Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Glitters - Swatches + Review


I managed to not get blown away today - yay! - we had a high wind advisory all day.  And I got a couple of things that had to be done checked off the list, as well as a nice stroll around the mall and an excellent visit with one of the ladies that works at the Lancome counter at Dillards (it's gift with purchase time!).

I've got a nail swatch post to share today.  Back when I was swatching/playing with the new Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake polishes, I still had the glitter toppers I had picked up from the Luxe Lace & Patent display sitting out and un-played with.  So I decided to play around with the trio I had picked up since the collections seemed to want to play well with each other.  These glitters came out in the Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace collection (not my post), which I first read about in November.  It was actually quite a while before I picked up anything from the display, but then I decided to get the 3 that I knew I didn't have any like in my collection and passed on the black version (I also passed entirely on the Patent Gloss section of the display).  Now when I go to Walmart or the drugstores, I see 2 of the ones I purchased, along with the black, in the core lineup for less than $6.
Crochet, Eyelet, Intimate
 All 3 of these are 1 coat with a little dabbing/placing over their respective base colors.
pinkie is Crochet over 3 coats of Wet 'n Wild Stream of Consciousness
ring is Eyelet over 1 coat of Wet 'n Wild Wear Skinny Jeans
middle is Intimate over 1 coat of Reject the Mainstream

Looking at this picture wearing a total of 7 polishes(!), I actually really like the way they all coordinate together.  Who knows, I might do my nails like this on both hands one of these days.  It's a nice Spring-y combo, and it could also work perfectly for other "soft" occasions.  As for dupes, while I was writing this post, I thought I'd grab my bottle of China Glaze Chillin' With My Snow-Mies to see how similar they are.  Sally Hansen Eyelet actually has more sizes of matte glitters than Chillin,' and I think that overall Eyelet looks more satin in finish than the more flat finish of Chillin'.  So according to my stash, Eyelet doesn't have a dupe.  However, I can't say whether there is a dupe in the indie world.

This trio of toppers all follow the same formula, with satin-matte white hex glitters in multiple sizes mixed with either a medium blue or baby pink.  Eyelet is the all white version.  I did have a tiny bit of bubbling with Intimate, but that could have been brought on by a little too much dabbing to get an even disbursement of glitters.  From what I remember, the suspension base wasn't too bad and I don't have any notes saying anything negative about the formula.

Out of the 4 matte glitter toppers released in the collection, 3 of them are now in the core display.  The 2 of those that I have are Crochet and Eyelet; the one I don't have is Ruffle (black matte glitters).  Intimate is the only one that was truly limited edition.  I still might pick up Ruffle since I think it's different from the black glitter I have from Forever 21; at least now I can pick it up at Walmart whenever I feel like it.

Did you pick up any of the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Glitters when they first hit the market?  Do you prefer matte or metallic/shiny/holo glitters?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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