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Project "Finish This Stuff" Update, Part 35 - October 2014

**purchased / g.w.p.

I meant to get this post put together yesterday (well, really months ago...) but got severely distracted.  Who's surprised?  My plan is to do quite a few of these Project "Finish This Stuff" updates to get caught up on the backlog of empties.  I'm planning on these posts showing up once a week for a while (if I can keep myself on track).

October was a decent month for finishes. but since it's been so long since these items went in the bag I don't remember how I felt about some of them.  I've included as much information in their respective reviews as possible.
Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes (I don't remember purchasing it but I must have since it was a 25 count) - I don't remember one way or the other if I liked these or not.  I might repurchase these if I spy them on a good sale to try out again.
Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover (deluxe sample - gift with purchase) - of the department store brands, I liked this one the best but I don't know that I'd purchase it on its own.  I think it's more effective than Lancome's version and I love that there's NO scent (again, I'm looking at you, Lancome!)  I just really prefer the price, and amount, of the CVS remover.
Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover (deluxe samples - gift with purchases) - it works decently, but it does struggle taking off some of my mascaras.  Again, it's too scented!!  I primarily use these to take off swatches while working on product pictures, sometimes to take off my eye makeup.  I will not purchase on its own, but will continue to use samples that come in gift with purchase/holiday sets.
Clarisonic Sensitive head refill - of the 2 "types" I've tried, I prefer the sensitive head when I do remember to use my Clarisonic.  I'm contemplating trying out one of the "luxe" heads when I repurchase the next time, but I'd repurchase this one as well.
Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (purchased from either Dillards or Macy's) - I've gone through multiple bottles of this.  Since my skin is so temperamental, after time things that have worked in the past stop showing noticeable results.  Right now I'm playing around with different skin-perfecting serums (a.k.a. using up samples) to see if I can get some better results.  I do have a back-up of this waiting on me.  I'll probably continue to repurchase unless I find something better.
Crest toothpastes, Pro Health Sensitive + Enamel Shield and 3D White Luxe. The Sensitive + Enamel Shield is what I turn to when I start having issues with sensitivity to cold, but I don't need it all the time.  Neither one had any noticeable whitening ability.  Might repurchase the Sensitive, won't repurchase the 3D Luxe.  (Plus, have you noticed how often the toothpaste options change so when you like one you can't find it again in a couple months?
Dial White Tea & Vitamin E antibacterial hand soap - I've repurchased this many times, but just recently I noticed that they've changed the ingredients to be better for the consumer.  I'll continue to repurchase.
Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter - purchased from Walmart.  This was a nice lip balm, but I prefer the pomegranate version of Burt's Bees.  Won't repurchase this particular flavor.
Physicians' Formula Super CC+ Cream SPF 30, Light - purchased from Rite Aid/Ulta (wherever on sale).  I really love the CC+ Cream.  The shade match is nearly spot-on and the coverage is exactly what I want.  For the most part, I rarely use concealer on any scars since they are covered so well.  The only exception is if it's a freshly pigmented area (and under eyes, of course).  In the summer I don't have to use a moisturizer under this, and in the winter I just use a light one.  I also love that it's SPF 30 (although my bottles are getting a bit old, so I'll have to check expiration dates/add additional SPF to finish my stock).  I do set this well with a powder (either loose or pressed), but I do that to all my foundation-type products.  I can apply it using whatever method I want and it looks good.  The wear time for me, when set with powder, is all day long.  Sometimes I do use a finishing spray for an even longer wear (super hot days or if traveling).  I'm most of the way through another tube and have at least one unopened backup.  Will continue to repurchase.
Physicians' Formula BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Compact Cream SPF 30, Light - purchased from Rite Aid.  Did not like this at all.  The "Light" shade is too dark for my skintone and it never, ever set.  I had to heavily powder (more than I normally do) and even then I still wasn't happy with how it looked on my skin.  Won't repurchase.
Physicians' Formula Super CC+ Powder SPF 30, Light - purchased from Rite Aid.  I really like this powder, but Light is actually too light - I used it to lighten up liquid or cream foundations that were too dark on me.  I have repurchased, but in the shade Light-Medium (which I can use as a stand alone powder foundation, being built up for nice coverage over problem areas).
CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Pressed Powder, 525 Buff Beige - purchased from Walgreens.  This was a "meh" powder for me.  A bit too yellow/dark toned, pressed really tightly in the pan so it took some work to get it on a brush.  I didn't think it controlled oil all that well, either.  At least it wasn't scented like their blushes (hello, Noxzema scent!).  Won't repurchase.
Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder, 10 Porcelain Ivory - purchased from Walmart.  I really liked this powder.  I thought it had a nice finish on the skin and set my foundations well.  On it's own, the shade gave me a touch of extra color, but nothing super obvious.  It did, however, run out rather quickly.  I might repurchase.
E.L.F. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - purchased from Walgreens/Target/Walmart.  This has rapidly become my favorite undereye setting powder.  While it does contain some shimmer, I find that when buffed onto my undereye concealer, it buffs away to a perfectly set, brightened and matte finish.  I even take it (and my undereye concealer) a bit onto my eyelid to help even out the tone and it works wonderfully under eye primer and shadows.  Have repurchased, multiple times.
Maybelline Define-A-Brow, Medium Brown - purchased from Walmart/Target.  I've gone through several of these pencils.  The point is a nice size, the color is a decent match and the staying powder is pretty good.  When I use this, I get a nice looking outcome and it's something that I have taken in the past with me for traveling.  However, it's not the only brow product in my stash that I enjoy using.  I'm currently using a backup, and will probably repurchase.
Rimmel Extra Wow Lash Mascara - don't remember when I got this.  I pulled it out of my stash of untried mascaras in an effort to get through my oldest and unopened stash.  Since I don't remember anything about how I liked this, I'm assuming that I wasn't that impressed.  Won't repurchase as there are others from both Rimmel and other brands I like better.

I've been going through my closets and purging out clothes that are way too big or I haven't worn in forever, and I've cleaned out some makeup that I never reach for or don't like the formula of.  I'm trying to keep in the mode of cleaning out fairly regularly this year, but so far that's just leaving piles in corners of things that need family to go through and the rest donated but one step at a time...  But on the other hand, I've also been purchasing new clothes - let's say "replacing" ones that have been discarded and expanding the choices for other categories of clothes.  :-)  At least I'm trying to do it on a budget and spread the cost out, but my official deadline is in September while the options at stores are getting ever more slim - darn retail seasons that don't coincide with the weather.

How often do you clean out and purge your closet(s) and makeup stash?  Any makeup remover wipe recommendations?

**all items purchased by me / gift with purchases
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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