Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Collective OPI & Nicole by OPI Glitter Purchases


I was debating on if I should even share some of the polishes I was putting away since I'm not sure how easy they will be to get anymore.  (Shh, don't tell but I seem to be a distracted procrastinator this year).  But I figured that just in case...and maybe for some of them you could suggest a base color to go with them since a couple have really stumped me.  I think that I'll end up with 3 total of this type of post to catch me up with the polishes available at salons/Sally's Beauty (that type of brand).  I might also do this type of post for drugstore brands as well...

I thought today I'd start off with Nicole by OPI and OPI polishes.  I haven't picked up many, one here...a couple there.... The "oldest" one is Nicole by OPI Seriously Citrus, which I picked up from KMart in March.
(back, left to right) Zero is My Hero, In Grape Demand, The Look is Orange, (Seriously Citrus)
(middle row)DC Lover, (front row) Always A Classic Coca-Cola
I bought Seriously Citrus and "seriously" cannot figure out what color to use as a base (sorry, couldn't resist...).  I think blue, well then the blue glitters might not  then either of the green shades might disappear, same thing with using white.  I'm stumped.  Any suggestions??

Now let's visit the OPI department.  Both of these were probably, at one point, available at Ulta and possibly Sally's Beauty Supply.  I, however, purchased mine from the local beauty supply store (better price) in April.  I had also purchased a random Color Club glitter (Jitters) in the same transaction.  Since I did purchase them at a supply store, the timing on their displays versus Ulta and Sally's was probably different.
 OPI Petal Soft, On Pinks & Needles, Color Club Jitters
Jitters is 1 of 7 from the Love Tahiry Pre-Spring 2015 collection (have worn this but haven't posted yet)
Bearest of them All (bought last year; Coca-Cola set with stuffed mini bear)
On Pinks & Needles, Petal Soft (super pale baby matte pink with matte white flowers)

I haven't tried out Petal Soft yet, but I think that's because right now I'm in the mood for bright colors.  I did manage to wear On Pinks & Needles already!
1 coat On Pinks & Needles over 1 coat SinfulColors My Buoyfriend

On Pinks & Needles is a fairly dense glitter topper with multiple sizes of matte neon pink hexes, nice formula.  It dried down pretty quickly, even without using a quick dry top coat.  I was trying to duplicate OPI's My Car has Navy-Gation but missed the mark...oh well, I like this combo.  This wore pretty well on me; I chalk it up to using an OPI glitter on most of my nails since I usually get the best wear from OPI.

side note:  if you can't find OPI On Pinks & Needles, check out Five Below for a dupe:
Alex's Pink Lemonade   (3 for $5 or $2 each)

With these OPI polishes, plus one I talked about earlier in the year and one that I bought last year and somehow missed during the last OPI Sunday Stash Sharing, I probably have enough to do another installment but I'll probably hold off on OPI and do some other brands first.  I really haven't been that intrigued by many of the polishes from OPI this year, and Nicole by OPI is one that I don't often purchase at all unless there's something really unique.

Any suggestions for what to wear under Seriously Citrus?  Do any of these look like polishes you want to add to your stash?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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