Monday, July 20, 2015

Lorac Pro Metal Palette - Swatches + First Impressions


I recently picked up a new makeup pretty - the Lorac Pro Metal Palette!  This was the first of the new releases I grabbed since the Pro Metal was labeled as limited edition; the matte palette is supposedly permanent so I'll eventually get that one.  It retails for $28 and I believe is an Ulta exclusive.  When I bought it, there was a gift with purchase, which is the Pro + Fiber Mascara deluxe sample.  I won't be opening that any time soon as I'm trying to work through my oldest unopened mascaras first so it'll go into the drawer for future.
In the typical Lorac style, the palette is sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure.  While my pictures aren't showing it, the finish of the palette is actually kind of a foil finish.
Also in the typical Lorac style, there's a clear protective sheet with the Lorac logo.
 There's 8 shades and is slightly over half the length of the Pro Palettes.
Swatches in my lightbox.  There's no primer/moisturizer; I did not build up the swatches any.  I did smooth them out a bit since the shadows are so soft they are a bit crumbly.  All of them have a nice smooth creamy feeling.  While they are all metallic in finish, Onyx is the least metallic - it almost looks satin/matte in my swatch.
The same swatches in natural, filtered daylight.
I can't wait to put these shadows on my eyes!  Although I do think I'll be reaching for at least a matte transition shade to help make a smoother transition to the brow bone.  I pretty much always put down a skintone shade all over for me, most likely this won't be a stand-alone palette.

As for if there's any dupes for shades to the Pro 1 and 2 palettes (I didn't compare to the Mega Pro since that was super limited edition), I did find a couple similarities.  In my opinion Amber (Pro Metal) is a dupe to Gold (Pro 1).  Rose Gold (Pro Metal) is right between Rose and Mocha (Pro 2).  Quartz (Pro Metal) is similar, but ever so slightly pinker and lighter than, Snow (Pro 2).  I didn't compare Cobalt (Pro Metal) to Navy (Pro 2) since they are different finishes.

Is the Lorac Pro Metal Palette something that appeals to you?  Is there a particular color that jumps out at you?

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