Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Urban Decay Vice Limited Palette - Swatches + First Impressions


I didn't mean to miss the last few days of posts, but life has been busy again.  We're back from traveling over the weekend...again...and I think I'm all rested up for the moment.  Should I mention that I'm already gathering up things for our next trip?  I have to pack even lighter than I have been since we'll be flying this time.  Packing light is so hard for someone addicted to skincare and makeup like me.  I spent part of today finding all of my "travel size" brushes in my makeup brush hoard stash and then figuring out which are the ones I would need to do a full face of makeup. My plan is to do a trial using just the brushes I picked so I know if I need something else or included ones I don't like and then fix my brush "kit" - I might even keep them permanently pulled aside for travel.  As for the blog, hopefully the Mister cleans the camera lens before the weekend so I can do a Sunday Stash post since it got pretty dirty with all of our outside pictures.  I'm hoping I can be more time-effective over the next week or so and get some posts prepped ahead of time.

Anyway...I spent a bit of time last night getting control of my messy computer files and came across my swatches of the Urban Decay Vice Limited (LTD) palette, which has probably been the most limited of the Vice palettes that have been released to date.  I was originally going to just pop up a picture on Instagram showing that I had added the Vice LTD to my stash, but after a quick search on Ulta's site, found it still available here (and possibly still available locally).  So today I'm sharing the quick swatches I did some time back.  I bought mine back in February and utilized a bunch of my points towards this purchase - I ended up paying about $8 out of pocket.  I timed it so I also got a free trial size tube of Perversion Mascara (not pictured).  Now I need to get my points built back up...

The included double-ended brush did not come in a plastic sleeve, which I believe the other 3 Vice palette brushes did.
I did my swatches by columns, so first up is the left-most column, then moving rightward.  I did my swatches a couple of weeks ago, so right now I don't remember how each performed with my finger swatches.  I did start off on a moisturized, but not primed, hand and used eye makeup remover between sets (not adding more moisture between).
 Nameless, Crystal, Provocateur, Chase
Backdoor, Goddess, Hoodoo, Last Sin
Deeper, Vaporize, Freakshow, Roadstripe ( chameleon type color - love!!) 
Disco (gold with silver glitter), Floss, Junkshow, Anonymous
Heat, Perversion, Blitz, Laced

By looking at my pictures, it looks like I did go over Anonymous a couple of times, but that shade is nearly my skintone so it's harder to get to show up.  I might have gone over Laced, Perversion and Goddess a couple of times as well.  Roadstripe is probably the most interesting shade to me since it looks like it will pull differently depending on what it's put on next to or if it's layered over another color.  I did have to really work to get all the silver glitters from Disco off my hand before moving on to my final set of swatches.  There's a nice mix of matte, satin and metallic shades as well as a glittery shade with a good color range from basic neutral/transition shades to colorful.

I hesitated quite a while before ultimately deciding to purchase the palette since I already had 10 of the shades between my other Urban Decay palettes.  Unfortunately, I think that once I purchased the palette I got rid of my notes telling me which particular shades are already in my stash.  I ultimately decided that if it was still in stock in the physical store I would get it using Ulta points.  I also figured that if I didn't get it, I would probably regret it like I do with missing out on the Theodora palette from the 2013 Oz collection.

Did you purchase the Urban Decay Vice Limited (LTD) palette?  Is it on your wishlist? or do you think it's similar enough to other palettes & shadows in your stash that you can pass?

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spotted, Hauled, & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Polish Collection


It's been a while since I've had multiple polishes from one collection to share in a Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post.  But today I've got the new, limited edition, Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake MegaLast Polish collection!  I found most of these right around the beginning of March, but the 6th shade was completely sold out at the Walgreens I first spotted the display at.  It took me a while to finally get my greedy hands on the final shade.  Now that I've got them all, it's time to share my swatches and first impressions.
All six lined up at home (first 5 in the lineup are from Walgreens, the last is from KMart):
A Latte Love, Warm Filter, Tree Hugger, Wear Skinny Jeans, 
Reject the Mainstream, Stream of Consciousness
 Swatch time!  Stream of Consciousness (far right shade) is 3 coats; the rest are 2 on my wheel.
Now for how they look on.  Since the collection is made up of 6 polishes, I did a little nail art on my index fingers:
top: A Latte Love, Warm Filter, Tree Hugger
bottom: Stream of Consciousness, Wear Skinny Jeans, Reject the Mainstream

As for my nail art, the top picture has 2 coats of Tree Hugger with a free-hand diagonal color block using Warm Filter.  Then I topped it off with dots using A Latte Love.  The bottom has a base of 1 coat of A Latte Love with free-hand chevron tips in Reject the Mainstream and Wear Skinny Jeans.  Since I was just playing around, I didn't use any top coat to smooth things down.

On to my first impressions/review of the collection.  All but Stream of Consciousness are creme finish and super easy to apply.  They needed either 1 thick or 2 medium thin coats.  Tree Hugger needed 2 coats that are more medium thick.  Stream of Consciousness is still showing VNL (visible nail line) at 3 coats, and I think that my eyes were telling me it has a teeny-tiny shimmer to it.  I'm not complaining at the different finish of it - it would probably make a good polish for glitter sandwiches and, of course, for a simple, clean almost French manicure look in one step.  Since that shade does take more coats, it can look thicker than the others as well as dry slower than the others.

I think this is the perfect Spring-inspired polish collection with all well-behaving polishes.  In some ways, I do wish that Stream of Consciousness was more opaque like all the others, but I'll still get use out of it.  I've already used a couple of these (link provided above) and used them as base colors for swatching for future posts I did earlier today while Kitty had my office chair hostage.

EDIT 3/24/2015: These are also being released in the "Spoiled" line - same names and everything, which is now reportedly available at Walmart.  Check out this post on Nouveau Cheap's blog all about it.

Have you come across the Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Polish collection?  Any you want to pick up?  Or are they too similar to what's already in your stash?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SinfulColors Shamrockin' - Revisited with (new) Wet 'n Wild


I've got another St. Patrick's Day mani to share with you!  While technically this is my NOTD (nails of the day), its getting more into the "remnants" phase of a mani since a couple of nails are bare now and a couple other have major chips.  This is why I normally don't comment on wear time - I rarely have a mani last more than 2-3 days before cracks and chips set in (especially when I've washed my hair - that's murder on my polish).

Anyway, this mani is utilizing 4 polishes, all of which are limited edition.  3 of them you might be able to find right now, but the other is from last year.  So let's get started.  Just like yesterday's post, I used Zoya Anchor base coat and NYC Grand Central Station quick dry top coat - I did wait extra time on my thumbs before putting the NYC.  Then a couple of coats of Gelous over the nails that have flowers.
Since my thumb is only really showing in the above picture, we'll start there.  I did 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild Tree Hugger and then used my Salon Perfect dotting tool to add dots with Wet 'n Wild A Latte Love.  I'll have more info and a review on Tree Hugger and A Latte Love in an upcoming post.

On my pinkies and ring fingers, I did 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild A Latte Love.  
On the rest of my nails, I did 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild Tree Hugger.
Then on my middle and index fingers I did a generous full coat of SinfulColors Shamrockin', fishing out a flower for each of my middle fingers.  On my pinkies, I fished out another flower then did a little glitter gradient with the rest of the glitters that were on my brush.
On my ring fingers, I used a coordinating glitter from SinfulColors called Galax-Sea in 2 "generous" coats.  Generous is in quotes since the base is so heavy that I had a hard time getting the glitters transferred to my nails.  I did some dabbing around to get a more even disbursement of the metallic green hexes and shards and opalescent square glitters.  Unfortunately, I did have bubbling with this glitter topper, even when I waited a few minutes between coats.  If/when I use Galax-Sea again, I'll have to try to remember to attempt applying this with a sponge.  Galax-Sea came out in the 2014 Holi-Dazzled collection.
I thought that the metallic green hexes and shards from Galax-Sea complimented the small metallic green hexes from Shamrockin' quite nicely.  And the opalescent squares take on almost a gold look, making it more appropriate for the St. Paddy's day holiday.  And for some reason, I've really been into using my dotting tool lately.  I like that it helps pull together the base polishes. 
Did you do any festive St. Patrick's Day nails?  Maybe a makeup look?  What would you pair these 2 glitters with?

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Monday, March 16, 2015

SinfulColors Shamrockin' Nails for St. Patrick's Day


I've got a nail post to share with you!  Being that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, what better time than to share one of the manis I've come up with using SinfulColors new, limited edition glitter called Shamrockin'.  The other polishes I've used for today are also in the same display, although they've been in my stash for much longer...and a couple were unused up to this point.
The display I saw had Green Ocean, Snow Me White, Shamrockin', Mint Apple, Innocent, All About You and Happy Ending.  This is a different lineup (and even display background) from what's listed on Nouveau Cheap's post about this collection so I'll also include a link to this post.  HOWEVER the display that I saw agrees with what is listed on SinfulColors' site here.
I started off with the Zoya Anchor basecoat and finished things off with NYC Grand Central Station.  Then once it was good and dry, I added a coat (maybe even a 2nd later on) of Gelous on the fingers with the flowers to make it as smooth as possible.  The flowers are flat but my nails aren't so edges were sticking up.

SinfulColors Pistache - a nice medium pastel green that really does remind me of a pistachio.  It applied nicely in 2 coats.  Unfortunately, every nail that had Pistache on ended up being stained when I removed this look.  So if/when I use this color again I'll have to try to remember to double my basecoat.  I believe Pistache is a limited edition shade; I most likely bought mine when the Spring 2013 Buff to Brights collection was out.
SinfulColors Sin-Ammon is a gold polish that does have a touch of brushstrokes if you're not careful.  It's soft metallic in finish; it's not a super bright gold, but it's not an antiqued gold either.  I definitely needed 2 coats to get opacity.  Dry time was pretty good.  I believe this is also a limited edition shade, originally debuting in the 2013 Spice It Up collection, so depending on what's in your display you might be able to get it.
SinfulColors Shamrockin' is a unique glitter topper that I picked up from Walgreens in, I think, February.  There is supposedly a second version of this at Rite Aid but I've only seen the display at one Rite Aid location and of course Shamrockin' was completely gone.  Anyway...I really like this.  The white flowers do take a little fishing and placing to get out, but it's not too hard to get one out.  The rest of the glitters came out nicely and I was able to get an even coverage with one generous coat.  The other glitters are fine matte white, small metallic green and medium matte lime-ish green hexes.  I thought the base was a good viscosity to hold up the glitters but not so thick that I had bubbles when it dried.  I purposely left my thumbs flower-less.

Not pictured with the appropriate bottle, but I also used SinfulColors Snow Me White for the dots on my pinkies and index fingers (using a dotting tool from Salon Perfect).
I have to say that I love SinfulColors' new trend of putting stickers on the truly new and limited edition/specialty polishes.  I hope that tendency stays around forever and ever (other brands too).  I had also picked up the Valentine's Day version - Love Sprinkles - which is where I first saw the new stickers.  

If you've come across the annual SinfulColors St. Patrick's Day display, what version was it?  Is Shamrockin' a glitter topper that appeals to you?  

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - China Glaze All Aboard and Halloween Miscellaneous


Surprise! I've got a post for today!  Yay!  I was nice and productive today.  After a lazy morning, I reorganized my jewelry and now I've got an installment of Sunday Stash Sharing.  I need to figure out a better schedule since the Mister is now scheduling things for weekends and during the weekdays I'm working with Kozmo on his training (someday it will sink in for the crazy puppy, right???).  At least my neck/shoulder pain is gone for the most part; I just need to make sure I sleep in just the right position.  If only the congestion would disappear...we're both wondering if there isn't some kind of mild allergy going on since I've been congested for such an extended time - as in a couple months - and it's usually worse when I've been close to the puppy for a while.  Anyway...let's get on to today's post by diving back into my China Glaze drawer, starting oldest of the un-shared first.
Take A Trek and Rare & Radiant
Take A Trek is from the Hologlam collection from 2013 that had 12 shades - this is the only one I have.
Rare & Radiant is from the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection of 6 that was out in 2012; again, I only have 1.

Moving on, I have a few Halloween additions from 2 different years.
 Bat My Eyes, Getting to Gnaw You, Rest In Pieces
Bat My Eyes is from the 2013 Monsters Ball collection that was comprised of 6 colors - I have 4 (see the other 3 here).
Getting to Gnaw You and Rest In Pieces are from the 2014 Apocolypse of Color that contained 5 shades - I have 2.

The final 4 for today are from the All Aboard collection that was out for Fall 2014.
Well Trained, Loco-Motive, Lug Your Designer Baggage, Choo-Choo Choose You
I believe the All Aboard collection had 12 shades total - I have 4.

I wish I had links to insert for the couple of these that I've worn but I neglected to get pictures before the manis started chipping off.  Bad blogger.  I'll have one more China Glaze installment next Sunday (hopefully) and then I think the next brand I'll visit/revisit will be Salon Perfect since the 2 brands are related.

Let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Lorac Party Eye Shadow Palette - Swatches + First Impressions


Long time, no post again.  I'm still having pain/pressure in my neck and head but it's much better than it was a couple of weeks ago.  The Mister keeps telling me to take more Advil/Tylenol but I try to do without as much as possible...but I'm not really sure why I do that to myself.  I really did mean to do a Sunday Stash Sharing post yesterday but I could just not get my brain focused on any task.  I started several mini projects in my office and finished none of them.  Oops.  Anyway....moving on.  I took lots of pictures of products today so let's see how long it takes me to get them sorted, edited and shared.
Earlier today I was going through my "new beauty acquisitions pile" and pulled out the Lorac Party Palette figuring I would only post it on Instagram since, from my understanding, it was a holiday release (as in Dec. 26).  I just spotted a couple of these palettes sitting on an endcap in Ulta a week or so ago and felt the need to pick up one and bring it home to live with its cousins (yes, I'm still in a weird mood with a strong lack of focus).  But once I saw it was still available, at least online at Ulta's site, I knew I had to share swatches.  The front of the box states that this is an Ulta Exclusive and retails for $24.
Get the party started with LORAC's Party Eye Shadow Palette! This eye-catching, sparkling palette is filled with 8 vibrant shimmer eye shadows plus 2 over-sized highlighter shades, perfect for adding sparkle and shine to your fashionable days and party nights. Be the life of the party and keep all eyes on you with LORAC! (taken from back of box/Ulta's item description)
The outside of the palette is sturdy black plastic with holographic sprinkles all over, which of course my pictures couldn't capture (see very first picture).
 ~different lighting to try to show the sparkles~

Let's see some swatches, shall we?  For my swatches, I have no primer on, just body butter.  All but 3 of the "swipes" are just one pass.  The only ones I went back over my swatches were the 2 highlight shades and the darkest shade (basically black with some teal sparkles).
~left hand of the palette~ 
~right hand side of the palette~
When I had the idea to see if this was still available on Ulta' site - it is here - I read several reviews that were unhappy with the quality and were planning on returning this.  I don't really see any issues, but I have yet to apply these on my eyes.  Based on my swatches, I think I'm really going to like this palette, especially that purple(!) and the neutral shades.  But I do think I'll need to bring in at least one matte shade to kind of "ground" the look.

While the description says there's 8 shimmer shades, plus 2 highlighter shades, some are more shimmery than others.  I feel that especially the first 3 shades in the palette come off more metallic than shimmer and the purple looks more like a satin than said shimmer.  The 2 highlighter shades look a little patchy, but I'd rather have to build up a highlight on the browbone or inner corner if I want it intense.  The "burgundy" shade (4th in the palette) has a chunky feel to it when I swatch it but with blending I think it will look nice.  The "burgundy" and "teal" shades both have silver micro-glitters while the green has more of a gold tone - I didn't feel any of the shimmer/glitters when swatching.  The shade that is so dark it's nearly black has, I believe, teal shimmers but I don't see those showing up in my swatches.  I think this shade can pass for a black to darken up outer corners of eye looks.

Eyeshadow is the last thing I really need to add to my collection, but it's just so pretty that I can't help it.  Plus my eyes are my favorite feature to play up - I feel like I look super tired if I go out without putting on any eye makeup.

Is the Lorac Party Eye Shadow Palette something that looks like it belongs in your collection?  Do you prefer eyeshadows, blush or lip products?  Do you have a favorite undereye concealer &/or dark circle corrector that helps you look wide awake?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Eyeshadow Collection


I'm finally able to tolerate sitting in front of the computer better (yay!).  I've spent the better part of last week laying down so I'm happy to be in an upright position.  As I was editing pictures for this post I had the hopefully brilliant idea to grab my exercise ball to use as a chair instead of my desk chair.  Hopefully that helps minimize the "pressure" that I was feeling going up my neck into the base of my head.  I will be so happy when my neck feels better.  Not sneezing so much would be a big help since that's actually what triggered the initial pain.  There are quite a few pictures so this post may load a little slowly.

Anyway, I wanted to bring a new, hot Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post today.  The Wet 'n Wild Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection is just now starting to hit drugstores.  I picked mine up last week from Walgreens, which is the only store I've seen them at so far.  These are 6-pan eyeshadow palettes that retail for $3.99 each (if you're Walgreens is nice, you might be able to get them on sale this week since Wet 'n Wild is on sale for BOGO 50% - I tried on the polishes today...no luck).  There's 5 total palettes in the collection and I was lucky enough to find a display with all 5, but not after I got done with it.  
Swatch time, with mini impressions of each.  I have no primer on my hand for these swatches, only a nice layer of body butter since I still have really dry hands thanks to the never-ending winter. Shades that contain the super-fine shimmers aren't showing those sparkles (no matter how I held my hand I couldn't get them to show up, but in person I do see them on my hand).

First up, #34512 Thrift Store Chic

Most of the 6 shades in this palette felt nice and creamy.  The upper right hand corner and middle left felt a little drier, but I think that's because the glitter in those 2 is a bit more chunky feeling than the glitter in the bottom left.  The only matte shade in the palette is the middle right pink.  Of the remaining 2, the upper left looks like a satin while the bottom right looks more metallic-satin.
Next is #34513 Vegan Culture.
These shades all felt buttery/creamy to the touch and swatched fairly nicely.  The upper and middle left shades are slightly less pigmented, but keep in mind that they are essentially pastels.  There no mattes in this palette while the only shade containing actual sparkles is the lower right.  The silver is definitely a metallic, while the blue shade directly under it looks like a metallic-satin mix.  The rest are satin.
Moving on, we have #34514 California Roll.  I've never had sushi of any type before but I feel like this is definitely the color palette of something in that cuisine.
The upper right and middle left colors do contain glitter; the upper right is more chunky than the green (which has gold sparkles) though.  There's 2 matte shades, the center and bottom right.  The remaining 2 shades lean satin in finish.
#34515, Vinyl Collection, is sure to be a popular palette since it is essentially a neutral palette.  It's definitely a warm neutral, so that's something to keep in mind if you prefer cooler neutral shades.
I did feel the need to build up the upper left swatch, but that was mainly to get it to show up in my swatch since it's a pale neutral shade - nearly a skin-tone shade for me - this is also the only matte shade in the palette.  The upper right again has that slightly chunky glitter, while the bottom right has a pretty gold sparkle that's fine in texture.  The gold is metallic, while the remaining 2 I would consider satin in finish.  The green shade does have a hint of gold to it, making it look duo-chrome when I move my hand around (not sure if this effect will transfer to the eye).
Finally, we have #34516 Embrace Obscurity.  When I was swatching this one, I thought of the animated version of Cinderella (could be because of lack of good sleep).
This palette has 2 matte shades, both of which are in the middle row.  The upper right color is a satin while the upper left periwinkle shade has a super-fine silver shimmer.  I did do a second layer of the periwinkle and matte lilac shades in my swatch.  The bottom 2 shades both have larger silver glitters.
I have to admit, I was a little worried about the quality since last year there were some issues with the formula of various limited edition trios as well as the new, core, 5-pans (which have since supposedly been reformulated).  The vast majority of the shades have a creamy/buttery feel.  I think the only reason some of them don't feel that way is that they have chunkier glitter to them (almost like some of the Urban Decay shadows that have the chunky glitter).  It would have been nice if there were more mattes in the collection, as out of 30 shades only 6 are matte.  While each palette does have enough variety in light to dark shades, I do think that I'll probably bring in a neutral/matte neutral palette to really pull together various eye looks I attempt.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection.  The formula is pretty much just where it should be and there is a nice variety of shades, both warm and cool as well as colorful to neutral.  I did notice that Embrace Obscurity and Vegan Culture have a duplicate shade - the white satin - while California Roll and Thrift Store Chic contain a nearly duplicate shade - the upper left ivory satin.  I can't wait to play in the pretty makeups tomorrow!  I've been pretty much skipping the process since feeling so crappy.

Have you spotted the Silver Lake Eyeshadow collection in your area?  Plan on picking up any of them?

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