Friday, July 24, 2015

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Venice Beach Pigment Collection


I started this post yesterday, but life happened and it's now the next day that I'm finishing and publishing.  Oops.

It's taken me quite a few tries to get all 3 palettes from the latest Wet 'n Wild Venice Beach collection, but I did it!  I just picked up the 3rd palette from Rite Aid this week - the other 2 I had gotten from KMart.  I've also seen this at Walgreens.  Fair warning - the center palette, High Flying Colors, is the one that I kept seeing sold out so good luck if you want mostly blues!

This collection is technically called the Color Icon PIGMENT collection, rather than eyeshadow collection.  I decided to purchase these in hopes that they could be used collectively as an Urban Decay Electric Palette (not my post) substitution.  For once, I actually looked at the back of the palette and it's got a little description of the collection:
Time for swatches!  I did not use any primer/lotion on my hand before, and really dried my hand off between palettes.  Boardwalk Boozing:
High Flying Colors:
 Hemporary Solutions:
 This last picture is off all 3 palettes in natural, filtered daylight:
There are several shades between the 3 palettes that look like repeats of each other, but when I was swatching everything only 2 are actually true repeats.  Those 2 are the silver and the yellow.  There's enough difference between all of the blues, greens, oranges and pinks that while they look similar, they are, in fact, different colors.

During my swatching, I thought that most of the colors felt nice and creamy BUT I did have problems with crumbling.  So while I only dipped into each color one time for each swatch, I did have to spend some time smoothing out each swatch to get rid of "crumbs" and then blowing off what I couldn't get blended smooth.  I think that with certain shades especially, these will take some finesse to not end up with color all over your face.  I'd actually strongly recommend doing the eyes before any face makeup.  I do like that not all the shades are matte - there's at least one metallic shade in each palette.

I've got another recommendation after playing around with these a bit before washing off yesterday's makeup.  Use your fingertip to press on the shadow/pigment where you want it.  I tried using a stiffer brush and while it looked like there was a bunch of product on the bristles, hardly anything transferred to my lid.  Using only the brush I had to build and build and build.  As soon as I tried my fingertip, it was "oh, all done with that shade."  I didn't try blending any yet since I was just playing around with a pop of color on the center of my lid - any blending was done just by patting the edges.  Also as I suspected, attempting to use a brush ended with fallout on my cheeks.

I did end up picking up one MegaLast Retractable Liner in Misty Eyes.  Bottom is just one line, above that I went back and forth a few times to make the swatch wider.  I think it's a pretty light turquoise color, and it's unique to my collection.
I haven't tried this on my eyes yet, but the swatches did hang on to my hand through a few hand washes.  Of course, this color would make an excellent base for some of the lighter blues, maybe even the lighter greens, shades in the palettes.  Who knows, I might end up getting some more of the liners to use as "bases," especially if I could score them on sale (but not the chubby Idol Eyes - I recently destashed the core colors of those I had).

Is the Wet 'n Wild Venice Beach Pigment Collection something that interests you?  How do you feel about applying shadows using your fingers?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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