Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - Salon Perfect - 2014 Glitters + 2015 New Core Glitters


I managed to get a day off from golf - and instead spent the day doing some light cleaning and gardening.  I say "light" since it was around 90 degrees with super high humidity so even inside the air conditioning was struggling.  The heat/humidity really wiped me out today so as soon as I get the laundry put away and the Mister's shirt ironed for tomorrow, I'll be calling it a day.  

Anyway, let's get on to today's post - the last of my Salon Perfect stash.  I've got bits and pieces from 2 different limited edition collections, as well as a couple of the new to the core lineup colors that I bought early this year.

First up is the 2014 patriotic collection called Paint the Town Red, White & Blue
Starred & Striped, Star Spangled, Save Me A Spot, Wild Blue Yonder
Also in this collection, but shown in last week's post, Speck-Tacular and Boom Boom Boom.  The 3 glitters shown above, plus the 2 just mentioned are all shown on my nails in the 2014 link (above).

Next up are the polishes I have from the 2014 Top of the Class collection (minus 1 which I'll explain below).  The link provided goes to another blogger's swatch post(s, if you follow the link in her post) since I procrastinated so much the display was long gone by the time I got to taking swatch pictures.
Disco Ballin', Ruby's Cubes, Mad About Mod, Square Pegs, Flower Power, Foxy Lady
I just realized while I was looking up what the name of the collection was that I neglected the 7th polish that I purchased from the collection (it was pulled out for an upcoming post I'm planning).  I also have Spot On (black and white circle glitters).  There was one other glitter (Disco Diva) that I did not purchase since it was all metallic bar glitters.

Notes:  The entire collection is the Top (Coat) of the Class (again, outside link), which is broken up into sub-collections.  Spot On, Mad About Mod and Flower Power are from the 60's Mod Squad Collection.  Ruby's Cubes and Square Pegs are from the Totally 80's section.  Disco Ballin' and Foxy Lady are from the 70's Disco Divas division (as is the un-purchased Disco Diva).  I have played around with Mod About You but didn't get that shared yet.

These last 2 were added to the core lineup this year:
 Rough Around the Edges and Razzle Dazzle
 I included a blurred photo of Razzle Dazzle to show the scattered holo off better.  :-)

I believe that finishes off my Salon Perfect polishes (minus the actual picture of 1 - just the notation that I do have it).  I love how unique Salon Perfect has been with it's glitter combinations.  Now if only the formula was a wee bit better it'd be all good.  I've noticed that all of the "shaped" glitter has glitters that tend to sink in the bottle and need placement and can tend to bubble as well.  But if I use them for glitter placements or over a base color that disguises those pesky bubbles, then it's all good.  I just have to plan ahead.

Do you have any of these Salon Perfect glitters in your stash?  Do you know of any dupes/similar polishes from other brands (even indies) for anyone that wants one of these but can't get it?  (I spied Ruby's Cubes on eBay for nearly $14!! what?!)

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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