Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Urban Decay Vice Limited Palette - Swatches + First Impressions


I didn't mean to miss the last few days of posts, but life has been busy again.  We're back from traveling over the weekend...again...and I think I'm all rested up for the moment.  Should I mention that I'm already gathering up things for our next trip?  I have to pack even lighter than I have been since we'll be flying this time.  Packing light is so hard for someone addicted to skincare and makeup like me.  I spent part of today finding all of my "travel size" brushes in my makeup brush hoard stash and then figuring out which are the ones I would need to do a full face of makeup. My plan is to do a trial using just the brushes I picked so I know if I need something else or included ones I don't like and then fix my brush "kit" - I might even keep them permanently pulled aside for travel.  As for the blog, hopefully the Mister cleans the camera lens before the weekend so I can do a Sunday Stash post since it got pretty dirty with all of our outside pictures.  I'm hoping I can be more time-effective over the next week or so and get some posts prepped ahead of time.

Anyway...I spent a bit of time last night getting control of my messy computer files and came across my swatches of the Urban Decay Vice Limited (LTD) palette, which has probably been the most limited of the Vice palettes that have been released to date.  I was originally going to just pop up a picture on Instagram showing that I had added the Vice LTD to my stash, but after a quick search on Ulta's site, found it still available here (and possibly still available locally).  So today I'm sharing the quick swatches I did some time back.  I bought mine back in February and utilized a bunch of my points towards this purchase - I ended up paying about $8 out of pocket.  I timed it so I also got a free trial size tube of Perversion Mascara (not pictured).  Now I need to get my points built back up...

The included double-ended brush did not come in a plastic sleeve, which I believe the other 3 Vice palette brushes did.
I did my swatches by columns, so first up is the left-most column, then moving rightward.  I did my swatches a couple of weeks ago, so right now I don't remember how each performed with my finger swatches.  I did start off on a moisturized, but not primed, hand and used eye makeup remover between sets (not adding more moisture between).
 Nameless, Crystal, Provocateur, Chase
Backdoor, Goddess, Hoodoo, Last Sin
Deeper, Vaporize, Freakshow, Roadstripe ( chameleon type color - love!!) 
Disco (gold with silver glitter), Floss, Junkshow, Anonymous
Heat, Perversion, Blitz, Laced

By looking at my pictures, it looks like I did go over Anonymous a couple of times, but that shade is nearly my skintone so it's harder to get to show up.  I might have gone over Laced, Perversion and Goddess a couple of times as well.  Roadstripe is probably the most interesting shade to me since it looks like it will pull differently depending on what it's put on next to or if it's layered over another color.  I did have to really work to get all the silver glitters from Disco off my hand before moving on to my final set of swatches.  There's a nice mix of matte, satin and metallic shades as well as a glittery shade with a good color range from basic neutral/transition shades to colorful.

I hesitated quite a while before ultimately deciding to purchase the palette since I already had 10 of the shades between my other Urban Decay palettes.  Unfortunately, I think that once I purchased the palette I got rid of my notes telling me which particular shades are already in my stash.  I ultimately decided that if it was still in stock in the physical store I would get it using Ulta points.  I also figured that if I didn't get it, I would probably regret it like I do with missing out on the Theodora palette from the 2013 Oz collection.

Did you purchase the Urban Decay Vice Limited (LTD) palette?  Is it on your wishlist? or do you think it's similar enough to other palettes & shadows in your stash that you can pass?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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