Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - Patriotic Inspired Glitter Swatch Wheels!


Given that today is Sunday I wanted to do a Sunday Stash Sharing, but as I was thinking about what to share, I decided that since the 4th of July holiday is coming up (at least for the U.S.), I'd pull all of my patriotic inspired polishes from all brands and swatch them on a wheel...make that 2 wheels.  The first wheel has lots of stars and some other polishes that either came with the collection or are the appropriate-colored glitters.  I ended up doing a second wheel, as well, that has the rest of my star glitters as well as blue/white and red/white glitter combos.  Most polishes are older, limited edition and/or discontinued...but there are a few that you might be able to grab at Walmart now (Salon Perfect and Pure Ice) and from Five Below.

I decided not to do bottle/label shots for this particular post since that would make this way too picture heavy.  Instead I'll link to as many posts containing the appropriate polishes as I can find.  If I can find where I've used them in a look, I'll link that; otherwise, it will be a haul of some sort (I never posted anything with Rimmel Bling Thing (holiday 2014).  As for the number of coats, most are 1 coat plus fishing/dabbing except for: Star Light, Star Bright is 3 coats, Rockets' Red Glare, 'Murica and Bling Thing are 1.

Starting at #1 and going clockwise: SALON PERFECT Star Light, Star Bright, (Paint the Town Red, White and Blue collection 2014) Save Me A Spot, Speck-Tacular, Star-Spangled, Starred & Striped, Boom Boom Boom, (NEW 2015) Pa-tri-otic, Liberty Bubbles, Spirit Fingers, Rockets' Red Glare; PURE ICE Freedom, Sparks FlyFUNKY FINGERS  Fireworks, 'Murica; RIMMEL Bling Thing; REVLON Celestial Fix; SALLY HANSEN Xtreme Wear Beach BallORLY Black Hole
Individual swatch nails are in same order as listed above

Availability:  Salon Perfect Speck-Tacular, Boom Boom Boom, and Star Light Star Bright from last summer's collection have all been re-promoted in this year's Rockin' the Red White & Blue collection).  The new Salon Perfect glitters this year are: Pa-tri-otic, Liberty Bubbles, Spirit Fingers and Rockets' Red Glare. (Let Freedom Bling - might have been available last year but did not purchase then nor this year - red, white & blue hairy bar glitters).  I do have plans to share the new Salon Perfect glitters in their own post.  Funky Fingers Fireworks is from last year but this year's version is 'Murica.  I did spy Pure Ice Freedom out again this year at Walmart, but didn't notice if Sparks Fly was there as well.  I believe Revlon Celestial Fix has been discontinued; Rimmel Bling Thing and Orly Black Hole are both long-gone limited edition.

Second wheel!  Half needed 1 coat plus fishing/dabbing while the other half needed just 1 coat.  Polishes marked with " + " needed the 1 coat plush fishing/dabbing.  Same thing as above regarding bottle/label shots (not shared about before are Color Club Daydream Believer, Funky Fingers Varsity Blue and Finger Paints Picnic Blanket).  I am missing one red/white glitter polish, OPI Bearest of Them All (has white hearts), from the wheel but I'm also out of room...
Starting at #1 and going clockwise:  WET 'N WILD Fergie 4th of July Parade, Hollywood Walk of Fame +; WET 'N WILD Fast Dry School of Pyrotechnics, Stars & Stripes +, Spontaneous Combustion; ICING Blue Ice +, Written in the Stars +; NICOLE BY OPI Let's Get Star-ted +; SALLY HANSEN Fuzzy Coat Tight Knit; L.A. GIRL Peacock; COLOR CLUB Daydream Believer; CLAIRE'S Flashing Lights+; FUNKY FINGERS Varsity Blue; ICING Galaxy; L.A. GIRL Speckle; SALLY HANSEN Xtreme Wear Rosey Shooter +; FINGER PAINTS Picnic Blanket +; OPI Minnie Style + 
Individual swatch nails are in same order as listed above

Availability:  You might get lucky and find Funky Fingers Varsity Blue at Five Below (stock is always changing).  Same thing for Claire's Flashing Lights and Icing Galaxy in their respective stores.  I'm not sure if the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes are still available in stores or not.  I believe that the rest are all long discontinued and/or limited edition polishes; only one of the polishes from this wheel was purchased this year (Finger Paints Picnic Blanket).  The rest have been in my stash for probably a year or more.

I love how between the 2 wheels I have glitters in stars, stripes (bars), circles, squares and even triangles besides the traditional hex shape.  I also love that they vary in finish from metallic to satin to matte and some are even a mix of finishes.  I bet that some of the non-star glitters would be fun layered under a star topper.  I need to do my nails tomorrow before we go to the airport so hopefully I'll have some inspiration for which I want to use ASAP.

There's still one patriotic glitter topper that came out this year that I'd like to get my hands on - SinfulColors Star Blast Off.  I haven't spotted the display yet but I am definitely searching.  I've checked a few Walgreens and a couple Rite Aids...maybe I should check KMart while I'm out tomorrow.

Do you have many patriotic inspired glitters in your collection?  Are you planning on doing a patriotic mani (if you're in the U.S.)?  Wanna share?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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