Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March Clearance Finds - Essie, China Glaze & Finger Paints


I was thinking all afternoon that I should do my nails in an Earth Day inspired look...but when I started playing around I did not like anything I came up with.  So now I'm sitting here typing with only base coat on my nails, and watching training videos for how to work on some issues with Kozmo.  I really want to stave off his developing aggression during nail trimming, along with some other "quirks" he's developing.

So I thought that given my nail fail and subsequent giving up, I'd share some clearance finds I've had during March.  There's not much since I wasn't purposely trying to hit up all the sales.  It seems like Sally's Beauty has done quite a few 50% off clearance prices sales, but I only went to one of them, and only one location.  In the past I would have gone to all 3 Sally's that are close to where I live.
Finger Paints Santa's Little Topper and China Glaze Sunset Sail
(not on sale) ASP Whitening Nail Paste
China Glaze Sunset Sail is an older polish from 2011.  When I spotted the bottle it looked like a nice nude, but on closer inspection I saw it's got a bit of silver shimmer running through.  And since sparkles/shimmer make it better (that's what I like to say), it came home with me.  I also picked up the Finger Paints Santa's Little Topper.  I had originally passed on it thinking it was really close to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rosey Shooter but I think it's got a bit of a different glitter mix. 

I bought the Whitening Paste when I was still dealing with staining from a polish (that for the life of me I can't remember which one it was - hope I made a note somewhere).  I haven't used it yet but at least I have it on hand for if/when I've got some stubborn stains.

These other 2 polishes were a Rite Aid clearance find.  And it was pretty perfect timing since I had decided when updating my polish stash list that I wanted to complete my LuxEffects collection as much as possible.  These were on sale for $4.25 each!
Essie Sparkle On Top and Jazzy Jubilant

Essie Sparkle On Top is "iridescent shards and flecks of glitter in a clear base" (borrowed that description from The PolishAholic since I get shards and flakies mixed up).  Essie Jazzy Jubilant is a multi-colored metallic hex glitter topper with a clear base.  It has turquoise, red, purple, silver, and green glitters; the glitters come in a couple different sizes.

I know that I'll never come across a bottle of Shine of the Times since it's been discontinued for a couple years now.  The other LuxEffect that I'm missing from my stash is Rock at the Top.  It'd be nice if I could find it on clearance somewhere, but I'll most likely end up picking it up from the local supply store at some point since Essie is cheaper than retail there.  They also have Pinking About You (not my post), a multi-sized matte pink glitter topper, in the racks that I want to add to my stash.  Since I always have formula issues with the cremes and I really prefer wider brushes, I probably won't be adding much Essie to my stash in the future - except for LuxEffects/unique glitters.  Hopefully Essie will come out with some new & good ones this year (I might make an exception for a creme if it has a really good review on formula and it's truly unique).  

Have you found any good polishes on clearance lately?  Do you have many of the Essie LuxEffects glitters in your stash?  What's your favorite method of getting polish stains off the nails?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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