Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lorac The Resort Eye/Cheek Palette Swatches & Review


I really wasn't in the mindset yesterday to sit in front of the computer and write a post - I just watched videos while trying to de-stress and absorb training tips.  Turns out if I'm not watching reviews/tutorials relating to beauty products, I'm now watching training videos for Kozmo.  I tried a couple of things with him earlier today, and while he did do both pretty quickly, he's definitely not ready to do them without a lure in my hand.  Oh well, one step at a time.  On Thursday we're getting a private session since he's getting much more "adolescent German Shepherd," meaning that rather than watching and focusing on me he's more into the environment and ignoring all commands - he's guarding instead of learning.  He's making me wish I could actually tolerate running for more than a minute at a time so that he could get more energy out each day.  One of these days, I might have to see what he does if I'm on a bike (he barks at the neighbor every time he sees him ride by).

Back to the blog...So while I was thinking about what to post today, I was checking Instagram and saw a post from Hautelook that made me decide what to put up here on the blog - LORAC!  The last time that Lorac was on Hautelook, the Resort Eye/Cheek Palette was the big draw.  I grabbed it as almost the first thing I did that day.  Well, it's back starting tomorrow!  So it's the perfect time to share my swatches.

 All swatches done in my lightbox, no primer (might have had some lotion on, though).
left half of the palette, top row has a pretty pearl highlighter (large square and bottom left swatch) with a matte skintone shadow (I circled the swatch since it blends with my skin)
left half of the palette, bottom row has a matte black and matte dark brown along with a olive green that contains some golden shimmer - so pretty
right half of the palette, top row has rose gold metallic and bronze metallic shadows and a peachy-pink blush
right half of the palette, bottom row has a rosey pink matte blush and a neutral matte bronzer

All of these shades swatched very nicely on my hand.  The only shade I had to build up any was the skintone shade, and that's for an understandable reason.  I have grabbed a touch of the matte dark brown to use in an eye look using random single shadows and it blended beautifully.  I can't wait to get that olive green on my eyes!  I really need to play around with the palette and try out everything but I really recommend trying to snatch one up either from Hautelook or if you stumble across it at Nordstrom Rack (I read about that happening a week or so ago).

If you're interested in getting the Lorac Resort palette from Hautelook, it'll be up tomorrow (April 30) at 8 AM Pacific.  The Balm Cosmetics is listed as an upcoming event for Friday (May 1) at 8 AM Pacific.  Tarina Tarantino Beauty (ends 8 AM Pacific on Saturday, May 2) and BH Cosmetics (ends 8 AM Pacific on Friday, May 1) are both currently on sale.

Does the Lorac Resort Eye/Cheek Palette look like something you'd be interested in?  Do you shop from Hautelook or avoid it because of the really slow shipping?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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