Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Stash Sharing - OPI Spotlight on Glitter, Coca-Cola, Misc. "Travel/Destination" Collections & "Mystery Polishes"


All my technologies are cooperating today so I'll be able to stay on track with my Sunday Stash Sharing mega-series.  Yay!  Today I'll be sharing the rest of the OPI polishes I've purchased through the end of 2014.  (Yes, I've bought 1 this year but I want to give it a regular post before plopping it in the lineup.)

So while today has been oh, so snowy...and still going...I've been updating my polish stash list online, which is something that has been unfortunately neglected for over a year.  I have 24 drawers total, and have finished updating 12.  Luckily most of those aren't completely full, but it still takes a while.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get another nice sized section done.  I think part of what took so long today is that I really did some investigating & figured out what Essie polish came out in what collection and when.  I'm down to about 5 that I really can't figure out at all, other than they are or were part of the core line.  I also did some digging on a couple of OPI "mystery polishes" from a duo-pack I picked up from Marshalls a few months ago.  This is the site that I was using for the OPI's.  They are in today's post, so let's get started with those!
Blue Chips and Stir-Fried Eggplant
~most likely a.k.a. Ulta Exclusive A Bolt from the Blue and Stay the Night~
I'll have to swatch Stir-Fried Eggplant against Stay the Night one of these days, and if they are in fact dupes, Stir-Fried Eggplant will be the one to get kicked out since my bottle of Stay the Night is labeled as being a liquid sand.
Where Did Suzi's Man-Go? and I Have A Herring Problem
Where Did Suzi's Man-Go? is from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection (12, plus a mini 4 set of liquid sand shades)
I Have A Herring Problem is from the Spring 2012 Holland Collection (12 piece collection)

I have a set of minis from the Fall 2013 San Francisco collection.  I am keeping these in the box since mini OPIs don't have names on them.  I believe this was a 12 piece collection and I now have 7.
First Date at the Golden Gate, Muir Muir on the Wall, In the Cable Car-Pool Lane, Peace & Love & OPI
Moving on, we have the 2 polishes I picked up from the Spring/Summer 2014 Spotlight On Glitter Collection:
Blush Hour and Rose of Light
There was 6 total glitters in the collection but the other 4 were essentially dupes of past OPI glitters, which I have the originals.

And my final 2 OPI polishes of 2014:
Orange You Fantastic! and My Voice is a Little Norse 
Orange You Fantastic! is from the Summer 2014 Coca-Cola collaboration (9 shades).
My Voice is a Little Norse is from the Fall 2014 Nordic collection (12 shades).

This catches up all of my 2014 OPI purchases.  If you'd like a recap, here's a list of all my OPI's:

I haven't quite decided which brand to delve into for next Sunday yet.  I'm thinking it will probably be another which I've already posted in the past so I want to catch up on the brand.  But we'll see...

Do you have any of these in your stash?  How do you keep track of the polishes you have?  As always, if there's any of these you'd like to see on my nails soon, just let me know!  Any brand requests to be featured next?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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