Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild California Dreaming Collection Polishes & Bronzers


I'm back with a new post today!  Yay!!  Hopefully, this isn't coming too late since it's all about the Wet 'n Wild Summer 2015 California Dreaming Collection.  I only briefly saw the display in Walgreens back in May BUT don't let that stop you from hunting these down (if you like them).  I have seen the remnants of the limited edition polishes either laying on the shelf or piled in a bin, along with the limited edition bronzers - I just saw them like that in the last couple of days.

On to the post!  I've got pictures and swatches of the bronzers, the polishes, a comparison to the Silver Lake collection, and how I actually wore the California Dreaming collection so there's lots of pictures!
There are quite a few lip products (8), but I'm on a complete no lip product shopping ban.  There's also a few liquid liners (3) and mascaras (4).  Along with the 2 matte bronzers, Reserve Your Cabana and Bikini Contest from the core line are in the display.  Down in the polish row, there's also a new top coat.  Check out Nouveau Cheap's post here for names of the lip products.
Re: In Carnation, Sky Me Mine, Green Tease, Bee-U-Tiful, Sun Settle Down

On my nails are 3 coats of Bee-U-Tiful and Green Tease, 2 of the rest (Sun Settle Down, Sky Me Mine, Re: In Carnation):
I did not use top coat in my swatch pictures (might not have even grabbed a base coat??) but I would recommend using a top coat.  I might even add a ridge filling base coat next time I wear these for an even smoother finish - I'm really looking at Green Tease when I type that.

On the nail wheel, every shade got 2 coats
Just for fun, I pulled out the last limited edition Silver Lake collection and lined them all up together with the wheel.  It seems like I had read some concerns about some of the polishes being too close in shade to each other, but I don't think that's the case.
After I did my swatches on one hand, I decided just to leave them on and do my left hand as well...then I had some inspiration and went digging into my drawer of textured(!) polishes and found the perfect partners.  This is how I wore these polishes for a few days since they wore pretty well for me.
I ended up pulling out 4 of the 5 Rimmel Sweetie Crush textured polishes and one Julie G Gumdrop textured polish.  The Rimmel collection didn't include an orange.
TOP ROW: Wet 'n Wild Re: In Carnation, Sky Me Mine, Green Tease -- Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie, Blueberry Whizz, Fizzy Applelicious
BOTTOM: Wet 'n Wild Bee-U-Tiful, Sun Settle Down -- Rimmel Sherbet Sweetheart -- Julie G Tangerine Dream

Moving on to the bronzers:
 Bare in Mind and Toast to You
Toast to You (top swatch) definitely leans warmer than Bare in Mind.  Lately I've been using foundations/CC/BB creams that lean more neutral so I think that either will work for me.  Especially if I use a light hand on Toast to You, and use it for more all-over bronzing rather than contouring.

Both of these bronzers are matte in finish, so no worries about the shades overlapping the Silver Lake Trios, either.  Also, they are completely different in tone from the Contouring Duos (Walmart exclusive - oops I never swatched those on the blog).  The base of the compacts is also "matte" or rubbery feeling, like the original U.D. Vice (1) palette, Nars packaging, and the Wet 'n Wild All Access Beauty Matte polish collection from last fall.

Now it's time for me to start searching for the Venice Beach Summer 2015 8-pan palettes (I'm thinking inexpensive way to get neon shades without the U.D. price...)  And I still need to find that patriotic SinfulColors glitter topper!

Are you on the lookout for anything from the Wet 'n Wild California Dreaming collection?  Remember to search the shelves at this point since the display might be long gone!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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