Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Top 2 Nail Polishes of 2014!


I've seen so many "Top..." blog posts lately that I got a inspired to do a little version myself.  I pulled the 2 polishes that I remember wearing the most this year and combined them.  They both came out in the latter half of the year but I can already see that the amounts in each bottle are much lower than other polishes.  So I guess you could call this my Top 2 Polishes of 2014.  I'm not brave enough to attempt to figure out a top 10 and nothing else is really jumping out in my mind.  Yes, I bought a lot of polish, but these are the only 2 that really stood out to me.  Now that I'm typing this out, I do remember putting on OPI's Snow Globetrotter a few times for accents.

I decided to try to do a little nail art with my 2 faves and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.  My dots could have been a little better, more defined...but I do my best to not be obsessed with getting things looking as perfect as possible.  I'll throw in a little side note here before really getting started.   Sorry if my thoughts are a bit jumbled tonight - my shoulders are in pain while typing and it's distracting me.  I think too many nights of the kitties snuggled so close to me I can only sleep in one position, which isn't the most comfortable, is getting to me.
So the "oldest" of my Top 2 is China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond from the Giver collection.  I just love this color!!  I've used this as my base color in several manis (first is linked above) as well as incorporated into nail art when I attempted the 31 Day Challenge here and here.
This is 2 coats of Capacity To See Beyond over a treatment and a base coat on my ring fingers and thumbs.  I also used this to free-hand half chevron tips (2 coats) on Mirrorball then pulled out my largest dotting tool and did 3 dots in the opposite "corner."
And my other favorite is Orly Mirrorball, which came out in their recent Sparkle Holiday 2014 collection.  I also purchased Bling, I just never go around to doing a mini haul/swatch post.  I wore Mirrorball several times during December - especially right around Christmas and through the end of the year, and I also wore Bling once - I believe that was on my birthday.
Orly Mirrorball is 3 coats (over the same treatment and base coats) over the rest of my nails and used to do the same half-chevron tip (2 coats for that) and dots on top of Capacity.  Mirrorball is actually my first "linear" holo, even though in my pictures it doesn't have that finish (it's slightly apparent in the above bottle shot).  What's really throwing all the holo sparks in my pictures is the holo glitter that's also part of the formula.  I found that even without topcoat, it still dried completely smooth even though those little glitters look like they would make it a bit bumpy.

When I was all done I sealed everything in with a generous coat of NYC Grand Central Station.
I hope that there will be some sunshine tomorrow to get some additional pictures.  Side note: I'm liking the new style of label/bottle shot pictures I just thought of doing while I was editing these pictures - looks cleaner.  What do you think?

Do you have any favorite nail polishes that jump out at you from 2014?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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