Friday, January 16, 2015

Essie Summit of Style


Surprise! I've got a post for today.  Turns out we're not able to go anywhere this weekend since some "stuff" happened where the Mister works and he can't get away.  The plans for traveling have merely been postponed, so in the meantime...on with the show.  Also, I've been toying around with changing up the background of my blog so if anything appears funky this weekend, bear with me as I play around.  I'm thinking maybe something a little more "grown-up."

So let's get to today's post, which is my current Nail of the Day (notd).  My base color is 2 coats of Zoya Neeka, which is a murky medium-dark purple.  It has a fine gold shimmer that decided to hide in all my pictures, typical for my luck lately.
For better pictures and my review of Neeka by itself, click here for a prior post.
Then I used an untried glitter, Essie Summit of Style and quickly did a cuticle gradient with the brush.  After a few minutes I put on a layer of quick dry top coat since I needed to go to the store.  Man, that "little" puppy eats a lot...
Essie Summit of Style is one of the newest additions to the LuxEffects line of glitters.  I'm not positive if this is a permanent addition or limited edition, time will tell if it appears in a core display.  I picked my bottle up from the local supply store on Black Friday.  If you buy this from Ulta or drugstores, your bottle will look different.  Anyway...Summit of Style has a clear base with copper/rose gold hex glitters in 3 different sizes.  The formula behaved wonderfully for a gradient, no excess base to run everywhere and the glitter came off the brush easily.
I have no idea why my nails are looking essentially matte in the photos. 
 They aren't, promise.

I picked this combo out last night figuring it would be long lasting for the weekend and I put it on this morning.  Unfortunately I've already had to patch the color on my pinkie nail and fill in some tip wear so I'm disappointed on the wear time.  So I'm not exactly sure what's going on.  Maybe the Zoya didn't like my base coat combo.

After a quick hop onto Essie's site, it's showing there are 9 total LuxEffect polishes currently available.  Pardon me while I go figure out how many I have and which I'm missing.  I'm back.  I'm missing Rock at the Top, Jazzy Jubilant and Sparkle on Top.  There was also Shine of the Times, but that one has been discontinued for quite a while - I don't have it, either.  While looking up pictures to see the missing polishes I came across Pinking About You, which I'm thinking I might see if the local shop has as well (matte baby pink hex glitters!).  It seems like I'm always adding polishes to my wish list.

Do you have any of the LuxEffects toppers from Essie?  Do you think the LuxEffects line is original as far as mainstream brands, or are some of them too similar to other brands?

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