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Project "Finish This Stuff," part 34 - August & September 2014

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I'm playing a little catch-up today by posting a couple months' worth of Product Empties for my Project "Finish This Stuff."  I'm still not entirely sure why I procrastinated so much in sharing these, but I really want to get caught up on my empties so I can do a count like I did last year.  I'm just so curious about the final counts.  Plus it'll help me remember what all I've repurchased.  As always, I've included mini reviews and whether or not I'll purchase/repurchase.

So let's get started by traveling way back to August.  First up is skincare, followed by hair products:
Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser - deluxe sample in kit purchased from Sephora.  This was a nice cleanser, but I didn't think it was special enough to purchase again especially for the cost of her line.  It only slightly over-dried my skin, but no where near what other cleansers have done.  Won't purchase.  I am trying to remember to incorporate the directions of "30 second cleansing" with other cleansers.
Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes (small pack) - purchased from Walmart.  These didn't quite live up to its claims for me.  They claim to dissolve dirt, oil & makeup, including waterproof mascara, but I remember my skin not feeling completely free of foundation.  It worked all right with eye makeup, but again, I still had some residue that needed a regular remover.  I don't remember them irritating my skin, which is good.  I think I might repurchase to use this in place of my cream cleanser (just as a makeup remover then cleanse with a different product after) for traveling purposes...unless you have a favorite makeup removing wipe to suggest.
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion - purchased from Ulta.  Love this stuff for hormonal/cystic acne.  I even use it on areas that have white heads.  For me, this really does help shrink the size of large hormonal breakouts and in some cases it works so well that the spot never actually "erupts."  I don't think it's drying at all; in fact, I think it helps my skin feel better when a cleanser has left my skin feeling too tight.  Already repurchased and will continue to do so.  The price is great, too.
Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector - received from Influenster for testing/review.  I've done a full review on this product which I'll link here.  To sum it up, I've already repurchased once and am mostly through the second (but currently taking a break from it for testing other products).  I really like the way this performs when alternated with a product I'll mention down below.  Side note: looking back at my review, I really need to reintroduce this to my line up. Love the photographic proof of results!!
Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 - purchased from Ulta.  I did like this, but felt that it was too moisturizing for my "summer skin."  I had started using this late winter/early spring last year and liked it but for summer I wanted something that could help control the oiliness.  Might repurchase for use in the winter.
Suave Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner - purchased from Walmart.  This was a nice set of shampoo and conditioner.  I do really like the way that Suave seems to work with my hair.  I probably won't repurchase the Keratin Infusion line since they also have the Moroccan Infusion (which I've used before this) line, which is actually what I had intended to purchase when I grabbed these without realizing it.  I think my (highlighted/color-processed/heat-damaged) hair did just a little better with the argan oil infusion.

~I did come across a little sample pot of a serum that had completely dried out before I ever used (it got lost/buried) so it went into the trash without a picture~

Moving on to September:
Physicians Formula Super CC+ powder (Light/Medium) - purchased from Rite Aid.  I really enjoyed using this powder and felt that I could get a decent coverage (on a good skin day) without needed anything under it.  I also really like that it has SPF 30.  I think that the color match is good on me as well.  I've already repurchased, but haven't opened the new one since I'm working through older powders.
L'Oreal True Match Powder (C1 Alabaster) - purchased from either Rite Aid or Walmart.  While I thought that the liquid foundation in C1 was a good match...but now I'm second guessing that... I felt that the powder in C1 ran too pink on me.  I do think it sets liquid foundation well, but I didn't think it helped control oil (but it doesn't really claim to).  I have repurchased the True Match powder (came in a special duo with a blush a while ago), but in a Neutral shade which I think fits me much better.
Physicians Formula Super BB Creme (light/medium) - purchased from Rite Aid.  I felt that the light/medium shade was too dark and the coverage wasn't quite what I was hoping for (I was using/finishing this at the same time as I was using the CC+ Creme) and this took a long time to set.  I prefer the CC+ Creme to this.  Won't repurchase.
NYX Studio Liquid Liner - purchased in NYX kit from Ulta.  This was a decent liner, but there wasn't anything super impressive about it either.  I'm undecided on if I'll purchase this, plus right now I have 3 more liquid liners in my stash to use.
Lancome DreamTone #1 sample - either a gift with purchase or in a kit.  I really do like this product; I just hate the price...  It's basically $100 for the full-size.  I do want to repurchase (yes I have purchased the full-size, and finished it) but I'm putting it off while trying more budget-friendly options, plus I have a couple more samples of this to use up.  (The Aveeno mentioned above is actually one product I've been using in place of this; my skin seemed to like and have the best results when I alternated use of these 2 every few days.)
Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser - purchased from Dillards.  I loved this cleanser which I used as a makeup remover for foundation/face products.  I even cut the tube open to get as much out as possible.  I'm sooo bummed that the lady at the Macy's Clinique counter told me this was discontinued in favor of a similar product from the Redness line.  I wish I could repurchase; I'll be looking for a replacement since I don't like the recommended replacement cleanser as well.
Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover - came in a 213 holiday kit.  I am so happy that this is gone! It's the largest bottle I had of this, but I still have one small bottle left.  In my opinion, this would be so much better without the over-powering rose scent.  I mean...eyes tend to be sensitive, why would you scent a eye makeup remover?!  I don't understand why so many love this.  Won't purchase.
Secret Outlast deodorant - received from Influenster for testing purposes.  I did a full review on this already.  Once I get through my stash of deodorants, I'll probably purchase.
Zoya Remove + - purchased from local supply shop.  I love this remover! I find that this doesn't leave my cuticles white/ashy/dry when removing stubborn polishes and it works quickly on cremes.  I think this is the second large bottle I've gone through; I decant them into their "Big Flipper" bottle for easier use.  I am so happy I can buy this locally for quite the deal since on Zoya's site the large bottle is $25.  Already repurchased, and will continue to do so.

I've really been going through my stash and trying to be honest and evaluate whether things should stay in my collection or not.  These are products that I felt needed to be kicked out but were not worthy of being given away since they were so bad.  So the Trashed But Not Finished category returns:
CoverGirl Exact EyeLights Brightening Liner (Radiant Sapphire) - purchased, came with the coordinating mascara.  I could barely get any pigment to show on my hand when I tried to swatch it recently so I've come to the conclusion that it's dried out.  Won't repurchase.
Jane Gliding Liners (Midnight and Blackest Ice) - purchased on clearance from Rite Aid.  These are from before the brand came back, reformulated, at Ulta.  These pencil liners never did swatch that easily and performed on the eye even worse.  Discontinued.  I am tempted to try the new version as more than one YouTuber claims that they are creamy and last in the waterline now.
So Gorgeous Volume Renewing Dry Shampoo - purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.  This is supposed to be a good dry shampoo for darker hair.  It first.  But this is the second can I've had and not been able to finish all the way.  This one was even worse than the first since it feels like there's at least a third of the can left.  But nothing will spray out anymore; all the propellant is gone.  Won't repurchase.

That was a lot of products to include in one post, so if you made it this far...Yay! I hope all my little reviews have helped if there's something in my Empties you've considered purchasing.  I have 3 more months of empties to share/review but I'm not sure how many posts it will take.  I generally decide when I take the pictures and see how many items are in each month's bag.

How often do you go through your beauty stash and weed out products that just aren't up to par anymore?  Do you have any makeup removing wipe recommendations?

**all items purchased by me / gift with purchase / Influenster sample / requested sample
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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