Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Eyeshadow Collection


I'm finally able to tolerate sitting in front of the computer better (yay!).  I've spent the better part of last week laying down so I'm happy to be in an upright position.  As I was editing pictures for this post I had the hopefully brilliant idea to grab my exercise ball to use as a chair instead of my desk chair.  Hopefully that helps minimize the "pressure" that I was feeling going up my neck into the base of my head.  I will be so happy when my neck feels better.  Not sneezing so much would be a big help since that's actually what triggered the initial pain.  There are quite a few pictures so this post may load a little slowly.

Anyway, I wanted to bring a new, hot Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post today.  The Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection is just now starting to hit drugstores.  I picked mine up last week from Walgreens, which is the only store I've seen them at so far.  These are 6-pan eyeshadow palettes that retail for $3.99 each (if you're Walgreens is nice, you might be able to get them on sale this week since Wet 'n Wild is on sale for BOGO 50% - I tried on the polishes luck).  There's 5 total palettes in the collection and I was lucky enough to find a display with all 5, but not after I got done with it.  
Swatch time, with mini impressions of each.  I have no primer on my hand for these swatches, only a nice layer of body butter since I still have really dry hands thanks to the never-ending winter. Shades that contain the super-fine shimmers aren't showing those sparkles (no matter how I held my hand I couldn't get them to show up, but in person I do see them on my hand).

First up, #34512 Thrift Store Chic

Most of the 6 shades in this palette felt nice and creamy.  The upper right hand corner and middle left felt a little drier, but I think that's because the glitter in those 2 is a bit more chunky feeling than the glitter in the bottom left.  The only matte shade in the palette is the middle right pink.  Of the remaining 2, the upper left looks like a satin while the bottom right looks more metallic-satin.
Next is #34513 Vegan Culture.
These shades all felt buttery/creamy to the touch and swatched fairly nicely.  The upper and middle left shades are slightly less pigmented, but keep in mind that they are essentially pastels.  There no mattes in this palette while the only shade containing actual sparkles is the lower right.  The silver is definitely a metallic, while the blue shade directly under it looks like a metallic-satin mix.  The rest are satin.
Moving on, we have #34514 California Roll.  I've never had sushi of any type before but I feel like this is definitely the color palette of something in that cuisine.
The upper right and middle left colors do contain glitter; the upper right is more chunky than the green (which has gold sparkles) though.  There's 2 matte shades, the center and bottom right.  The remaining 2 shades lean satin in finish.
#34515, Vinyl Collection, is sure to be a popular palette since it is essentially a neutral palette.  It's definitely a warm neutral, so that's something to keep in mind if you prefer cooler neutral shades.
I did feel the need to build up the upper left swatch, but that was mainly to get it to show up in my swatch since it's a pale neutral shade - nearly a skin-tone shade for me - this is also the only matte shade in the palette.  The upper right again has that slightly chunky glitter, while the bottom right has a pretty gold sparkle that's fine in texture.  The gold is metallic, while the remaining 2 I would consider satin in finish.  The green shade does have a hint of gold to it, making it look duo-chrome when I move my hand around (not sure if this effect will transfer to the eye).
Finally, we have #34516 Embrace Obscurity.  When I was swatching this one, I thought of the animated version of Cinderella (could be because of lack of good sleep).
This palette has 2 matte shades, both of which are in the middle row.  The upper right color is a satin while the upper left periwinkle shade has a super-fine silver shimmer.  I did do a second layer of the periwinkle and matte lilac shades in my swatch.  The bottom 2 shades both have larger silver glitters.
I have to admit, I was a little worried about the quality since last year there were some issues with the formula of various limited edition trios as well as the new, core, 5-pans (which have since supposedly been reformulated).  The vast majority of the shades have a creamy/buttery feel.  I think the only reason some of them don't feel that way is that they have chunkier glitter to them (almost like some of the Urban Decay shadows that have the chunky glitter).  It would have been nice if there were more mattes in the collection, as out of 30 shades only 6 are matte.  While each palette does have enough variety in light to dark shades, I do think that I'll probably bring in a neutral/matte neutral palette to really pull together various eye looks I attempt.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection.  The formula is pretty much just where it should be and there is a nice variety of shades, both warm and cool as well as colorful to neutral.  I did notice that Embrace Obscurity and Vegan Culture have a duplicate shade - the white satin - while California Roll and Thrift Store Chic contain a nearly duplicate shade - the upper left ivory satin.  I can't wait to play in the pretty makeups tomorrow!  I've been pretty much skipping the process since feeling so crappy.

Have you spotted the Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection in your area?  Plan on picking up any of them?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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