Thursday, February 12, 2015

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum- Influenster Product Review

**all items received free from Influenster for review/testing purposes

The testing phase of the #FrostyVoxBox provided from Influenster is quickly running out and I'm behind in review writing so prepare for back-to-back reviews for a few days.  Today I am finally getting my thoughts put together on this Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum (#GetADVANCED ).  I tried this out a few weeks ago, jotted down my jumbled thoughts then proceeded to get majorly distracted with life.  I  had major picture fail each time I went to snap a picture of the box at the store - at both Target and Ulta.
I got a fair amount of uses out of this sample sachet, but no where near enough to be able to determine if this actually does what it claims (plus I don't really have wrinkles to speak of). According to the sachet, it is "clinically proven to be even more effective at visibly reducing deep lines and wrinkles.  Younger looking skin in just 2 weeks."  It is hypo-allergenic.

The back says: "after 2 weeks skin looks younger, by 4 weeks deep lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Results keep getting better with continued use.  80% of women said this serum provided the best anti-ageing results they have ever seen.  Hypo-allergenic: Because all skin can have sensitive  moments all our products are hypo-allergenic so they are kind to even the most sensitive skin."

My thoughts:  I felt that it had a strong silicone feel to it (first ingredient is dimethicone).  Once applied, the white gel took a few minutes to dry down all the way and lose the tacky feeling that was present immediately after applying.  I didn't spot any actual fragrance on the ingredient list - at least in plain English, but my nose (and sensitive eyes) did detect one - it wasn't perfumey, it just had a tiny smell.  I did have a slight eye irritation one day but I think I accidentally got it too close to my eyes (which scents/fragrances can irritate if I'm not careful).  I just noticed that Target's site does list this as scented so that is something to keep in mind if scents bother you in any way.
For my skin concerns, I'm more focused on smoothing textural issues and reducing post-acne pigmentation.  I look for non-comodogenic on skin care more so than hypo-allergenic since acne is still a concern for me.  The way I understand it is that hypo-allergenic claims have nothing to do with acne.  I do, however, feel that anti-ageing products can help with pigmentation and texture issues, depending on what the product has in it.  I can say that in the 4 days or so that I was able to test this sachet, I did not notice any new acne appearing to annoy me.

This sachet did come with a coupon that states "available at Target," but I have spotted this at Ulta as well (yeah, points!).  If I wasn't on a skincare no-buy until I get through a lot of products and samples, I would consider purchasing a bottle of this and really put it to the test to see if it helps with texture and pigmentation issues since I don't have wrinkles at this point of my life.  For being considered a "drugstore" brand, I do think the price is pretty high at around $30 for 1 oz.  If/when I do decided to fully test this, I will probably purchase from Ulta when it's on sale.  There are also other products in the Boots No.7  line to coordinate with this Intense Advanced Serum.

Have you tried any skin care from the Boots No. 7 line?  Are you worried about targeting wrinkles in your skin care regimen?

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
**my opinions are my own, links for convenience

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