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EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush Review - Influenster Product Review

**all items received free from Influenster for review/testing purposes

I thought today I'd get started posting my Influenster FrostyVoxBox reviews.  If you need a refresher on what all I've been testing the last few weeks, check out my Initial Impressions post here.  First up is the EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher hair brush.
The inner brush head that holds the bristles is made of a squishy material.  The bristles don't feel sharp or scratchy on my scalp when I apply a lot of pressure.  I did feel that the shape of the handle was a bit awkward to use; keep in mind I have relatively small hands.  I always caught myself putting my index finger on the brush head itself to help control it a bit better.  I think that my main "issue" is that it's just not my preferred brush style for blow drying my hair - I prefer the ones that are more of a skinny rectangle.
This brush retails for around the $11 mark, which isn't really bad.  I'm not really sure how to test the claim of "dries hair 20% faster for less heat damage."  I did feel that it helped my hair quickly - about 10 minutes (with only about the same amount of time wrapped in a towel prior).
My results are not exactly as SLEEK or SHINY as I was hoping for, given the name of the brush.  In the following pictures, I can see little hairs popping up from my part and my longest section looks almost dry and frizzy.  In person I can also see the ends of hairs almost flipping out where my hair's been thinned/texturized.  If I were going somewhere where I really needed to be perfected, I would be reaching for the straightening iron.  Normally when I know I'll be needing my hair to be super straight, I wash and dry it the night before and straighten it the day of so I'm not blasting it with the dryer then immediately ironing it.  But with this brush, I won't have to plan as far ahead and it'll be perfect for last minute (same day) plans that come up.
~same day, different camera/lighting~

Each time I've used it, I felt that my hair looked a bit flatter than normal - especially on the side opposite my bangs.  To help prevent that, I prefer to start drying my hair just using my hand as a comb and once my hair is about 75% blow-dried, then I bring in the brush to really start getting into the roots and try to minimize my natural waves.  The above pictures are when I did not use that technique.  If I use this brush just to run through my already dry hair, I feel like it gets even more flat looking overall as far as volume, but shine looks better.

I kind of feel like I have more fly-away ends than normal.  Part of that could be the fact that it's so cold here in Ohio that my hair is getting dried out from the outside elements, plus the furnace has been running so much so the air is much drier.  Also, I did run out of my favorite smoothing hair serum right before I started testing this brush and have been using something else.  I'm not super sold on the "shine" aspect either since right before receiving the Frosty VoxBox I had my hair colored and it tends to stay extra glossy for a few weeks after.  Saying that, I do think my hair looks a bit on the dry side immediately after blow-drying, especially the highlighted sections.  Later in the day, or the next day the shine is better (but more volume is gone).

Quick note about cleaning the loose hair out of the bristles.  It's very easy to do.  There's plenty of room for my fingers to get between bristle chunks without my cuticles getting stabbed so I can grab the hairs which pull easily out.  Another note taking care of the brush: "prolonged extreme heat from some blow-dryers can damage the cruelty-free bristles.  Avoid using in shower or bath, and do not soak the bamboo handle."

Overall, while I do like the's just not my preferred shape for using while blow drying.  A better match for me, personally, would probably have been the Styler + Smoother Hair Brush (described as a half-round).  I did like how quickly I was able to dry my hair so I will continue to reach for the Sleek + Shine Finisher brush, especially during these cold winter months, or when I need to get out the door quickly and dry shampoo just won't cut it.

You can find all of EcoTools' hair brush choices here.  While not the topic of this post, I really love their makeup brushes, which you can check out here.

Have you ever used an EcoTools hair brush?  What's your favorite style of brush to use?

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
**my opinions are my own

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