Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - Salon Perfect Neon POP! & Rockin' the Red White & Blue Collections


Time for another edition of Sunday Stash Sharing.  This week, we're visiting the Salon Perfect brand with all the polishes I've picked up this year, to date (plus a few that I got last year but were being re-promoted in the this year's display).  Since I've procrastinated so long since I've bought these polishes, I thought I'd also include their respective display pictures and swatches.  Think of this post as a Spotted, Hauled & Swatched (times 2) plus Sunday Stash Sharing all in one.

Let's get started with the polishes from the Neon POP! collection I picked up.

Loopy Lime, Bermuda Baby, Oh Snap!, Copacabana Girl, Mer-Made of Money, Purple POP!

Swatches on the wheel, same order as above.  These are all 2 coats, all dry matte.  I have worn one or 2 on my actual nails and wear-time is bad - not even 24 hours before major chips.  I did have better luck when I put a coat of a nude OPI shade as a base plus an all-over glitter topper and managed to get about a day and a half.
If I stumble across Wrap Around My Pink-Y, I'll pick it up since it's a limited edition shade and I don't have any neon light pinks.  The rest of the shades that I listed in the bubble with the display picture are actually supposed to be core shades (plus the white also in the display).

And now I have the polishes I picked up from the Rockin' the Red White & Blue collection, plus the 3 re-releases that I bought last year.
The other actual patriotic looking glitter is Let Freedom Bling, composed of bar glitters (I did not get it).  Other polishes include core colors in plain red, navy blue, burgundy, silver and white. Also available were "nail tattoos" and liners, a duo pack of tools, and the "manicure system".
1st 3 (and top row of label shots): Star Light Star Bright, Speck-Tacular, Boom Boom Boom
last 4 (bottom row of label shots) Pa-Tri-Otic, Liberty Bubbles, Spirit Fingers, Rockets' Red Glare

Swatches on the wheel!  (top, left to right) Pa-Tri-Otic, Liberty Bubbles, Spirit Fingers, Rockets' Red Glare.  Rockets' Red Glare is the only one that is 1 coat; the rest are 1 coat plus fishing/dabbing.  (bottom, left to right) Star Light Star Bright, Speck-Tacular, Boom Boom Boom.  Star Light is 2 coats; Speck-Tacular and Boom Boom Boom are roughly 1.5 coats
I did get a quick nail swatch of all 4 new ones I bought.  I put them all over a base color of SinfulColors Cool Gray.  The shaped glitters all had some fishing and placing/dabbing, resulting in bubbles.  Rockets' Red Glare behaved quite nicely as one generous coat.
I have worn Liberty Bubbles over a darker base color and loved the look (I even did a repeat back-to-back of the combo!).  So for the triangles, circles and stars (oh, my), I'd suggest a dark base to disguise any resulting bubbles from all the fishing/dabbing/placing to get as many glitters as you want.

I have one more post to share for Salon Perfect for Sunday Stash Sharing, but I feel like there's a brand that I was catching up on but didn't get the last chunk done.  I'll have to nose around in my posts and drawers to compare what's been shared or not.

How do you like Salon Perfect polishes?  Do you wish they were in more than just Walmart - and select Walmart locations for limited edition releases?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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