that it looked more "flat" than I was expecting.  Yes, it's a matte finish, but even the metallic glitters looked dull.  I'll play around with it more - I might like it better on its own or over a different color, but one of my first thoughts with this current application is "meh, maybe I'll pass it on" and I rarely say that.  At least it was only $3.99.
Big Smoke is a gorgeous deep navy that looks a bit metallic in the bottle.  I haven't used it on my nails yet, but I have high hopes that I'll like it.  Right now, and when I bought it, I couldn't think of a similar polish in my stash.  As I was typing this, I just put it on my swatch wheel.  It has a smokey quality to it, as the name suggests, 2 coats covers well - you just have to be slightly mindful of brushstrokes since it is slightly metallic.  This polish was $4.99.

These are all of the non-clothing items (other than a pair of Nine West sunglasses I'm loving!) that I've purchased in the last month or so.  I feel like I should be cutting back on the clothing purchases, and especially with shopping at stores like TJ Maxx (or Marshall's), the selection is so hit or miss that finding summery shirts that I like now is getting less likely.  Won't keep me from looking when I'm out of the house, though, which is sadly now, not nearly as often as it used to be.

Have you found anything good at TJ Maxx or Marshall's lately?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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