Monday, March 9, 2015

Lorac Party Eye Shadow Palette - Swatches + First Impressions


Long time, no post again.  I'm still having pain/pressure in my neck and head but it's much better than it was a couple of weeks ago.  The Mister keeps telling me to take more Advil/Tylenol but I try to do without as much as possible...but I'm not really sure why I do that to myself.  I really did mean to do a Sunday Stash Sharing post yesterday but I could just not get my brain focused on any task.  I started several mini projects in my office and finished none of them.  Oops.  Anyway....moving on.  I took lots of pictures of products today so let's see how long it takes me to get them sorted, edited and shared.
Earlier today I was going through my "new beauty acquisitions pile" and pulled out the Lorac Party Palette figuring I would only post it on Instagram since, from my understanding, it was a holiday release (as in Dec. 26).  I just spotted a couple of these palettes sitting on an endcap in Ulta a week or so ago and felt the need to pick up one and bring it home to live with its cousins (yes, I'm still in a weird mood with a strong lack of focus).  But once I saw it was still available, at least online at Ulta's site, I knew I had to share swatches.  The front of the box states that this is an Ulta Exclusive and retails for $24.
Get the party started with LORAC's Party Eye Shadow Palette! This eye-catching, sparkling palette is filled with 8 vibrant shimmer eye shadows plus 2 over-sized highlighter shades, perfect for adding sparkle and shine to your fashionable days and party nights. Be the life of the party and keep all eyes on you with LORAC! (taken from back of box/Ulta's item description)
The outside of the palette is sturdy black plastic with holographic sprinkles all over, which of course my pictures couldn't capture (see very first picture).
 ~different lighting to try to show the sparkles~

Let's see some swatches, shall we?  For my swatches, I have no primer on, just body butter.  All but 3 of the "swipes" are just one pass.  The only ones I went back over my swatches were the 2 highlight shades and the darkest shade (basically black with some teal sparkles).
~left hand of the palette~ 
~right hand side of the palette~
When I had the idea to see if this was still available on Ulta' site - it is here - I read several reviews that were unhappy with the quality and were planning on returning this.  I don't really see any issues, but I have yet to apply these on my eyes.  Based on my swatches, I think I'm really going to like this palette, especially that purple(!) and the neutral shades.  But I do think I'll need to bring in at least one matte shade to kind of "ground" the look.

While the description says there's 8 shimmer shades, plus 2 highlighter shades, some are more shimmery than others.  I feel that especially the first 3 shades in the palette come off more metallic than shimmer and the purple looks more like a satin than said shimmer.  The 2 highlighter shades look a little patchy, but I'd rather have to build up a highlight on the browbone or inner corner if I want it intense.  The "burgundy" shade (4th in the palette) has a chunky feel to it when I swatch it but with blending I think it will look nice.  The "burgundy" and "teal" shades both have silver micro-glitters while the green has more of a gold tone - I didn't feel any of the shimmer/glitters when swatching.  The shade that is so dark it's nearly black has, I believe, teal shimmers but I don't see those showing up in my swatches.  I think this shade can pass for a black to darken up outer corners of eye looks.

Eyeshadow is the last thing I really need to add to my collection, but it's just so pretty that I can't help it.  Plus my eyes are my favorite feature to play up - I feel like I look super tired if I go out without putting on any eye makeup.

Is the Lorac Party Eye Shadow Palette something that looks like it belongs in your collection?  Do you prefer eyeshadows, blush or lip products?  Do you have a favorite undereye concealer &/or dark circle corrector that helps you look wide awake?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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