Thursday, January 8, 2015

Maybelline Black Dust


Wow, long time no post.  Between a super busy month and then both the Mister and I getting sick one after the other, then traveling followed by me getting sick again, I just haven't had the time and/or felt up to working on the computer.  I've decided that rather than be struggling to catch up with hauls and polish collections (or parts of) that were purchased towards the end of the year, I'm going to start fresh with purchases starting on January 1st.  Another factor in making that decision is that many of the items are sold out by now so I thought there wasn't much point in sharing things that aren't available any more.

I say this every year, or more often, it seems, but I'm really going to attempt to purchase less makeup and polish this year...but we'll see how well that lasts.  lol  Hint - I ended up getting a new makeup palette on January 1, but the Mister bought it for me.  I don't see myself going to the drugstores too often right now, especially since it's in the single digits - and a snow plow just went by a few times as I'm typing this - around here so I'm trying to stay in the house as much as possible.  Hopefully staying in more will lead to more manicures in the upcoming days/weeks.

Speaking of manicures, let's get to today's post!  Towards the end of December, I spotted a new Maybelline polish display that I hadn't heard anything about.  Hopefully this will be coming out at the drugstores soon - I found it at the grocery store.  This display is the Black to Black collection.  I don't think these are limited edition, as  none of the lids had that printed on them.
 5 polishes, all different finishes, all black
I only picked up one polish, and it's most likely the only one I will get.  I picked up Black Dust, which is described as "embellished glitter top coat."
Black Dust is composed of a clear base with silver microglitter (showing up white in my pictures for some reason), matte black microglitter and matte black small hex glitters.  The formula was good for being a glitter.  I did a tiny bit of dabbing to try to disperse the "larger" glitters a bit better.  It dried quickly and is nearly completely smooth - I don't feel the need to add top coat to make it more smooth.
 One coat over Sinful Colors Amethyst and OPI Glints of Glinda (ring finger)
1 coat over the bare nail wheel
(other colors visible on the wheel are: Teal Beam, Amethyst Aura & Rose Mirage - all from the Color Show Veils line of toppers)

Black Dust is a unique polish to my stash (or I can't recall a similar polish), but if you're into the "indie" brands, it may not be.  Now for my reasoning for passing on the rest.  I felt like the Patent Black could be achieved with adding a super shiny top coat to a regular black polish.  The Corrupted Black, a black textured polish, was unnecessary since I have a Sally Hansen version.  Smoky Black, which is a "smoldering smoky top coat," is most likely similar to a NYC top coat from a previous l.e. release that most likely gives the same effect, which is already in my stash. Finally, for Black Matte, that can be achieved via adding a matte top coat to a black polish.

Have you came across the Black to Black Collection yet?  Do you think you'll add any to your stash if/when you do?  

Also, let me know if you'd like a review of the Color Show Veils line (and/or Jewels) since I did purchase (but didn't do a haul post) of some from each collection.  That purchase kept getting pushed back by limited edition polishes.  I am planning on getting back into my Sunday Stash Sharing for polishes, and I'm contemplating do a similar thing with my makeup collection.  Let me know of any other ideas for the blog since I'm a bit rusty at this right now.

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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