Monday, March 16, 2015

SinfulColors Shamrockin' Nails for St. Patrick's Day


I've got a nail post to share with you!  Being that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, what better time than to share one of the manis I've come up with using SinfulColors new, limited edition glitter called Shamrockin'.  The other polishes I've used for today are also in the same display, although they've been in my stash for much longer...and a couple were unused up to this point.
The display I saw had Green Ocean, Snow Me White, Shamrockin', Mint Apple, Innocent, All About You and Happy Ending.  This is a different lineup (and even display background) from what's listed on Nouveau Cheap's post about this collection so I'll also include a link to this post.  HOWEVER the display that I saw agrees with what is listed on SinfulColors' site here.
I started off with the Zoya Anchor basecoat and finished things off with NYC Grand Central Station.  Then once it was good and dry, I added a coat (maybe even a 2nd later on) of Gelous on the fingers with the flowers to make it as smooth as possible.  The flowers are flat but my nails aren't so edges were sticking up.

SinfulColors Pistache - a nice medium pastel green that really does remind me of a pistachio.  It applied nicely in 2 coats.  Unfortunately, every nail that had Pistache on ended up being stained when I removed this look.  So if/when I use this color again I'll have to try to remember to double my basecoat.  I believe Pistache is a limited edition shade; I most likely bought mine when the Spring 2013 Buff to Brights collection was out.
SinfulColors Sin-Ammon is a gold polish that does have a touch of brushstrokes if you're not careful.  It's soft metallic in finish; it's not a super bright gold, but it's not an antiqued gold either.  I definitely needed 2 coats to get opacity.  Dry time was pretty good.  I believe this is also a limited edition shade, originally debuting in the 2013 Spice It Up collection, so depending on what's in your display you might be able to get it.
SinfulColors Shamrockin' is a unique glitter topper that I picked up from Walgreens in, I think, February.  There is supposedly a second version of this at Rite Aid but I've only seen the display at one Rite Aid location and of course Shamrockin' was completely gone.  Anyway...I really like this.  The white flowers do take a little fishing and placing to get out, but it's not too hard to get one out.  The rest of the glitters came out nicely and I was able to get an even coverage with one generous coat.  The other glitters are fine matte white, small metallic green and medium matte lime-ish green hexes.  I thought the base was a good viscosity to hold up the glitters but not so thick that I had bubbles when it dried.  I purposely left my thumbs flower-less.

Not pictured with the appropriate bottle, but I also used SinfulColors Snow Me White for the dots on my pinkies and index fingers (using a dotting tool from Salon Perfect).
I have to say that I love SinfulColors' new trend of putting stickers on the truly new and limited edition/specialty polishes.  I hope that tendency stays around forever and ever (other brands too).  I had also picked up the Valentine's Day version - Love Sprinkles - which is where I first saw the new stickers.  

If you've come across the annual SinfulColors St. Patrick's Day display, what version was it?  Is Shamrockin' a glitter topper that appeals to you?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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