Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Blush & Glow Trio Collection


I was doing so good this week with posting and really wanted to get my posts up the last couple of days but once again life has interfered.  Kozmo is doing better with having his feet handled (yay!!) and I think it's because I've been working with him on that so much the last couple of days, along with "touch" and "watch me" thrown in when it seems like he needs a quick break from paw work.  The Mister has kept me busy the last couple of nights with memory work for a presentation coming up.  Doesn't he realize that the evenings/early nights are "my" time for blogging?  I did tell him one day that Tomo (the Bengal cat) gets my attention in the mornings, Kozmo gets it in the afternoons and then evenings/early nights are my time - Kitty pops in whenever he feels like it.  Today I was having a hard time getting going since I've had heartburn for the last couple of days and last night was really bad - even with taking a pill that's normally very effective, I was still uncomfortable laying down so I had a short night.

A few weeks ago, I saw word of a blush trio collection that ties in with the Silver Lake collection being released.  Being as much of a Wet 'n Wild junkie as I am, I had to find them!  Word was, they were starting their appearance at Rite Aid stores.  I'm also just starting to see the polishes and eye shadow palettes landing at Rite Aid now (previously I'd only seen them at Walgreens).

Anyway, when I was out earlier this week getting bloodwork done, I stopped into a couple of Rite Aid's searching for the Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Blush & Glow Trio collection.  I had tried last week without success, but this week (and at a different location) I had success!  I don't really have any review to share with you since they are such a recent find, but I can give you some initial impressions based on swatches.
My lightbox changed the colors quite a bit, so down in the post I have pictures in different lighting conditions that will hopefully give a better idea of how these look.

Sunset Junction, regular room light:
Swatch in light box, 1 swipe each:
Fair Trade Coffee, regular room light:
Swatch in light box, 1 swipe each:
Solar Powered, regular room light:
Swatch in light box, 1 swipe each:
Natural light (inside, right beside window):
Sunset Junction, Fair Trade Coffee, Solar Powered

Since I literally just found these a few days ago, I haven't used any of these on myself yet.  Normally when I don't have to leave the house, I generally don't put makeup on at all unless I feel like using a BB cream for my SPF instead of just a plain SPF or SPF moisturizer.  Based on swatches, I think I'll get the least amount of use out of Solar Powered since both the highlight and bronzer are dark and somewhat metallic and lean bronze - I can see myself using the blush out of it a lot, though.  Sunset Junction and Fair Trade Coffee will probably get the most use by me - both highlights look like an appropriate color for my fair complexion and the blushes look like they'll be easily usable.  I probably have to use either a duo-fiber or very fluffy brush for the blush in Fair Trade Coffee.

Have you come across the Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Blush & Glow Trio collection?  Do any of them catch your eye to add to your stash?  How about the polish collection or eye shadow palettes?  Random question: any favorite remedies for heartburn?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. I have been hunting for the eyeshadows since I saw them on noveau cheap...I've only found the polish at my rite aid so I'm hoping they'll pop up soon! I'm not sure I'll get any of the trios but I'm not sure lol

    1. I wish you luck in hunting down the eye shadows! I got the shadow collection (as well as the polishes) at Walgreens originally, but the shadows are just now starting to appear at Rite Aid, at least in my area. I've had luck finding limited edition Wet 'n Wild at KMart before, as well.

      I used Sunset Junction today - all 3 shades - and really liked the final look! I was surprised since my swatches made the bronzer look relatively warm (kind of orange) but applied lightly at the backs of my cheeks and blended with the blush it looked really nice.

    2. Thanks! I normally find mine at kmart but haven't yet...but of course I'll check again lol and I'm glad the trio performs better on the face! If I find them I'll have to check them out. Oh and I forgot to tell you about the heart burn, I personally really like pepto bismol

    3. *i like the chewable tablets! I just swallow them though and I swear my heartburn is gone in 20 minutes tops! :)

    4. When Wet 'n Wild releases new stuff, unless it's a specific store exclusive, I always check KMart if I can't find it elsewhere. I used Fair Trade Coffee yesterday and I can say I prefer the way that Sunset Junction goes together. Fair Trade Coffee isn't bad, I just don't think I like the way the blush (more blue base) looks combined with the bronzer (more warm). Sunset Junction is definitely the one I'd recommend most if you find them.

      I'll have to pick up a pack of the pepto bismol tablets. I've been miserable lately. Thanks for the tip!